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Week of 15 October 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 21 October 2007 3:30 p.m.

Monday, 15 October 2007

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My knee felt much better this morning but the calf of my leg was stiff and sore from using it walk with over the weekend to compensate for the knee. I could almost walk normally today with the brace on so hopefully this will be the continuing trend.

It has turned pretty warm again with highs reaching close to or over 80 degrees. The nights are coolish but not as cold as they were last week. I hate this inbetween weather with cool nights and warm days the house gets so hot without the AC. We can't open the windows due to my allergies. Speaking of which. Last night around midnight Duncan woke up and started shaking his head constantly, laying on his side pawing at his face, and chewing at the back of one leg. This went on for half an hour during which I was not getting any sleep. First we tried using ear cleaner to clean out his ears. Then I checked his mouth, as much as he would let me. Finally, I got him a pain pill thinking maybe his hips were hurting. This morning it dawned on me he was exhibiting signs of allergies with the face pawing and head shaking. With the leaves piled at the curb they love to get right in the middle of them. This morning I gave him an over the counter allergy pill and another tonight at dinner time. Hopefully we will get some sleep tonight.

I almost finished the Philip R. Craig book at lunch today but ran out of time. My knee was not well enough to walk but I did sit outside and read after I ate. 

I had a hair cut appointment after work then back to the library to help take down the book sale. We were finished by 6:30


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

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No update.


Wednesday, 17 October 2007

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I finished reading the first Philip R. Craig. Bob ordered the second book in the series on ABE books. We have the third one. The library does not have the next three or four, I forget, but Bob is going to locate those. The books are set on Martha's Vineyard featuring a crusty retired cop, J. W. Jackson, from Boston retired on disability. He lives in an old cabin he inherited from his father. In the first book he comes out of retirement to help solve the murder of a fishing friend blown up on a boat the day before he is leaving the island to go back home to the Midwest. You get a lot of boat and surf fishing in the book but it does not detract from the storyline. As with a lot of books I read, I am now learning about fishing, smoking fish, and casting. J.W. drinks a lot, is a gardener and gourmet cook, and has fallen in love with a Portuguese nurse he met while fishing. She hit him in the head with her bait.

I am now reading another J. P Beaumont, Lying in Wait. I can't tell you about it because Bob has not read it yet. He usually reads the library books first but he is reading a 1000 plus page tome by Ken Follet so I picked it up first this time. As usual, Jance has melded hard boiled excitement with some humor mixed in for another great novel.

The knee has continued to improve. I did not call the doctor back but will instead wait on my six week follow up appointment as long as it continues to feel better. I can walk almost normally on flat surfaces and up hill but down hill is still a bit tricky. At the gym tonight I road both the regular bike and the recumbent to make sure the leg muscles are staying strong. I threw in some arm weight work and called it a night.

We have been watching the final seasons of Ballykissangel. It has been an interesting show from the beginning with major character disappearing and new ones  constantly emerging.

Still warm. We tied another record high today, 83 set back in 1932 and again in 1968. The drought is severe and getting worse. We need weeks of rain and cool temperatures.


Thursday, 18 October 2007

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The weekly shopping has been done. Speaking of which. Bob loves egg salad. Periodically my sister will mix up a batch for him which he devours very quickly. I can boil water but I can't boil eggs nor can I devil them. I can drop them, scramble them, and make omelets. I don't eat eggs in that fashion nor do I like any type of cold salads with eggs in them or as their base. Hey, I am an adult, I have choices. Bob tried to boil eggs one time for egg salad but he wasn't very successful either.

I check the coupon supplements in the Sunday paper for two reasons. Sometimes they do have a coupon for something I use and I see new products. I was telling Bob about a brand of eggs we buy had come out with repackaged hard boiled eggs. I picked some up at the store tonight. Ten a bag but I can't remember how much. They are boiled and pealed and ready to eat. He made a very large bowl of egg salad for sandwiches for dinner. What an easy husband I have when it comes to fixing things for dinner.

I finished the J. P. Beaumont at lunch today. Tonight I will need to pick something from my TBR shelf.

The promise of rain, 60% at best is in the forecast for tonight. We were supposed to get some this afternoon but it fizzled out. This promised rain has more potential since it will coming up from the south and west. We can get some pretty bad storms from that direction.


Friday, 19 October 2007

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News on the job front. I start a new job within the Firm on Monday. I am moving upstairs to one of our practice groups as a support person. This is a new position just created for this practice group which the Firm thought I might like to try. I am not sure what all my duties will be but I will basically be assisting the secretary and paralegal support staff in their work. I am very excited to moving on to something new. Not only will it be a new challenge for me it should be far less physical than the record center job. I may still be moving boxes of files from time to time but no more hauling boxes from across the street or going off site to work in the warehouse.

Last night I grabbed another book I purchased at Malice. I was delighted to get to meet Kathryn R. Wall who writes the Bay Tanner mystery series set in Hilton Head, SC and surrounding area. Bishop's Reach, published in 2006, is the next to most recent book in the series. In this book, Bay and her young computer hacker friend Erik have opened their own private investigator's agency. They have a silent partner, a retired local cop who not only butts into her professional business but into her personal life as well. Bay's father, an elderly retired Judge also helps Bay with solving her crimes.

Bay and Erik are working on several cases. An old friend of the family, Miss Addie, suddenly has her long lost brother come back home then turns up missing the next day. While Bay and Erick work on finding him, they are trying to solve the murder of a rapist, track down a local socialite's boyfriend, and discover why a client fired them just as they were about to discover how and why her husband was stealing from his company.

While we did get half an inch of rain today, enough to water my flowers and the lawn a little, it was not nearly enough. A graphic in the newspaper this morning showed we are down 25 inches from our normal rainfall for the year so far. Ye gads.


Saturday, 20 October 2007

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Along with the weekly house cleaning I spent the morning doing little odd jobs around the house I have been trying to get to. More of the same this afternoon.  As usual, it is another beautiful day with clear blue skies and moderate to warm temperatures. We are still way above normal in our temperatures for this time of year.

My sister called a few minutes ago to see if I was out working in the yard. I told her I was working inside today. I was afraid to push the knee too hard by trying to do the yard today and play golf in the morning. Instead, I have the usual desk chores, cleaning up my office, and other things I want to do today. I did just get back in from having the dogs outside playing in the back yard for awhile. Perhaps later today I will sit on the front porch reading and let them lay outside with me. In other words a rather lazy day all around.


Sunday, 21 October 2007

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We only played nine holes of golf this morning Dad needs to work on his leg strength again at the gym plus I am not sure he has fully recovered from the virus he and mom both had. We got back home a little earlier than usual. I visited with them until time for lunch before heading back home.

This afternoon I used the lawn vacuum to get up the leaves then mowed. That's about it for today for me. Bob and I have two episodes of Ballykissangel left to watch. The last season is definitely not up to par with the earlier ones. Most of the case left between the fifth and sixth seasons or died. 


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