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Week of 0 January 2008

Latest Update: Sunday, 5 January 2008 10:40 a.m.

Monday, 0 January 2008

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To make things easier for Bob he made our diary pages for today with no date so we can start off the new year tomorrow. 

I had my physical therapy appointment this morning. When they called me in and I walked through the door the room looked just like a big gym. Exercise machines, flat tables, etc. Along the far wall was three or four rooms with doors. A very nice young therapist asked a few questions then had me change into the shorts I brought along. She had me straighten then bend my knee each time taking measurements. I could make the knee go flat and bend it past 90 degrees. I did several exercises with towels and some long stretch bands she gave me to do at home. The first band was not strong enough so she brought me a stronger one. We went out to the bicycles for a three minute ride  to show me how far to set the seat back using the right leg so I do not over extend it. I then did a couple of other things she suggested I could try starting next week.

She turned me loose to do anything at the gym I want included the leg extensions and the leg press machines. Obviously I will start out with low weights but she suggested using just right leg to make sure I work it as well as both. There is nothing they can do there, at $25 a co-pay, that I can't do myself at home and at the gym. If I have any questions I can give her call but will not go back until I see the doctor in three weeks. It felt pretty good after the little workout I gave it.

From there I went on to work. Working through lunch I made up most of the time. Today was Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Wednesday is Monday. What a chopped up week. Everyone will be back on Wednesday.

Happy New Year's Eve. We will spend it quietly. There is still a statewide burning bane on despite the recent rains but I am sure some kids will still set of fireworks at midnight.


Tuesday, 1 January 2008

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Happy New Year. Bob and celebrated in our usual New Year's Eve tradition...in bed and asleep at midnight until fireworks went off which sets off Malcolm's barker.

I am working around the house getting stuff back in its place, dusting, etc. If you have breakables that need dusting try using one of those cans of compressed air. They work great for me since I do not have soft hands.  Instead of trying to gently dust I can just spray the dust off. Periodically I take a break to watch some of the parade.

Malcolm had been wild the last few weeks. Since before the surgery I have not been able to have him out back to play very much. Today is very windy with temperatures in the 40's and sunny. I took the dogs out back to play and get me outside as well. Other than walking the dogs I have not had much outdoor time myself. The weekend before the surgery I blew a big pile of leaves to the side of the driveway by the hedge. While I was out back I grabbed the pitch fork to fork them into my yard waste cart. They were still wet and compacted from all the rain. I needed to something in the yard and I could handle that pretty easily. I am still not doing anything that requires I a lot of stooping and bending down but I can do a lot at waist height.


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

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Two Mondays in one week. That is just not fair. Things were pretty much back to normal today with attorneys, paralegals, and secretaries returning to the fray after their long holiday.

We are having the coldest temperatures of the season so far with highs today in the 30's but 20 to 25 mph winds. Tonight is to be in the low 20's with wind chills in the single digits. More of the same for tomorrow.

After work I headed for the gym for my first full work out since my surgery. I worked the knee as instructed by the physical therapist plus did some upper body work. The knee felt good during the workout and so far, feels fine two hours later.

Last night I finished the Craig Martha's Vineyard mystery. J.W. and Zee now have a new baby. Craig's humor will sneak up on you with the adult dialog. Now, he has J.W. making comments for his son Joshua that just hilarious. Zee has been cast in a minor role for a movie being shot on the island and J.W. has been hired as a driver. The book included the usual cast of characters.

I started the most recent in the Jacquelin Winspear, Messenger of Truth, that I picked up at Malice.

We have taken a break from watching mysteries and instead have been watching some period movies such as Onegin, Elizabeth I starring Helen Mirren, and Victoria and Albert. A nice change of pace. I enjoyed Elizabeth and Victoria and Albert but did not think much of Onegin.


Thursday, 3 January 2008

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No update.


Friday, 4 January 2008

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We had another very cold night last night, mid teens, but it warmed up nicely by noon. I decided to give my knee some real exercise and walk to the post office to mail some letters. It's a couple of blocks over both up and down some no so steep sidewalks. I did pretty well though I am still not able to walk very fast. It felt good to get out for some fresh air.

When I got back to the front of the building where I work I spotted an old friend of ours. Turns out she just started working in the same building as I but on one of the lower floors rented by an accounting firm. We took a few minutes on the ride up the elevator to catch up on news and exchange contact information.

I forgot to mention Duncan turned 13 years old on New Years Day. He is doing pretty well for his age although his back left hip is not too good. He still get around well but needs help up stairs, etc. The neighbors across the street have an 18 year old chocolate lab. She gets around pretty well for her age being that she is almost blind.


Saturday, 5 January 2008

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Still working on the house cleaning. I did the den this morning. I love hardwood floors but dog hair, dirt, and other assorted matter gets collected under the furniture. Bob moved the couch for me  vacuuming the floor and wall. I try to that several times a year anyway.

It warmed up to close to 40 by mid-morning so I took the dogs around back to play. Since I still cannot walk the dogs by myself it allowed them a chance to get some exercise and potty without having to have Bob go. I just have to be careful walking around in the back yard but I enjoyed it as well.

This afternoon I will work on getting the table top stuff back in the living room.


Sunday, 6 January 2008

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We spent a nice, relaxing evening last night inviting Kim down for pizza and a visit.

This morning we slept in until 7:45 then I spent some leisure time reading the paper. I caught up on the ironing and am now working on my office. I have pulled everything off my desk and desktop storage shelves for a good dusting and reorganization. Next, I shall tackle messy shelves, etc. and give everything a good vacuuming. I am having to move books around to make more room on the shelves in my office. The same for the living room book shelves.

It is to be in the low 60's today. At some point I will have the dogs out back for some playtime.


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