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Week of 2 January 2006

Latest Update: Sunday, 8 January 2006 4:30 p.m.

Monday, 2 January 2006

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Like Bob, I have some end of year/first of year administrative stuff to take care of. I set up the 2006 file folders for filing tax related things. 2005 stuff has to be pulled for Bob to work on the taxes. On the computer I have to set up 2006 spread sheets for checkbook registers, medical expenses, etc in Star Office. 

It is a rain, cold, and nasty day outside. My new wireless rain gage has recorded .08 inches of rain. Bob installed it yesterday afternoon. Most of the yard that has wood for mounting the rain receptacle is covered by trees. We ended up putting on on the landscape timber box that was around the weeping cherry we had taken out. We also have a chance for severe weather this afternoon. My new NOAA weather radio may also get a chance to see some action today as well. We have one of the new ones that only warns of severe weather for our specific area. 

The house for the most part is cleaned and put back together. I cleaned out and organized my kitchen towel pantry as well as the bathroom towel closet. I still have my office to finish plus a pile of stuff on my desk that needs to be sorted and filed. 

I am sure I am not the first person to make this discovery. As I mentioned yesterday I have all my knick knacks to put back out which I like to give a good dusting to. It is very hard to dust or clean my cottages and Border Collie statues. Canned air! Yep, a light pssst gets rid of accumulated dust without damaging the porcelain. One of the problems with me cleaning delicate things is that I do not have soft hands. That plus being something akin to a bull in a china shop I am very nervous when it comes to handling this stuff. The canned air also makes the process go much faster.


Tuesday, 3 January 2006

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It was very hectic at work today with tomorrow promising to be the same or worse. After a week by myself it was good to have my co-worker Jackie back today for support.

I did go to the gym after dinner then dropped off some stuff at the library and made a pet store. In addition to treats I picked up a dog bed/crate liner for Malcolm. We tried using one when he was smaller but he did not like it. We thought we would try again now that he is older.

I finished up reading the latest Peter Robinson and started another Sally Wright. This one is also set in Scotland.

We recorded a total of .91 inches in our new rain gage as of 8am this morning. The wet weather was gone by the time I walked at lunch with temperatures at almost 60 degrees. Way too warm for January.

It's getting late so I guess I better finish up so I can go out and give some attention to the dogs.


Wednesday, 4 January 2006

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Thursday, 5 January 2006

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We all have them. Yesterday was the day from Hell at work. By the time I made a library and grocery store stop on the way home I was done in for the remainder of the evening.

Fortunately today things were back on track with a much more normal day.

It is still very warm with temperatures today reaching 60 degrees. I think a cold front is to come in tonight but it is to warm back up for the weekend.

I made to the gym tonight in time to catch the 6:30 spin class. I had not signed up but met the instructor on the way into the locker room and she asked me if I was coming to class. Since she asked I knew that meant the class was not full so I told her I would. The Thursday night class goes for an hour which means I do not get back home until 7:45 or so. With gym on Tuesday and Thursday and grocery shopping on Wednesday the middle of the week is very hectic.


Friday, 6 January 2006

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Whew, Friday could not have come any sooner. Today was almost as rough as Wednesday between file requests, deliveries, and just generally being busy. We certainly seem to be getting the New Year off to a very busy start.

It has turned somewhat colder today and very windy. I had to run errands downtown during my lunch hour dropping of the Friends newsletter at the printers, buying the stamps to mail it out, going to the bank, etc. I guess that just added to the already hectic day at work since I did not have time to read and just do my usual mind clearing walk.


Saturday, 7 January 2006

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Fortunately Malcolm woke me up this morning at 8:15 with a face slurp. I woke up around 6:45 but fell back into a sound sleep. I wanted to make the 9 o'clock spin class and did not set the alarm for 8. I hardly ever sleep much later than that unless we have been out the night before observing.

After spin class I drove out to Lowe's Home Center to pick up some bags of mulch and top soil. I dropped those off on the front walk then drove around back to grab a load of stuff to take to the Goodwill truck. When I got back home I called Mimi to see if the guys could go down for a visit with Oscar. He has grown up a lot and filled out nicely. He is very large, bigger than Duncan and sort of goofy acting but a nice dog. He enjoys romping around with my guys. Oscar will be getting a new half sister the first of February. The new puppy, Trudy, is a small female with the same dad as Oscar but a different mom.

After lunch I went outside to complete my yard chores. I used the mulch to top dress the new bed where I took down the weeping cherry and in the new bed where the dogwood tree was. I had to fill in the area around the bush I transplanted there because there was not enough dirt left. After filling in the area I topped dressed it as well. In back, where I dug up the bushes I moved to the front I put some top soil down to start filling in that area so I can seed it this spring. I will have to fill it again since it sinks down after a few rains until I get the area level with the rest of the ground. I picked up sticks  and then called it a day outside.

This afternoon I am preparing the Friends of the Library newsletter to be mailed out Monday: folding, adding mailing labels, and stamps. With roughly 100 plus members it takes awhile so I work on it then stop to do other things.

Last night we started watching the final season of upstairs/Downstairs. Tonight we shall watch the last two episodes. 


Sunday8 January 2006

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We had a heavy frost over night making it too cold to play golf this morning. Dad does not do well in real cold temperatures plus we would not be able to tee until the frost lifted which would have been something like 10 o'clock. Instead, I picked up mom and dad at 9:15 to go over to Frances and Al's for brunch. They fixed waffles, hash browns, eggs, and bacon. 

We went back to mom and dad's around 11 so I could get started on some yard projects for dad. I trimmed a couple of bushes by the front door then started pulling up the blue juniper rug that has been on the bank in the back yard for years. Part of it died last year and the rest of it was getting straggly looking. The runners were not hard but the root systems for the main bushes were thick and deep. Once I get those dug out I will transplant some monkey grass dad has in the back onto the hill.

I ran out gas before I got the roots dug completely about 2 and came on home. After a shower I rested while checking my mail and reserving some books from the online library catalog. 

This evening I have bills to pay and the check book to balance otherwise we shall spend the evening resting and relaxing getting ready for another week.


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