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Week of 21 May 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 27 May 2007 3:00 p.m.

Monday, 21 May 2007

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Hope you had a good Monday. I did. It was busy but nothing overwhelming. I am busy working away at data base and file clean up stuff. I warmed up to a nice comfortable 81 degrees by lunch time. I took about half an hour walk after eating.

I sat up last night reading until I finished the Joanna Brady. Today at lunch at I started a book from my TBR pile, a new Bay Tanner by Katheryn Wall. I am actually reading the next to most recent, Resurrection Road. Wall sets her books on Hilton Head Island and surrounding areas. In this novel Bay is revisiting the tragic accident which took her husbands life when a drug lord's plane blew up. The son of one of the men who died in the explosion, has come looking for Bay thinking she was responsible for his dad's death. Not long after they talk, the kid turns up dead setting Bay and her Interpol boy friend after the murderers.

So far it looks to be a quiet week for a change. I made it to the gym tonight. Hopefully I will make it two nights this week. 


Tuesday, 22 May 2007

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No update.


Wednesday, 23 May 2007

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News around here is about as dry as the weather. Thus, no post last night. It was gym night tonight. After dinner and dog walks I stopped outside to water the few plants I out out a couple of weeks ago. No sense wasting water on the lawn. You can't put enough down to do any good and it actually ends up being more harmful than good. A built in sprinkler system is about the only way to get a really go watered lawn. I am not about to spend that much money. I can put out more grass send in the fall.

I am still reading the Bay Tanner. As I predicted, it is very good.


Thursday, 24 May 2007

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Last year I wrote about a book I ready by Karsten Heuer, Hiking the Y2K about his walking journey with his Border Collie from Yellowstone up to through the Canadian Rockies. Now I am chasing caribou with him and his wife, whom he met on his hike. They married just before taking off on a five month trek following the migration of a herd of caribou through the Yukon. Karsten is an excellent writer, taking me right along with him and Leanne on their journey. This book was also made into a documentary in Canada. When I hit their website to give you a link I have learned they, along with their two year old and their Border Collie, are going to hike, row and walk 1000 miles from their home in Alberta to visit Canadian author Farley Mowat who now lives on Cape Breton. I love Mowat's books, having bought and read several over the years.This adventure is also being filmed as a documentary. I have signed up to get blog reports of their progress along the way.

Every once in awhile I need to take a break from fiction and mysterys to take a arm chair journey somewhere in the wilds.

The weekly shopping and monthly pet supply store visits have been completed. The trash has been taken out and the recycling is ready to go. That about wraps up tonights chores.


Friday, 25 May 2007

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Well folks, I feel really weird being home over Memorial Day weekend. Since 2003 we have spent this same weekend with our good friends Marcia and Brian Bilbrey. As you know, we went up earlier this month in order for Marcia and I to attend the mystery conference. Even so, it did not hit home until this afternoon driving home that at this time of day I would normally being lounging on their deck instead driving home from work.

After dinner I started a project I shall finish tomorrow. I have a small flower bed in the front which used to have a two tier landscape timber edging around it. I pulled up the longer boards and used just the short ones. The small board have finally rotted in places and started looking bad. The long boards, which I was storing in the back under the deck still looked good. Tonight I pulled them back up front to see if they fit the space. A little of the grass will have to be dug out but I can do that tomorrow.

Our friends Paul and Mary have just arrived to pick up Mary's notebook. Better run out to say hello.


Saturday, 26 March 2007

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Bob and the dogs let me sleep in until 8:30. I work up about 7:10 and they were all still sleeping away at that point.

I made a quick trip out to Lowe's to pick up some more bedding plants, a couple of perennials, planting soil and a bag of mulch. I added the bedding plants and one of the small perennials to my newly extended little flower bed I started working on last night. I had to dig out a little more grass this morning to make room for the boards and have some space to run the mower around. Then I added the additional soil and mulch. The other bedding plants went in the larger bed. By the time I finished doing all the planting it was time for lunch. The dogs had been out in the heat long enough even though they did lay in the shade to watch to me work.

While I was in for a light lunch I called dad to make arrangements for golf tomorrow. A few minutes later he called back to ask Bob about a problem they were having with one of their electrical outlets int he kitchen. Bob told him we would be over Monday to take a look at it. Just before I went out to mow Bob volunteered to let me fix the outlet while I was over at there tomorrow. At that point I had decided he no longer loved me anymore since he was basically volunteering for me to fry myself. I know nothing about electricity. Even more, it one of those things in life, along with snakes and chain saws I am afraid of.

After I mowed I used the sod pieces I dug up out front  to fill in some bare spots in the back flat part of the yard by the desk stairs. I have a heck of a time getting grass to grow in that area. When I came in from mowing it was a little after 1. Bob said we better take off earlier than I planned 3 pm leaving time for the Home School Conference because it ended at 4. He suggested we go from there to my folks house to fix the outlet. I quickly jumped in the shower, dressed, and walk the dogs while Bob got his electrician gear together getting us out of here by 2.

The Home School Conference is held every year at the convention center uptown. We drove up and parked in my parking deck which was a couple of blocks away. We walked around the book fair for about an hour to give Bob and idea of what types of science curriculum books were out there beyond what he had already bought.

It turns out Bob did not have to replace the outlet. The wires were jammed up in the box and had somehow come loose. Our original plan had been to go down to the conference late then stop at the deli on the way home for dinner. Although we finished up at my folks house around 4 we decided to stop at McAlister's Deli on the way home for an early dinner anyway.

The weather has turned hot with highs today almost reaching 90 but the low humidity makes it tolerable to be outside. I wish we could get some of that rain from the Midwest over this way. The yard is starting to look brown where it gets the sun all day long. In the shade it still looks fine. Even with the dry weather it was high enough to mow.

Thursday evening we started watching Wives and Daughters staring Francesca Annis. This is the 1999 adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel. There was also a series made in 1971.


Sunday, 27 May 2007

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It was very pleasant this morning when we teed off around 7:20. While it did get warm as the morning progressed a nice breeze came up. We finished a little after 11 before it turned really hot. Dad and I both played pretty well today. Mom had lunch ready for us when we got home. I hung out visiting with them for a while before heading home.

I have some things to do at my desk today but otherwise plan on spending the day relaxing. I finished reading the caribou adventure last night and Bob and and I finished watching the remainder of Wives and Daughters. Tonight is the 600 hundred mile NASCAR race from Charlotte, the Coca Cola 600. I think both the regular and senior PGA golf tour events are being covered on the local TV stations. Plenty to keep me occupied while I catch up on reading and working the Sunday crossword puzzle.

For dinner tonight I am throwing some steaks and chicken on the grill and fixing pasta salad. Simple and quick. 

Have a great rest of the day.


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