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Week of 31 July 2006

Latest Update: Sunday 6, August 2006 3:20 p.m.

Monday, 31 July 2006

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The end of another month. As usual time just flys by. Yesterday I was checking the date on an e-mail from a friend that I thought was just a couple of weeks ago. We had been trying to get together for lunch or dinner. Turns out we exchanged e-mails as the end of June! 

Hot, hot, hot. Yep, temperatures are back to the normal dog days of summer with the first of August. Highs in the mid to upper 90's with humidity making a combined total of up over the 100 degree mark. No rain in sight until later this week. 

Tonight I went to the gym straight from work. Stephanie is doing some indoor painting which will preclude walking. Also, with the street tore up it will make it hard for her to stroll the girls. But, it is way to hot to walk anyway.

I finished the Hamish Macbeth at lunch today. Too hot to walk at lunch dressed in long pants and nice shirt. Next up, another Anne Perry, Cardington Crescent.

Last night Bob recorded Inspector Lewis, a follow up two hour drama to the Inspector Morse series. Of course, John Thaw died in real life so they had to kill off his character on the show. Lewis, his partner suffers not only the loss of Morse but also his beloved wife. We are about half an hour or into the movie before taking a break to feed and walk the dogs but it appears to be as good as the Morse series. Perhaps they will do another one in the future.


Tuesday, 1 August 2006

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Despite the heat index of around 100 I had to mow the lawn when I came home. The heat did not bother me but the damn yellow jacket that stung me on the top of the head sure did. I was almost finished when I felt something in my hair. Thinking it was a bug or some kind, something that fell out of the tree, or bird poop, I reached up to knock it away. I guess when I smacked him he stung me. Now tangled up in my sweaty hair, which as you know is short anyway, I finally managed to pull his dead body out.

Of course I finished the yard. I had Bob look to make sure the stinger was not still in my head. I took an antihistamine and put some ice on it. It still stings like heck.

Work is busy as usual. Lots of projects plus gearing up for the year 2006 destruction. We are watching the last of the Ballykissangel  series.


Wednesday, 2 August 2006

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Let's see. Last night's post started out...Despite the  heat index of around 100 I had to mow the lawn. Well, I repeated that  activity night at my dad's house when I got off from work. I had planned on going to the gym and the grocery store so I had stuff in the car to change into.

My folks met me uptown for lunch today. We ate in the restaurant that is in my building then I took them downstairs to meet my boss and co-worker. Afterward, I walked with them back up to the parking deck. Both my folks worked downtown a long time ago. It has been awhile since they were down the 4th street, the main drag, to see all the changes that are taking place. I pointed out things as we walked back up the street, dropped them off at the parking deck, and walked on back to work.

While we were eating lunch I asked dad if he mowed on Sunday. He said he had pulled his hamstring muscle again and couldn't mow. He asked our neighbor, who has a riding mower, but he was not interested. While I was mowing I got to thinking how dangerous it is getting for dad to be mowing those hills. One fall would be all it would take for a disaster to happen.

When I got home I called the neighbor down the street who has a mowing business. He has aerated my yard a couple of times. He said he had an opening if my dad was interested. I told him to go ahead and call him to set up time for him to go over and meet dad and see the yard. I will feel much better knowing someone else is doing the yard.


Thursday, 3 August 2006

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No update.


Friday, 4 August 2006

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On the way home last night I made the usual  stops at the library, pet store, and grocery store. After another long day at work as well, I was too tired to put up a post last night or to shoot pictures for the next system. The heat wave continues. We had promised of cooler temperatures today but instead they were back up into the high 90's again.

A small thunderstorm has erupted right over our house again. It started while we were eating dinner. We quickly took the dogs out before it started to rain. Tomorrow's highs are to be in the low 80's. If that forecast holds true we are bound to get some pretty fierce storms tonight with that drastic a drop in temperatures in 24 hours.

The bee sting on my head feels much better today. It was still bothering me some yesterday. Oh well, I am very glad the weekend has arrived. It has been hectic at work all week.


Saturday, 5 August 2006

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A busy  Saturday as usual. We are in the final push to get the book finished which means I need to be on call as Bob needs me both today and tomorrow. I spend an hour or so this morning tiding up the house, putting a weeks worth of stuff away, etc. While I was working on that I had a load of my work pants and shirts going in the laundry and the downstairs freezer defrosting.

We spend an hour or so shooting pictures until Bob ran out of room on the card. I switched out my load of laundry to the dryer and put in a load of sheets and rugs. The freezer was finished defrosting so I put what little food was left back in and brought up some for the upstairs stock. By defrosting often and with very little opening and closing of the door I can get that job done quickly and with very little in the way of mess. I put two plastic tubs in the bottom to catch the water along with a long bath towel.

After another session of pictures I tackled the outside chores. After mowing I edged the walk and swept up, weeded the front beds, and did some general cleaning up. I had the dogs outside on the rope while I did the cleaning up. Today dawned a cool 76 degrees. By 11 it was only 81 with low humidity and a very nice breeze. At one point it clouded up like some rain might move in but they blew on past letting the sun come back out. Right now, at 3:30 it is a comfortable 85 degrees. After the little storm moved through last night we never did get any more rain though I did hear thunder again about 10:30.

After I finished up in the yard I fixed a snack lunch and came back to check my mail. After another round of pictures I did the vacuuming then took my shower. We just finished up our third and last picture session of the day.

With the hot weather last week and my busy schedule at night we ate sandwiches every night. Tonight I am grilling steaks and chicken to go along with peas and garlic bread. I plan on also cooking something for dinner tomorrow night as well. One of the reason for defrosting the freezer was to get ready for a new Southern Foods order which I placed Thursday night. We are pretty  much out of everything anyway.

Last night we watched the British version of Cracker. The USA producers tried to duplicate the series with American actors and plot but after Bob and I watched one episode back when it was on TV we quit. It was horrible. However, the British version starring Robbie Coltrane of Harry Potter movie fame, is much better. Afterwards I sat up reading until I finished my Anne Perry. This was one of her best ones so far.

Guess that about wraps it up for today.


Sunday, 6 August 2006

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Today was pretty much like yesterday. I did chores this morning...cleaning bathrooms, ironing, etc in between shooting pictures. This afternoon, between shoots I have been working at my desk clearing it off, cleaning out my mail box, typing up the minutes from the last Friends meeting, and doing some online stuff. We just finished up the the shooting pictures for the second PC of the weekend and, I think, the last one for the book.

Last night we watched the Barchester Chronicles adapted from the books by Anthony Trollope by the BBC in 1982. An excellent series with an excellent cast. What is interesting to us is seeing a lot of British stars twenty years ago. Neither of us had seen the series and I don't think I have read the books although I do have a set somewhere. I think we have one disc of episodes to watch tonight.

It was supposed to be a lot cooler and less humid today but I was just out with the dogs and it is not. 89 feels like 92. So far, a few clouds off and on but no rain. With last weeks hot, dry weather I will have to water the plants if we don't get some rain soon. I am guessing if we do get any it will a downpour as opposed to just a nice steady rain. The NASCAR race is actually on a station we get this afternoon.


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