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Week of 4 June 2007

Latest Update:Sunday, 10 June 2007 3:20 p.m.

Monday, 4 June 2007

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Bob posted some pictures for me. I had taken the ones of the dogs several months ago. The others are from my day trip on Saturday to Shatley
Springs. Our total rain fall for yesterday came to 1.02 inches. Some parts of Forsyth County got rain this afternoon from scattered storms but we did not.

Duncan relaxing on the love seat

Malcolm looking for something to bark at

Me, painting the foyer

Shatley Springs fishing lake

Cabins you can rent.

Shatley Springs restaurant


Tuesday, 5 June 2007

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It's amazing what one inch of rain and some sunshine will do. I decided I would mow tonight after dinner since I knew it could not wait until the weekend. Man, had it grown in just a couple of days since the Sunday rain. After the recent dry spell I had skipped mowing only one week and in two days it had grown an inch in some places.

I finished up the Charles Lee Kelly book and started the third book in the Big Stone Gap series by Trigiani, Milk Glass Moon. Life in Big Stone Gap continues to be complicated for Ave, her daughter, and husband. Mom and daughter are going through the usual teen age conflicts while Ave herself has some personal issues to deal with. One thing about Trigiani. Not only does she move forward quickly from book to book but also within a chapter. Between major paragraph breaks she may skip several months keeping the story line moving. For these novels it works very well.

We are in the middle of the next to last episode of Monarch of the Glen we started with dinner. One more on this disk before we finish up season 6 and have to wait until 7 is out on DVD. Alas, and alack, another good show comes to an end.


Wednesday, 6 June 2007

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Happy Birthday to Bob. I asked him last night if he wanted to go out to dinner or have me fix something special. He declined on both accounts so I left home this morning with my gym back in tow for my usual Wednesday night at the gym. Around midday he called with his dinner request, takeout from either McDonald's or Wendy's. We do not eat a lot of fast food so I guess this was what he considered his birthday treat. Since McD's was easier to get to from the gym I stopped there on the way home.

What a beautiful day we had today. I sat on the bench out front of the building where I work at lunch time today. The temperature, humidity, and slight breeze were all perfect along with a clear blue sky. We better enjoy it. Starting tomorrow the temperatures are to ramp up for the rest of the week.


Thursday, 7 June 2007

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No update.


Friday, 8 June 2007

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The end of another work week. I am always tired by the time Friday morning rolls around for the last work day of the week. Last night I finished the Big Stone Gap novel and started another J. A. Jance, J.p. Beaumont mystery.

As promised it has turned miserably warm. Between the temperatures and the humidity it was not very pleasant though I did take a short walk at lunch to get some air and exercise. When we walked out the building at quitting time it was like an oven downtown. When we walked the dogs after dinner it was still 90 degrees.

Tonight we started watching a new British comedy, Clatterford, the title in America. In Britain they call the series Jams and Jerusalem. The series reunites the comedy team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders of Vicar of Dibley fame. This is one of those shows you have be careful watching while you eat. Once I almost spewed my water when someone said a funny line. It is hilarious though I think being a regular watcher of British TV helps us  understand some of the stuff that goes on.

As is usual with a lot of TV we watch, I fall in love with the music. In this case, I really liked the theme song which turns out to be sung by Kate Rusby who is a folk singer. She is singing a version of The Kinks song The Village Green Preservation Society as well as incidental music during the show. I may try to get some of her music. 


Saturday, 9 March 2007

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After sleeping in until 8 I read the paper and tackled the weekly house cleaning. Afterwards I took off for Wal-Mart and the RV place to get the grill gas tank refilled.

I am working inside today due to the beastly weather conditions outside. The temperatures reached close to ninety by lunchtime though the humidity is a reasonable 40%. Once the sun has moved around from the front yard I will go out and water the plants. With the hot weather over the last few days they are showing signs of wilting again. There is only a slight chance of storms for this afternoon which will be a hit and miss situation at best with the rain.

A slight cool front is to move in tonight making the temperatures much more pleasant for tomorrow. I can wait to do the yard work tomorrow. This afternoon I have cleaned up my desk and worked on the Friends of the Library brochure. Paula, from the Friends board, and her husband are coming over tonight for pizza. We are going to work on a final draft of the brochure to present to the board on Thursday.

I bought an inexpensive two drawer plastic storage unit for my office closet. That should help to organize the mess I have in there and make it easier to retrieve the stuff I am now storing on the floor.


Sunday, 10 June 2007

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A beautiful morning for golf. Windy, cool, and partly cloudy. We were finished by 11 am just as the clouds disappeared and the temperature started climbing. I came home and mowed and edged the yard. It is about 88 degrees in the sun and about ten degrees cooler in the shade especially with the breeze. The stronger 10 - 15 mph we had this morning have calmed down once the cool front moved on through.

Even though we have had no rain in the past week the grass was high enough to mow today. Plus, it gets it done for the week so I don't have to deal with it during the work week.

Between my mom, my sister and left over pizza from last nght we have food cooked for the entire week. Mom made chicken casseroles, which she has not made in a long time. She made two small ones for us. All they have to do is be popped in the oven to heat throughly. I stopped by Frances' on the way home. She made Bob some egg salad and me some macaroni salad.

We had a good time last night visiting with Paula and Casey. They brought homemade strawberry and chocolate ice creams for dessert. We ordered pizza since it would be easier to do with us working on Friends of the Library stuff.

Rest and relax the remainder of the day. Hope you have a good one as well. 


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