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Week of 10 October 2005

Latest Update: Sunday 16 October 2005 7:05 p.m.

Monday, 10 October 2005

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It was back to work for me today. I spent this afternoon trying to located a missing transcript from a closed file box. It seems it got put in the wrong box, which can happen. The case consisted of 11 boxes. Several were on site and had just been returned. Others remained at our off site storage facility and two were located on site upstairs in a file room. By checking our software filing system I was able to determine two of the boxes had been requested several months ago. I went back upstairs to check one of the small file rooms and sure enough the two boxes were up there with the missing transcript in the wrong box. Another attorney or paralegal working with the case pulled the transcript and failed to return it to the correct box.

Luckily it was in one of the two boxes upstairs and we did not have to pull all the boxes associated with the case in from off site storage to locate the missing transcript. My backlog of closed file boxes that came in while I was gone is not too bad, perhaps 25 or so in all. I knocked out several this morning and started on another group before lunch when I had to stop to track down that transcript. Anyway, I was glad to be back at work. After being on vacation for a week I felt refreshed and ready to go again.

It has been a cool and rainy day. Not that we need more rain but it will help to wash in the stuff I put out yesterday.


Tuesday, 11 October 2005

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It was a busy day at work but nothing dramatic. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home also picking up Bob some stuff from the deli for his dinner. I am meeting my friends from the library Nancy and Betsy for dinner at the Mexican place.

At lunch today I started the second book in Lee Kelley's series featuring Jack Field owner of dog kennels in Maine, Murder Unleashed. I read the first book in the series awhile back and loved it. I found the third one at the book store but with my compulsion of having to read series in order I had to wait until we did a book order on line to pick up this one. After getting bogged down in several series with books from the library I am now ready to tackle my TBR pile.

I am only through the first five chapters so I will to make a full report later this week.

We had another inch and half of rain over night. This morning it was pouring when we went out first time for the newspaper. The yard looked like a swimming pool. It is still partly cloudy but hopefully the rain will be out of here for now. We need to dry out a little.


Wednesday, 12 October 2005

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No update.


Thursday, 13 October 2005

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Oops. I forgot to put up a post last night after I got home from the gym. One thing I realized this week after spending last week on vacation at home is that I cram an awful lot into a day during my work week.

Last week was the first time since I went back to work full time that I spent an entire week at home on vacation rather than being off on a trip. I did all the things I normally do in a week such as going to the gym, the store, walking the dogs, reading and doing computer stuff  but I had all day to do them. During my work week I do one or more of those things plus work my normal 7.5 hours a day and adding to that cooking dinner most nights as well. I cannot believe it is already Thursday.

Today I had Friends meeting at 4:30 which means working through lunch and leaving at 4pm. I picked up take out from our new favorite place to eat, Wing Zone, afterwards.

We are very busy at work with Jackie and I both getting ready to close out large cases in addition to our regular routine jobs. I will work on my case when I have time between keeping the regular case boxes caught up as they come down.

Otherwise, not much else is in the news. Malcolm and I will once again be participating in this years Heart and Stroke Walk on October 22. I need to get busy and fast talk a few folks including my family into making a donation in support of our walk. We are of course walking on one of many teams sponsored by Womble. I like to support this walk. Last year they had all the heart attack and related illness survivors go up on stage before we started the walk. People were on that stage from infants being held by their parents and small children to the older folks. Last year Malcolm had a great time and behaved very well. Although Duncan seems to be doing great on his new medicine I don't think a four mile walk would be good for his back knee and hip.


Friday, 14 October 2005

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We are all doing our little happy dance this evening due to the fact that Bob had basically finished the book except for a few pictures we need to take this weekend and QC. For me, I am just happy it is Friday. It was a busy day on the finishing end of a busy week.

Today at lunch I finished up the Lee Charles Kelley mystery, Murder Unleashed. As I said before, if you like books with dogs as part of the story, you have to read Kelley. In this, the second book in the series, kennel owner Jack Field is out to clear a boxer named Roark of the murder of a judge found dead in his car with Roark in the back seat. Along with girl friend Jamie Cutter,who is a part time medical examiner, Jack once again finds himself involved in solving a crime he really does not wish to get mixed up in.

Part of what makes Kelley's books so funny is the appearance of other dogs throughout the story. I loved the ten beagles that stop what they are doing when the owner yells "ten hut" at them. You have to read the book to find out about the junk yard dog. The Colombo" type interrogations used by Jack are hilarious. And as usual, while trying to please the love of his life he is always sticking his foot in his mouth.

The weather has turned off very nice with cool nights and warm days but not too hot. The weather is looking great for the weekend.


Saturday, 15 October 2005

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There is nothing so beautiful as a fall day in the Triad. Deep blue sky, warm temperatures, and a slight breeze with some of the leaves now starting to turn make it a great day to be outdoors. It was after lunch before I was outside vacuuming leaves, mowing and edging the lawn, etc. This morning was the usual house cleaning chores followed by going out to run a couple of errands.

Our newspaper ran an article about a new strain of dog influenza being passed from horses to dogs. I had hear about this several weeks ago while watching the news at the gym. I did some checking on the net if you wish to read a some a couple of articles here, here and here. The last link is from Snopes, the urban legend web site which I checked to verify this is indeed an epidemic of sorts.  Their page provides excellent detailed information plus links to other sites. While I tend not to panic about this sort of thing I do think it is worth making sure all you dog owners out there are aware of what is happening.

The NASCAR race is tonight from Charlotte, NC. That it always an exciting race to watch.

Poor Bob. He tries very hard to be the home handyman and can do a lot of stuff around the house. Plumbing is just not one of them. Thursday night he was using a small sink snake to unstop the bathroom sink and unfortunately punched a hole in the bottom of the pipe. It took about half an hour to clean up the minor flood on the floor and the cabinet storage area.

This morning I went out to Lowe's to pick up a replacement pipe, his idea instead of calling a plumber. He tried to get the new piece of pipe installed but so far has not been successful. We are hoping our next door neighbor can put it in for us, if not, I will call the plumber!

My new grass seed is already coming up in some places. Most of the other grass has returned to a very nice green color. I have a few bad spots that will need some additional work but will wait until after leave season is over.


Sunday, 16 October 2005

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Another glorious day here in the Triad. The temperatures dropped down low enough last night that I had to wear long pants and a jacket (and or course a shirt) for golf this morning. I was able to shed the jacket on about the sixth hole but the temperatures barely climbed out of the 60's until well into the morning. We had not played in several weeks which was horribly reflected in my game but dad played one of his best nines on the back in long time.

With the weather looking mostly clear and cool for the week I cleaned out and washed my car. The white truck had not had a good inside cleaning in months. With all the astronomy stuff still out of the car from last weeks visit to the mechanics I took advantage of the nice weather to give it a good inside cleaning as well. Bob came down to wash the outside while I finished up mine.

Before I started working on the trucks I took the dogs down to play at Mimi's for half an hour or so. It was just too pretty of day to be in doors.

I grilled ribs and chicken for dinner with broccoli and pasta mix  a la Green Giant. Hope you had as wonderful a weekend as I did.


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