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Week of 31 October 2005

Latest Update: Sunday 6, November 2005 6:15 p.m.

Monday, 31 October 2005

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Dinner with my friends was canceled but that's okay. We spent the evening watching season 2 of the Vicar of Dibley. 

Our neighbors Steve and Mimi who own Emma and Oscar finally lost Emma to cancer yesterday. She had not been acting like she felt very well the last few weeks. It was almost two years since she had part of her foot removed in her second major treatment for cancer. This time, it appears it had spread to various parts of her body. Steve and Mimi took her to the emergency vet to have her put to sleep. It is very sad but they did not wish for her to suffer.

We have a war between gyms going on here in Winston-Salem. A new chain, Peak Fitness, has opened a very large, 24 hour-a-day facility just a few miles from the Golds. Peak recruited several instructors from Golds who in turn recruited about half or more of the members to luring them with deep discount memberships. I have talked to several different folks and it seems like Peak is trying for either a hostile takeover/buyout or to put Jon out of business. At any rate, I will stay loyal to Golds as long as his doors remain open. I don't have a problem with the instructors going where they wish to teach but poaching members seems a bit unethical.

I am reading the newest Laurien Berenson Raining Cats and Dogs. I read the entire series earlier this year or last year, I can't remember. Anyway, Melanie Travis, poodle owner and teacher at a private academy will be solving her latest  murder committed in a nursing home. Mel has enrolled her retired show dog Faith in obedience classes as something different for her and Faith to take on. The class itself seems to be made up of some rather interesting characters who do not get along very well. Mel is encouraged by the instructor to bring Faith to the Sunday afternoon visiting sessions at the nursing home with the other dogs and owners.

While Mel works on solving the murder with the help of her Aunt Peg, she must also deal with her new neighbor who allows her cats to run loose creating havoc for the now five poodles living in her house due to her marriage to Sam who brought his three to join her two. With the demands of a new husband, her eight year old son, and trying to locate a house for their expanded family, there will be plenty of laughs for the reader along the way as she overcomes one crises after another.


Tuesday, 1 November 2005

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Hi, just a brief post. Other than making it to the gym there is not much in the way of news. The weather has warmed back up again. No rain in sight which is not good since things are getting very dry again.

We watched the last season of Vicar last night. 


Wednesday, 2 November 2005

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No update.


Thursday, 3 November 2005

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Last night after work I had to stop at the phone store to get my new phone card then go on to the grocery store. By the time we had dinner, cleaned up, and walked the dogs it was already getting late into the evening.

Today was very busy at work but I still managed to make it to the gym for a light to moderate 45 minute workout.

Bob posted a link on his page today showing a picture of my early birthday present. I still enjoy using my 35mm camera but, as you know, film is going the way of 45 records and 8 tracks. This past weekend Bob was trying to shoot some pictures for an article he was doing showing the inside of my computer. The digital we have now works great for some stuff but not for a lot of the shots he needs for the books. We decided to go ahead and order the camera so Bob would have a chance to play with it as well as having it on hand to shoot pictures as needed. I will play with it some this weekend. It is very lightweight and a zoom lens which is what I need for trips. I will continue to take my film camera just because I never go on a trip without a backup camera on hand.

I am reading the latest Peter Lovesay, The Circle. Peter has taken a supporting character from an earlier book and given her star billing in this recent novel. Inspector Henrietta Mallin becomes connected with a serial murder case involving the Chichester Writers' Circle. Soon after Bob Naylor decides to join the group the chair and founder is arrested for the murder of a publisher who gave a talk at one of the meetings making promised to publish several members manuscripts. Naylor and other members of the group are determined to clear the chairs name while at the same time try to keep from becoming the next victim.


Friday, 4 November 2005

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Thank goodness for Friday's. It was very hectic at work today between record center stuff and the Firm activities for the United Way. We hold a chili cook off along with a silent and oral auction. The silent auction runs from 9 - 3:30. The chili contest is for anyone who makes chili and brings it in to be judged. We had 27 participants this year. After the judging the chili sells for $3 a bowl and desserts for $1 for UW. Between work projects we took small breaks to run upstairs and see how the bidding was going on the silent stuff. I had a couple of bids in to watch after. Right around 3:15 we went upstairs to see if we had been outbid on our selections. I ended up getting a couple of good deals plus it is a lot of fun.

I met my folks for dinner at their neighbor's church for a BBQ supper then picked up Bob takeout on the way home. We shall spend the remaining part of the evening resting and reading. 


Saturday, 5 November 2005

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The usual Saturday chores are out of the way. Between house cleaning this morning and yard cleaning this afternoon we spent close to an hour and half outside. First I took the dogs down to visit with Oscar while Mimi and I caught up on news. A little later on Stephanie brought the kids outside to play so we went over to their backyard.

Bob brought the new camera down for me to play with. I will post some on my page Monday.  The weather could not be any better. Clear blue skies, temperatures close to 80's degrees with a slight breeze. The leaves have finally turned and are now starting to fall at a fairly heavy rate.


Sunday, 6 November 2005

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Another nice day weather wise. Dad and I played golf this morning. The predicted winds picked up around mid-morning blowing leaves down like snow. When I got back home after lunch the yard was covered twice as much as it was yesterday before I vacuumed as well as the gutters Bob had blown clean. 

I spent the afternoon watching golf and racing while relaxing with more of the same on tap for tonight. Hope you had a great weekend.


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