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Week of 20 November 2006

Latest Update: Sunday, 26 November 06 2:00 p.m.

Monday, 20 November 2006

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At least being on vacation means I can do things at a much more leisurely pace than when I have to cram everything into the two day weekend. I did a Lowe's and Wal-Mart run this morning. When I came out to my car in the Lowe's parking lot I had a substantial amount of green water running from under my car. Last week when I came home from having the oil changed and the tires put on large green puddle formed on the driveway. When Bob called back out to Tim's he told us he over filled the radiator and to just keep and eye on it. I actually forgot about it until today. 

I called Tim's from Lowe's and told him I would stop out on my way home. He put some Stop Leak in and said to watch it for another couple of days.

After lunch I fired up the lawn vacuum. The weather folks cannot decide if it will rain and/or snow tomorrow but I wanted to go ahead and get the leaves up just in case.

When I came in from the yard I asked Bob if he had changed the laundry. When he went down to take the whites from the dryer and put the darks in the whites were not dry. He cranked it up to high and ran it for ten minutes but it did not heat up. After doing some minor fix-its we ended up having to call Sears. The first appointment they have is next Monday. We have left a message with our neighbor to see if we can take them over to her house this evening and dry them.

So, a very busy and exciting first day of vacation.


Tuesday, 21 November 2006

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The dogs let me sleep in until 7:45. I got up to let them out and let Bob sleep in for a change. After breakfast it was off to the gym.

Later this afternoon I need to run the turkey giblets over to my mom's house for her to use in the dressing she will cook tomorrow. I have a couple of errands to run on that side of town. Bob needs to go along to look at the possibility of putting a phone jack by his chair in the den so we can install another one of those phones with the extra loudness options like the one we put in the kitchen.

Still reading the Ivan Doig and enjoying it very much.

I had planned to try to play golf with my friend Bonnie today. HA! It is currently 38 degrees out side with wind chill making it feel like 29. We do not play golf with 17 mph winds gusting to 26.


Wednesday, 22 November 2006

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No update


Thursday, 23 November 2006

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Happy Thanksgiving


Friday, 24 November 2006

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Wonder where I've been? Bob took my old system down on Tuesday and  replaced it with a new one. It took him a couple of days to get my mail and stuff back up and working on my new machine.

The weather was horrid on Wednesday. Cold, rainy, windy, yucky! I had errands to run in all that muck but got a lot done.

We had a wonderful day yesterday at Frances and Al's. Lots of good food.

Last night I sat up until 11:30 reading. I finally finished the Ivan Doig. In addition to a great story I learned some really new and interesting stuff of what life was like in Montana in 1910.

The weather has turned off warm and sunny with perfect blue skies. I may get out this afternoon and do some stuff in the yard.


Saturday, 25 November 2006

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The Bilbrey's topk off this morning about 9:00 or so to head back home after spending the week with us. We had a great time doing all kinds of fun stuff. I should have some pictures to post next week. I did not get to the yard work yesterday afternoon after Marcia and I returned home from the craft fair in Greensboro. Instead, we did some other fun things. I promised Marcia I woud leave some of the details for her to talk about on her page.

After they left I did the usual weekly house cleaning. Last Thursday when we went over to Frances and Al's for Thanksgiving we brought back their system unit. Brian did some updating and repair work. This morning after the house cleaning I took it back over to them.

We are continuing to have beautiful warm weather and clear blue skies. After lunch I mowed one last time then hosed off both the mower and lawn vacuum before washing my car. I threw some winter rye and regular grass seed mixture on the bare spots and in the front where the bermuda grass has now died off for the winter.

I am reading another Hamish Macbeth, Death of a Celebrity.


Sunday, 26 November 2006

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Another very nice day weather wise in the Triad. Dad was not up to golf today which gave me a chance to finish up some yard projects. With a fairly heavy dew I put out the last small bag of weed and feed. The first of January I will call a couple of lawn services for quotes on doing just the fertilizing. I planted the tray of pansies I bought the day Marcia and I went out to Lowe's and Wal-Mart, I think that was Monday and did a couple of other small chores. That about finishes up the yard for the winter.

After lunch I started working on the den, living room, and dinning room by clearing the tables and other flat surfaces in preparation for Christmas decorations. I moved a couple of small pieces of furniture in the living to make room for the tree. 

Sometime this afternoon I will bring up the decorations from the basement closet. Not sure when I will get my tree but I can go ahead and put out some of the smaller stuff.


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