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Week of 26 March 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 1 April 2007 1:15 p.m.

Monday, 26 March 2007

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I saw our friend Mary at the gym tonight. She asked how Duncan was doing. I told he was basically back to being his old self and that we would most likely reach a decision sometime this week on our next course of action concerning the tumor. I also told her after very two stressful weeks things seem to be settling back down to normal. Although I did a lot this weekend I still managed to get enough rest to ready to face a new week. 

The weather remains warm and sunny making my lunch time walk very pleasant. I think I mentioned last week I have started another Anne Perry, Traitor's Gate. Pitt was raised on an estate where his father worked as a game keeper. Sir Author Desmond, the estate owner, decided since his son was being schooled at home he may as well educate the game keepers son to give his son some competition and a playmate. Now Sir Desmond has died mysteriously at his London club. A former member of the foreign office, the jury declares his death an accidental overdose of laudanum. His son believes he was murdered to cover up a leak between the foreign office and the recent British support in the Colonial Office of Cecil Rhodes in Africa. 

Previous plots in the Pitt series have been surrounded by a secret organization call the Inner Circle. Know for it powerful members and influence within the city, members who fall out of favor have been know die mysterious deaths. Pitt has been called up by Matthew, Sir Desmond's son to investigate his father's death while also looking for the "leak" concerning events taking place in Africa. Having watched a PBS series on Cecil Rhodes and Africa several years ago I can recall only basic facts of the real events which are taking place at this time in history. I am only up to 1995 in this series. Her books are long and slow reading because of the depth of her characters and very often the history involved which I find fascinating.


Tuesday, 27 March 2007

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Not much news but I thought I would stop in to just say hello. We did set a record high today of 85 degrees. The previous record of 84 was set back in 1955.

Bob wanted Subway sandwiches for dinner so I made a quick drugstore stop which is practically across the street.

We have finished watching the I Claudius series. Not sure what we will start next.

Have a great evening.


Wednesday, 28 March 2007

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No update.


Thursday, 29 March 2007

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I went to the gym last night. After dinner I came back to check my mail and forgot to write a journal entry.

We went from a record high again yesterday, 85 to a high of 48 today. The low tonight is to be back down into the mid 30's. I walked up to the main branch of our public library today at lunch. It's only about 4 blocks but it was really cold and windy. Most of the rain had moved out but it was still sprinkling just a little.

 My friend Nancy, who I have dinner with every couple of months, is retiring tomorrow from the library. She worked for me when I was head of the Reynolda Branch back in the late 80's/early 90's. Her department at the Main library gave her a very nice reception from 12 - 2. Nancy called me at work last week and invited me to come. It was nice to see some of the other folks I used to work with though a lot of the faces have changed. Most of the staff I worked with are now retiring or have left to pursue other jobs like I did.

After work I made the usual library/pet store/grocery store run.

Bob called the oncologist in Greensboro today to make an appointment for Duncan. We go Monday to discuss all the options as to what is the best way to treat the tumor in his mouth. Once we talk with her we will make final decision based on what will be best for him for the years he has left remaining.


Friday, 30 March 2007

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I got a head start on the weekend chores by mowing and edging tonight after dinner. The weather for tomorrow is iffy at best. Even if we do not get scattered storms by the afternoon the grass will not dry very well if the day starts out cloudy as predicted. If we have any dew at all it will still be wet at noon. Doing that first edging of the season is like cutting concrete. The edge track grows back in over the winter making it very difficult to cut it anew the first time in spring. I had just enough time to get the front walk and curb edged and swept/blown before it turned completely dark on me. If the weather hold tomorrow afternoon I can edge the back drive and short walk and clean up the driveway.

I only had half an hour for lunch today since I had to make up the extra half hour I used yesterday for Nancy's party. With only about 50 pages left in my book i was just getting to the part where Pitt thinks he knows who killed the wife of a foreign office dignitary and possibly who killed Sir Desmond. Guess I will have to finish the book tonight and find out if the "inner circle" is indeed responsible. As usual, Perry keeps the plot moving and the suspense building up right to the end.


