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Week of 17 July 2006

Latest Update: Sunday 23 July 2006 2:00 p.m.

Monday, 17 July 2006

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Happy Monday to everyone. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine is always too short. I never seem to have enough time to get everything done I would like to. Since I painted the windows I have not had time to go back and scrape the paint I got on the glass. 

Today I worked 8:30 to 1:30. I had an eye doctor appointment for 2:00 followed by a haircut at 4. My eye exam went fine. With my dad having glaucoma it is important to get my pressure checked once a year. My distance vision is fine but I was having to use the lower, stronger portion of my bi-focal when reading small print. He upped the power in my lenses a little to help with that. I love my frames so I only ordered the new lenses.

After my haircut I ran a couple of errands one of which was to pick up my pictures from Walgreen's Bob sent online for me this afternoon. I only posted a few random samples from my trip last weekend. The lady at the photo counter could not find any prints in Bob's name nor a record of them having been sent. She called over the manager who also searched their computer. Even odder, was the fact they had no record of us ever having send pictures which Bob did back in May. They were very helpful in trying to solve the problem. I called Bob who talked with the lady giving her his confirmation number, etc. While I was standing there another man came up to pick his prints up he sent yesterday. No prints yet another guy arrived and they had his prints sent this afternoon.

The store manager told me to resend them and offered us a discount for the problems. In the meantime Bob had been on the phone with Walgreen's tech support. The local folks were not aware the corporate store had a major server crash creating all kinds of problems for folks all over the US I guess. I was very impressed with their service and professionalism in handling the problem. I may switch my prescriptions to their store.

I am now reading the second to most recent Robin Paige Edwardian mystery, Death at Blenheim Palace. I am two behind in this series because our library has not bought the last two. I purchased these on our recent trip to the Bilbrey's when Marcia and I went to the mystery book store in Baltimore.


Tuesday, 18 July 2006

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I worked through lunch today to make up one hour from yesterday. It makes for a very long day let me tell you. I did not go to the gym from work because I thought Bob needed me at home to shoot pictures. He decided to take a well deserved night off. While we were eating dinner Walgreen's called. Apparently when the server was fixed it sent the picture order on through.

I decided I might as well hit the gym then pick up the pictures on the way home. They all turned out very good. I did not think I would be able to take pictures with the digital as well as I could with the 35 but so far I am pleased although there are still a very light conditions I have not learned to correct with the digital that I could do with the manual.

On the weather front, the heat is supposed to break a little starting tomorrow. We have a tropical storm in the Atlantic but the predicted path has it just grazing the coast of NC on its way out to sea.


Wednesday, 19 July 2006

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At least I picked a good week to work through lunch. The weather gods lied again with another scorcher today. I still had an hour and half to make up so I worked through lunch again.

I stopped at the library and store on the way home. I planned a quick dinner to give Bob shooting time but he decided to wait until tomorrow night. Oh well, he is under deadline so it's his call on the schedule. I try to be here as needed. We had some major thunderstorms in the area so I told Bob we better walk the dogs quickly. Sure enough, a major storm hit just as I sat down here that was not even showing up on the radar. Duncan has been under my desk knocking things over trying to hide. Malcolm barks, LOUDLY, at the same time as the thunder then comes running over and snouts my hand while I am typing. That sounds like hail hitting the window.

Guess I better wind this up in case the power goes out, we have already had one quick on/off.


Thursday, 20 July 2006

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More of the same. I drove home in a frog choking downpour. It had moved through here and was making its way across town. We got another .24 inches. It did cool things off a bit. When Drew and I went across to one of our other buildings this afternoon to pick up some boxes it was hot and stifling again. Last night I walked around the yard with the dogs about 8:30 after the storm finally went through. Other than small limbs down not much else happened.

We are busy at work with projects, projects, and more projects. Speaking of work, Bob is ready to shoot pictures so I guess I better go.


Friday, 21 July 2006

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Mother Nature finally worked in my favor. The grass had grown very high with all this rain. The forecast for this weekend looks like it will be a wash out with rain and thunderstorms. I really needed to mow this evening but figured we would get another one of those pop up thunderstorms about the time I got off from work.

But, while it looked like it could pour any minute the rain held off around here, at least, with the sun actually coming back out about halfway through my mowing. I edged and used the blower to clean up the driveway and sidewalk making everything look nice and tidy.

I picked up my new "eyes" this morning on the way to work. After years of wearing glasses last year I finally found a pair of frames I really liked and that could take the beating I give them. I am very hard on frames, especially in the summer, taking them off and on to clean them and wipe my face when working in the yard, playing golf, etc. These new flexible frames are very durable. So, I ordered only the lenses this year which also saves a little money. By the time I get the new progressive bi-focal put in plus the transitions the lenses themselves run pretty high.

By mid-morning my eyes had begun to adjust to the new power. Speaking of work, it has been a busy and hectic week making me very glad Friday finally rolled around.

We are in the middle of watching some more Ballykissangel episodes.


Saturday, 22 July 2006

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Another busy Saturday, as usual. First thing this morning I gave Bob a haircut followed by the dogs getting a good brushing. After putting away the usual clutter I did the weekly house cleaning.

Before stopping for lunch I scrapped paint from two of the front windows and cleaned them with Windex. After my lunch break I caught up the ironing before going back out and doing the other two windows.

Although the temperatures today are much more pleasant, in the mid to high 80's the humidity is still pretty bad. The forecast rain for this morning and afternoon had yet to appear.


Sunday, 23 July 2006

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Okay, you know I am going to talk about the weather so I may as well get it out of the way first. Yesterday evening, just as I took the ribs off the grill around 5:30, the rains came. We had another gully washer which continued off and on until well after 11 o'clock. I don't think I have ever seen it rain that hard for so long.  By 7 we were up to an inch of rain. After all was said and done we had 3.68 inches of rain last night bringing our monthly total up to 6.63 inches. The forecast for today was more rain this morning or this afternoon with more storms with the temperatures remaining in the low 80's.

Golf was not on the schedule this morning though I doubt dad and I would have gone anyway after all that rain. Instead, we already had plans to take him out for brunch this morning at the Riverbirch Lodge to celebrate his birthday which is actually next Tuesday. We decided on today since Al would be in town and it is very hard for me to do stuff during the week especially right now with the book deadline looming.

After a really nice meal and visit we came back home. I watched the end of the British Open before coming back to get some work done. The usual bills to pay along with filing and cleaning up my desk are on the afternoon agenda. Bob may or may not be ready to start shooting another system but I am available if he does


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