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Week of 12 June 2006

Latest Update: Sunday, 18 June 2006 8:00 p.m.

Monday, 12 June 2006

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From 4am Sunday morning to 7am this morning we had about 2 inches of rain most of which fell last night starting about 7pm. We were watching a British TV show which at this moment I cannot remember the name of. The skies looking out from the den window continued to darken as the rain fell in sheets while the trees were rocking in the the wind. At one point we had tornadoes just north of us and severe storms over us. We decided to bail on the show and go downstairs (which is why I cannot remember the name of the show).

We set up camp in the basement for the night since the forecast called for that stuff to go on until the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately we had a short break around 8:30 to allow me to give the dogs a quick walk up the street for their LTO. The storms continued to roll through about one every couple of hours. I sat up reading finishing the Nancy Martin mystery before turning out the light around 11. Between 11 and 7 this morning I had snatches of 45 minutes to an hour of sleep between storms. That coming on the heels of the same thing from Saturday night and Sunday morning has left me feeling pretty wrung out. But, we are very much in need of the rain so I shall not complain too much. 

Needless to say I ran out of gas at work around 3pm. Since the Firm frowns on afternoon naps I toughed it out until 5 then on to my haircut appointment. Hopefully the worst of this mess will blow through by bedtime tonight.

The Firm bought pizza for everyone who wished to watch the noon soccer match between the USA and Czech Republic. We were down by one when my lunch time was over. I kept an eye on the score via the net during the afternoon. We lost 3-0. Ouch, not good for a team that went to the semifinals four years ago. Apparently we have a second chance on Saturday.


Tuesday, 13 June 2006

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No update.


Wednesday, 14 June 2006

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Last night I went straight to the gym from work for the 5:30 and 6:00 upper and lower body classes. By the time I got home and fixed a quick bite to eat it was well after seven when I came back to check my mail. I was too tired to put up a post.

This morning I was sleeping so hard when the alarm/radio went off I thought the radio was part of my dream. Alberto made just a quick pass through our area of North Carolina with areas east and south getting hit with as much as 7 or 8 inches of rain. With the rain we had Sunday night and Monday plus this morning from Alberto we have added at least a couple of inches to our local water table.

Things are very busy at work. I have several projects going at one time plus the usual daily stuff to keep up with.

On the DVD front, we have several new series we are trying out. Our friends Paul and Mary loaned us Wonderfalls which is a little weird but funny. Monarch of Glen series looks like it will be good. Netflix sent the wrong disc, season two instead of season one but we liked what we saw. We stopped watching once we realized we had the second year.

I am reading another Hamish Macbeth, Death of a Nag. Last night we ended up watching the other two episodes of the TV series by the same name but, as I think I mentioned once before, they are horrible. Very little to do with the books other than they steal some of plots from several books, mix them all up, and do a show. The actors and scenery are great but the writing is horrible. We have no plans to watch the remainder of the series. 


Thursday, 15 June 2006

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No update.


Friday, 16 June 2006

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Last evening I went straight to the gym and picked up takeout on the way home. Just as I was finished eating, around 6:45 Stephanie called to see if I wanted to walk. When I got home from walking I checked my mail but forgot to put up my post.

I decided to take today off to get some stuff done around the house and run a bunch of errands. There is never enough time over the weekend. Bob and I took my Trooper out to have the 100,000 mile service, oil change, etc. Back home, I tacked the finished area. It was time for a good dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning up down there. We may have our friend Mary over for dinner tomorrow night. She is allergic to the dogs but does fine downstairs. However, I have cleaned real good down there since the first of the year except for the bathroom and a quick rug vacuuming.

After I finished the downstairs I took a break for lunch before giving the upstairs a quick run through with the vacuum. Our back bathroom shower needs some caulking and the shower doors taken outside and scrubbed down. We will do that tomorrow.

When I go back out to pick up the truck this afternoon I will run my errands.  That leaves tomorrow free to get the other chores I need to do accomplished on the home front.

The siding folks started on the house yesterday. The did under the eaves front and back and the porch roof yesterday. Today they are doing the sides along the roof and vents. The gutter guy is here putting up the gutters with the top guards. Bob will only have to go up to blow stuff off the roof from time to time that collects in the ridges along the porch roof but no more having to blow out the gutters and clean out those disgusting leaves and maple seeds.

While I am at Lowe's this afternoon I will pick up paint samples for the windows, shutters, porch columns and doors which we will do ourselves.

I finished reading the Hamish, one her better ones I thought.


Saturday, 17 June 2006

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Yep, I'm tired. I started off this morning by catching up on a bushel basket of ironing. From there I assisted Bob in putting up the new baby/dog gate on the other big opening to the living room from the dinning room. At one time we had a small baby gate at the kitchen/dinning room door which made movement back and forth into that room a pain. We then moved two small gates into the dinning area propped up against chairs still making it a pain to get anywhere. I finally purchased another extended wood gate like we have along the foyer/living room door.

Once we finished that project I moved on to outdoor stuff. The house looks GREAT! With the new siding and gutters it really makes the house look much better. I am hoping for good weather the week of July 4th. I will ask for vacation for that week in order get the shutters and windows painted and the windows washed. That will put the finishing touches on the outside with nothing but routine maintenance once in awhile.

All that crap that was in the gutters...dead maple seeds, dead leaves, etc ended up in the natural area in front of the house and on the porch. I swept everything up by hand rather than blower in case there were nails or gutter parts. I scooped all the debris from the mulched area as well as some clumps of stuff that ended up in the lawn.

On around to the back.  I swept all the debris from the desk, the driveway and the little walkway that runs under the deck stairs along the house. The back gutter junk was mostly dumped in the natural area that runs along the deck. I cleaned up in there mainly to get the clumps of stuff and look for nails.

After lunch Bob and I reloaded astro-truck so I could clean up the unfinished area of the basement. Last but not least, I mowed the lawn.

While the temperatures for today are really nice, low 80's and low humidity it was hot working in the sun. The light breeze also helped. However, I've had enough for one day.

I saved mail and desk cleaning for this afternoon while I sit and rest. Once I finish up in here I will go out and watch some of the US Open golf tournament.


Sunday, 18 June 2006

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Happy Father's Day. And, what a lovely day it was!  Dad and I had perfect weather for golf this morning. Sunny, cool, and a good breeze. Dad played better than he has in a long time. It was fun to watch.

Mom fixed lunch then I mowed the lawn for dad before coming home where I dove directly into my last major project for the weekend. Our bathroom shower. We needed some new caulking along the shower frame on the bottom where the doors slide and the sides where the top and bottom part of the one piece stall fit. I had Bob take the doors off so I could take them outside and clean them down real good with white vinegar especially along the bottom and tops where they sit in the tracks. Bob removed the frame to make it easier to removed the old caulking and put in the new.

All went well until he started the actual caulking. I was outside cleaning the doors. When I came back in he had caulk all over his hands and boots. Apparently it was very sticky when he tried to smooth it out resulting in a real mess. By the time we had everything under control for me to jump into the downstairs shower it was 3:30. 

We left for Frances' at 4. She fixed the traditional Father's Day dinner of lasagna and garlic bread with lemon pie and/or strawberries and pound cake. Mom made the cake, they bought the pie. We watched the last nine holes of the US open getting back home around 7:45.

I fed the dogs while Bob switched the last load of laundry. I still have to check my mail and read the paper before bedtime. It has been a very busy day to say the least but a nice one. As I say every year, I am so very lucky to still have my dad and my mom who are both active and fairly healthy for their ages. I never, ever take that for granted.


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