Saturday, 31 March 2007

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Today has been on of those days where, despite the early start, not much has been accomplished. I was up at 7 ready to tackle the day's chores. After breakfast I emptied the bedroom closet for a good cleaning and reorganization. I am not going to waste time painting it. It is the old color blue, which is pretty close to the new wall blue. Bob had intended to go out to Lowe's Home Center with me but decided not to after discovering some hardware issues preventing him from doing his usual Saturday morning backup. That was fine with me. I took off for Lowe's to purchase some odds and ends; the other stuff can wait until he can go along.

From there I went across town heading for Bed, Bath & Beyond. On the way I make a quick stop/visit with the folks. I needed to purchase a couple of more things for both bathrooms, get a new iron, and a couple of new pots. My pasta/spaghetti pot needed replaced as well as a couple of my large sauce pans. I'm sure you've heard the story about buying screw drivers. It's cheaper to buy an entire set of them then it is to buy two or three. The same way with pots. By the time I would have spent the money for two pots I could buy an entire set with with new frying pans for about the same price. I bought a new set of Faberware which is the same as my old set that has lasted me for well over twenty five years. I left home at 9 and got back at 11:30, an entire morning used up to run errands.

After lunch I finished up getting the closet back together and most of the stuff from my office that goes in the bedroom and bathroom. I have an extensive collection of beanie babies, teddy bears, and an assortment of other stuffed animals. They are divided between the living room and our bedroom The beanie baby collection lived on the top of the long dresser we were using instead of the chest as did most of the stuffed animals.  Going back to the high chest of drawers reduced my storage area for my animals. I bought one of those over the door shoe holders for the beanies which left room for most of the others. A few had to go live in the living room.

As I finished up in the bedroom I had Bob go down to the basement to help me install the new barrier I bought last year to go between the front and back seat of the car. We were using a net which did not keep Malcolm from coming over the top. I also bought a seat belt harness for him to hopefully keep him from bouncing around all over the back seat. While we were standing in the unfinished part of the basement the glass light fixture cover fell off. Thankfully us nor the dogs were standing under it. It crashed to the carpeted floor and busted into a zillion pieces that went flying all over the doorway area and the unfinished area where we were standing. I grabbed both dogs while Bob opened the garage door to let the dogs go out that way. We put the door back down then proceeded to pick up and vacuum up the glass thoroughly. Between cleaning that up and installing the barrier that was another hour gone.

It's almost 4 now, which means most of this day is shot. I did not get to the ironing, the Friends newsletter and minutes typed up, nor the house cleaning done. I had intended to get all that done today in order to paint the hall and foyer tomorrow. As it stands right now, that will not happen this weekend. 

The thunder storms for this afternoon did not materialize though tonight was a stronger chance and into tomorrow. That could change too.

I did finish up the Anne Perry and started the new Rhys Bowen, Molly Murphy last night. 


Sunday, 1 April 2007

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Another month turned on the calendar. I have no idea where the first three months of this year has gone other than to know it has been both at work and home.

While the rain and thunderstorms have yet to appear I needed to stay home today from playing golf anyway. I spent all morning cleaning, organizing, and putting all the rooms back to some semblance of order. Between the painting and remodeling the house has looked torn up for over a month. With just the hall, foyer, and hall bath remaining to paint I can do those without having to tear up and move stuff around..

I took the dogs out for a play session in the back yard before tackling the ironing. Next up, cleaning my desk and taking care of some Friends of the Library stuff. That's about it for today.

Last night I sat up to watch both games of the semi-finals of the Final Four. The final game Monday should be a good one. Both teams that won have good defense and explosive offenses.

The temperatures are still warm. The sun is out right now which may help to fire up those predicted thunderstorms for this afternoon and evening.

Have a great rest of the weekend and see you tomorrow.


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