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Week of 1 January 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 7 January 2007 2:15 p.m.

Monday, 1 January 2007

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Happy New Year! Happy Birthday Duncan! He turned 12 years old today. Last night Bob and I watched the first 4 hours of Elizabeth R staring Glenda Jackson. It was aired in 1971 but have never seen it. We started at dinner time and finished up around 9 pm. Just as we started our the door for last time out the new neighbors across the street started a pyrotechnic display that would have put some small town fireworks shows to shame. Whiz, bang, pop, smoke, and whole works. Poor Malcolm was just terrified. Even though we tried going the opposite way down the street he was pulling to get away. As we turned around to head back to the house I suggested Bob take Malcolm. After a full day of house cleaning I was just too tired to try to hold on. During the leash exchange he was pulling so hard  he just pulled the lease right out of my hand and took off down toward the back of the houses trailing the leash behind him. 

I took off after him yelling his name afraid he would  get tangled up either in something or around his legs. It was too dark in the back to see him as I cut through our next door neighbors yard toward our house. Finally I heard him come crashing through the bushes right behind me heading for the safety of his home. We took them in through the basement door. The "show" went on for at least half an hour with Malcolm pacing the house, winning, and barking. Duncan was hiding in my office. When they had finally shot their wad Malcolm came over beside me and laid down on the floor. I read until about 10:30 before turning out the light. I guess we did not have any midnight fireworks because the next time I woke up mother nature was proving her own. We had a small thunder storm right around 1:30 or so with rain pelting the windows. The wind and rain woke me several more times during the night. We had over 3 inches by the time we got up this morning with at least one or two more on the way before this systems goes out of here this afternoon.

This morning I shall continue with the house cleaning with the worst now behind me. I still have the deck window side of the den before getting to the rest of the house. I hope to finish that up in a couple of house in order to tackle my office and desk. After lunch we are heading over my folks house for Bob to install my dad's new amplified phone by his chair. On the way home we have a drop in party with an old friend of mine from my library days and his wife. 

Tonight we will watch more of the Elizabeth R.


Tuesday, 2 January 2007

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no update.


Wednesday, 3 January 2007

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It has been a couple of busy evenings. Last night I went to the gym. Just as we were finishing up dinner and getting ready to walk the dogs Stephanie called to go walk. After we came in from walking I checked my mail while Bob went over to help her with something on her computer. We then finished watching the remainder of the Elizabeth R episode we started with dinner. When that we over I switched to the Orange Bowl with about 5 minutes left in the first half. I sat up until the very end hoping Wake would pull out a win over Louisville. Even though they lost they played a good game 24 to 13.

After work today was library and grocery store. Late this afternoon Bob had a call from our friend Mary. She had flown into Greensboro from Oklahoma. She and Paul had been out visiting his parents. Paul drove out last Tuesday but Mary had to fly later in the week and fly back today due to a limited vacation schedule. When she was getting off the plane she realized her car keys were in a coat pocket she had left in Paul's car for him to bring home.

We did have a key to their house but they had borrowed it back last fall when Paul's dad was here on a visit. Mary took a taxi  from the airport to her house where Bob went over to wait with her on a locksmith. In the meantime I had unpacked the groceries and made a bowl of soup for dinner. I thought Bob and Mary had already headed back to Greensboro to pick up Mary's car. Bob called just as I finished eating to tell me the lock smith had just gotten them into Mary's house and they were now ready to head to Greensboro. I walked the dogs while Bob and Mary came over here where we all jumped in my car to take off for the airport after a quick stop at Subway for dinner.

The dogs are all confused as we have been coming and going since late this afternoon. Guess I better go play some ball with them before it's time to go to bed.


Thursday, 4 January 2007

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No update.


Friday, 5 January 2007

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Another busy evening. I went to the gym from work. After a light supper I walked the dogs. We started the final episode of Elizabeth R during dinner and then continued after I did a quick mail check. Stephanie called at 8:15 to walk. We took the dogs on their usual route for their last time out. When I got back we finished watching Elizabeth. It was almost 10 by the time I made to bed, the third night in a row it was later than my usual bed time. Although I managed to stay awake to read for about 45 minutes I still lacked about 100 pages in my Eve Diamond.

I had intended to finish it today at lunch but instead had to make yet another trip over to the eye place. I am still having problems with my glasses in these new frames. Today they tried turning the lens in a little more to the right to line up the focus area better in my right eye. That took 45 minutes total leaving me 15 to read one chapter while I ate my lunch. Hopefully I will finish up tonight.

We are watching the fourth and final disk of Elizabeth R which is interviews and background stuff on the mini series.

After the almost 4 inches of rain on Monday we had another wet day today. I forgot to look at our rain gage but I don't anyone in the area got more than half an inch at most.


Saturday, 6 January 2007

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Summer in January. It is currently 62 degrees with a predicted high of 71. Way to warm for January to suit me although it makes for a nice day to be cleaning up the garage and finished basement area. Bob helped by allowing me haul off a trooper load of old PC's to Goodwill. I added a few boxes of clothing and other assorted items. On the way over to dump that load I made a trip to Home Depot to pick up paint color strips.

Back home it was time for a lunch break. I had the dogs out back running around while I visited with our back neighbors. They will be putting their house on the market next month. We hate to see them go.

I have vacuumed and repacked the Christmas boxes away in the downstairs closet. I removed the center set of shelves to give me more room. By doing so I can now get all the boxes in that closet rather than having to put some in there and others out in the garage. I still need to vacuum those rooms, haul off a load a cardboard, and do some more work in the garage area.

This morning I was telling Bob about our soda machines at work. Each floor has a break room with an ice/water machine, three types of coffee, and a soda dispensing machine. Last week I as asking our facilities manager if we could replace one of the six soda's with a fruit punch. Our vendor does not offer fruit punch but they do offer Fanta. In order to get a change made the entire floor has to vote. The majority for the six choices wins. I cannot remember the exact number we we have about ten or twelve choices to choose from. In addition to the above we also have hot chocolate both regular and sugar free. Crystal light packs for lemonade, tea, and raspberry, as well as regular and decaf tea bags. I thought it very democratic that one person cannot make a change for the floor but instead it must come to a vote. They do the same thing when coffee flavors are requested. Since I do not drink coffee I do not participate. Bottom line is the Firm treats us very well in providing the staff with free drinks.

Guess I better get back to work.


Sunday, 7 January 2007

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Grey and chilly. We were not sure when the rain would come in this morning thus not golf. Fine with me. I am still cleaning house and organizing rooms. The living and dinning rooms are now pretty much complete. I did an all over house vacuum for the usual dog hair and dirt. It has drizzled off and on all morning until half an hour ago when the steady rain finally started. The temperatures today are to be much cooler with highs only in the 50's and rain through the night.

The front page headline in our local newspaper this morning was "where is our winter?". December and January have been mostly record high temperatures. While the ski slopes are going broke the citizens at large are paying less for their heating bills. I still predict a wild and wicked February and March but we will see. I can remember mild winters back when I was a teenager before we hit another round of very bad, cold, snowy winters.

I shall continue my cleaning project in my office this afternoon.


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