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Week of 21 August 2006

Latest Update: Sunday, 27 August 2006 4:00 p.m.

Monday, 21 August 2006

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It was a very hectic and busy Monday for me. My boss is at one of our other offices this week and Drew was out sick. Things were pretty calm and normal until about 11:30 when e-mails started flying along with a multitude of phone calls, all needing assistance from the record center.

As I mentioned yesterday I was starting the newest Stephanie Plum, Twelve Sharp. I am sure I mentioned this before but will say it again. Evanovich's books are just too unpredictably funny to read while eating, drinking, or in public...or all three. You never know when she will have Stephanie come out with some absurd comment or get into another hilarious situation. This one has a bit of a different twist to the others with her helping Ranger locate an abducted child. The weird part of the story is the bad guy has taken on Ranger's manner of dress and looks to fool people into thinking he is Ranger.

While a lot of her readers are getting tired of her waffling between making up her mind to marry Joe Morelli or have an affair with Ranger, it does not bother me all that much. In this book they cross each others paths close enough to cause physical damage to either one of them. My honest opinion is that she will end the series soon and resolve the situation one way or the other.


Tuesday, 22 August 2006

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It was another busy day at work with me holding down the fort by myself although it was not nearly has hectic as it was yesterday. I did manage to get a couple of small things done and continued mounting a frontal attack on the stacks of boxes I am working through.

I finished up the Stephanie Plum last night. Today at lunch I started the most recent Susan Albert book in her Beatrix Potter series, The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood.  As I said before, if you like animal characters mixed mixed into the plot with adults and a little mystery you will love this series. For one thing, they are so relaxing to read. While I love the fast paced Evanovichs' and dark Victorian Anne Perry's this brings a welcome change of light, airy, and relaxed pace while keeping the plot moving. Albert uses the real life of Beatrix Potter intermixed with the fiction aspect of her being a sleuth of village mysteries. Her characters are very British with her description of the village and surrounding countryside making you feel you are there in person.


Wednesday, 23 August 2006

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Yes, this has turned into the week from Hell at work. Thankfully Drew was back today otherwise I would have never made it by myself. First thing this morning Drew and I had to deliver approximately 35 boxes of a case to a floor upstairs from the record center. Half an hour later I had a call from one of the secretaries upstairs. I file room had to be packed up and moved ASAP to make room for another attorney to move in.

I took boxes and hand truck up and started boxing up files to bring down to the record center working until lunch time. After lunch I had just gone back up to start on the file room when it was time to go get the 35 boxes upstairs, bring them back down and take the remaining 25 boxes up in their place. I made this swap in two truck loads while Drew as doing the regular afternoon delivery and pick ups. In the meantime the same secretary that has me boxing up a file room found 50 boxes of another case in the attorney move that needed to go down to the file room. Drew and I headed back up with two trucks to get those boxes in two trips. I then went back up to the file room to continue boxing up files finally finishing up around 4:30. All in all I guess I moved  approximately 300 boxes today most of them four or more times. Off the shelf, on the cart, off the cart, in the room, on the cart and back on the shelf. The boxed up ones only got moved three times. These boxes weigh anywhere from 20 pounds to 50.

We were supposed to go up to Fancy Gap tonight to observe then drive home around 1am so I can go to work tomorrow. The conditions are favorable for good observing but I called Bob at lunch and told him there was no way I could do that tonight after the day/ week I have had.

Tomorrow Drew and I have to get the second load of 25 boxes and bring them back down to the record center. I have a small file room remaining to box up tomorrow and then a big one. I may wait to do the big next week depending how the week goes. That one is not ASAP thankfully.

I threw steaks on the grill for dinner then Bob cleaned up the kitchen while I walked the dogs. Time to hit the couch and rest up for tomorrow. Man am I glad I put the bagger on the mower or I would have to mow tonight on top of everything else.


Thursday, 24 August 2006

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No update.


Friday, 25 August 2006

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Whew, I made it Friday. What a week this has been. Thursday morning was pretty much a repeat of Wednesday  until early afternoon when things finally settled down.

We did go up to Fancy Gap last night for a short observing session. The conditions were not great but we did manage to get a few objects on our lists that we needed. Bob and I both started fading around midnight when conditions had sort of deteriorated anyway and we had run out of areas to work. The constellations up high enough to work had bad sky conditions.

We got home and in bed around 1 am and up at the usual 7 am time to work. Had my week not been so physically and mentally tiring I would not have felt all that tire today from last night. By late afternoon I was dragging. At least I had an "at desk" project today which helped.

I picked up Bob after work for a quick library, dinner, and grocery store trip. I can guarantee it will be early to bed tonight. Conditions are to be pretty good tonight but I am just too tired.


Saturday, 26 August 2006

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Although I went to bed at 8:45 I did manage to stay awake reading for 45 minutes before I turned out the light. I slept in this morning until around 8:30 feeling much rested after the long week.

After the usual reading the paper and bowl of cereal I took off for a quick trip to Lowe's Home Center to pick up new outside lights for the front porch and house numbers for the front door. The lights we have now are just old and crappy looking with all the face lifting we are doing. I went from brass to black metal this time and a little smaller in size. The old house numbers were nailed to the roof over the porch. Obviously those had to come down when they put up the siding. I wanted to get the large brass stick on numbers to put in the center of the wood front door. We do have a full length glass front storm door. But, before I we do that I had to first paint the front door.

Yep, that's what I did as soon as I got back home from Lowe's. That took all of half an hour from set up to finish.

By now the grass was good and dry. I set the mower down one notch since I was catching it. Each time I take off one blade and put on another one I always have to alternate blade sharpened at the mower store I pass on the way home from work. That first cut with a newly sharpened blade really makes the grass look nice. We are now back into dry/drought conditions again. My front yard is starting to brown up as well as several placed in the back.

After I finished mowing I took a short lunch break and checked  my mail then went back out to edge and sweep up. Bob walked down to take a look at Kim's computer while I finished up in the yard then I walked down to visit for awhile too. Even though it's close to 90 degrees today the humidity is only 37% making it really nice working outside.

The dogs have now had their baths and are air drying. They don't like the hair dryer so I gave up on that a long time ago. With the warm temperatures they will dry in a couple of hours.


Sunday, 27 August 2006

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Dad is feeling better but still now up to playing golf yet. Instead, I did the weekly house cleaning chores before taking off to their house for lunch. I arrived around 10:30 to give me time to do any minor yard chores. We have the yard service doing the mowing. I dug up the old tomato plants, put the stakes and cages away and swept up the sidewalk. They dad needed the dead flowers and leaves cut from the geranium pots on the steps that go up to the back yard. While we were standing there talking he said he wanted the landscape timbers taken up from around the little bed by the shed. I took those up to the very back and threw them along the fence behind the shrubs.

Afterward I sat inside and cooled off until Frances arrived. Back home I took a shower then ironed a basket full of work pants and shirts before sitting down here for the usual Sunday clearing of the desk, backlog of e-mail, paying bills, etc. I am also working in the Friends fall newsletter.

Last night I finished reading the Beatrix Potter book and started another Dana Stabenow, A Fine and Bitter Snow.


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