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Week of 30 January 2006

Latest Update: Sunday 5 February 2006 2:20 p.m.

Monday, 30 January 2006

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Greetings on another warm winter day. We had pea soup fog this morning for the drive to work. 

Last night I finished up the Karsten Heuer walk book I discussed in great detail on Saturday. Very, very good reading. I felt at times I was right on the trail with him. And of course, Webster shines throughout the entire trip. I highly recommend this read. I am going to order his newest book detailing his next walk.

Back to mystery's with Rhys Bowen's latest Evan Evans, Evan Blessed.

HA! Don't be fooled by Bob's lie about the personality test. By contrast here is how I scored. 

You Are Sunshine
Soothing and calm
You are often held up by others as the ideal
But too much of you, and they'll get burned

You are best known for: your warmth

Your dominant state: connecting
What Type of Weather Are You?

Of course that explains why he is a very successful author/business man and I am a librarian.


Tuesday, 31 January 2006

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Well another month has come and gone. I just cannot believe today is the last day of January already.

We are having the craziest weather I think I have seen in a long time. I have seen warm winters, cold winters, and/or a mix of both but not like this January has been. It will be warm and breezy for four or five days followed by one day of 20 to 30 mph winds followed by temperatures dropping for one night into the 20's followed by another spell of warm weather. I can't wait to see what February will bring.

Off to the gym tonight for spin class. Time to go play some ball with the fellas.


Wednesday, 1 February 2006

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Busy, busy. Jackie and I are at the Firm's off site storage location again starting today through Friday culling more files and boxes for destruction.

After work I met the incoming president of the Friends of the Library for dinner. I will be taking over the secretary job. Mary Jane had some questions about how and when to do things since she has only been on the board for a couple of years.

I then stopped in next door at Harris Teeter to pick up a few things for the weekly shopping. Once again it is almost 8 before I get a chance to sit and unwind on the couch before bedtime and play some ball with the fellas.

I finished up the Evan Evans last night. As usual, Rhys Bowen did a fine job. The week before Evan is to finally wed school teacher Bonwen he becomes involved in a case searching for a missing girl on Mt. Snowdon, which is by the way a real mountain range in Wales. While searching for the girl police stumble upon a bunker which appears to have been built for someone to use as a kidnap/hiding place. The kidnapper sends clues to Evan using musical notes. As Evan gradually unravels the clues he finds the kidnapper to be playing games with both his professional and personal life.

Next up, the second book in the Marianne MacDonald series featuring Dido Hoare, English bookseller, Ghost Walk.


Thursday, 2 February 2006

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This week is starting to take a toll on me both physically and mentally. Being late getting home three nights in a row plus being off site has just about done me in. The off site work is grueling both physically and mentally. Also, the air in the building is not all that great with very little in the way of ventilation where we are working. They finally brought us a big fan this afternoon to help with the heat.

Thus, I decided to forgo the gym tonight in favor of a quiet night at home since we have another day off site tomorrow. And, the dogs go into a little set to this morning around 3:30. By the time we got everyone calmed down it was going on 4:30 by the time I finally fell back to sleep.

If you enjoy mysteries set in London with antique, book shop, or other related characters I highly recommend the Dido Hoare books Bob and I are reading. The second book has so far been equal to her first one. Marianne MacDonald writes exceptionally well. Dido and her retired academic father are delightful characters.

We have rain moving in tonight and tomorrow. Still very mild temperatures though we have been promised by the weather gods that will soon be changing.


Friday, 3 February 2006

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By 5:00 this afternoon Jackie and I had gone through roughly 800 boxes over the last three days for review. that leaves us about 1400 to go. If we stay on track we should be finished in two weeks with this main group. There will then be another small group of boxes needed to be reviewed we discovered along the way or from an attorney who has waited until now to turn his review form into us.

Back at the office I will be processing the files and boxes we have pulled for destruction in three different data bases. This process will take several weeks after we finish up the final physical review of the boxes off site.

I tried to stay up last night to finish the last 80 pages in my book but I was just too tired. I shall finish it up tonight for sure.


Saturday, 4 February 2006

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The weekly house cleaning chores were completed this afternoon. This morning I was up and out for the 9am spin class. After I got back home Bob and I walked down to Steve and Mimi's to see their new puppy the brought home from the breeder last night. Like Oscar, she is another Spinone but her coloring has large dark brown spots with light gray fur. She is really, really cute. Oscar stands about 26" at the shoulder where she will stand about 22" and go about 60 pounds. Trudy will be a good playmate for Oscar. I will take our guys down to meet her next week after she gets used to her new surroundings.

Just after lunch we had a pretty decent little thunder storm role through created by the cold front that is too move through this afternoon causing temperatures to drop down to more normal levels for February.

If the skies clear as predicted we may go over to the soccer field later this evening to get in some urban observing. With the moon up it may be hard to see some of the deep sky stuff but I also need to work on lunar objects as well. Bob bought we a great new moon map I want to try out.


Sunday, 5 February 2006

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Dad and I did get in nine holes of golf this morning. The temperatures were not all that bad at 8am when we teed off at right around 38 degrees. With the sun up and no clouds things were fairly pleasant the first six holes. Then the winds picked up as promised making things a little chillier. Dad's hands get too cold in those kind of conditions so we packed in after nine. But, despite the fact we had not played in well over two months we both could at least hit the ball in the right direction most of the time. It was fun just getting out.

We ate an early lunch then I came on home. Rest and relaxing is about all I have planned for this afternoon since I am certain of another tiring week at work.

Golf is on this afternoon. I may watch the first half of the Super Bowl game, having not watched it in years. I want to see Mick Jagger do his halftime show then I will most likely go to bed. The games themselves are usually blow outs by one team anyway. 


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