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Week of 11 February 2008

Latest Update: Sunday, 17 February 2008 12:20 p.m.

Monday, 11 February 2008

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When doing some research on the author of the book I am reading, Cathie Pelletier, I discovered Pelletier is the pen name for K. C. McKinnon. I had read both Dancing at the Harvest Moon and Candles on Bay Street. Although The Funeral Makers is funny Pelletier uses a lot of dark humor in her characters which I guess is understandable giving the title of the book. It's a nice change from the mystery's.

The cold front came in last night behind the wind but not nearly as cold as predicted. We got down to 28 rather than 21. The winds caused a lot of trees to go down, power outages, and fanning of some wild fires due to the dry conditions. 


Tuesday, 12 February 2008

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No update.


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

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I have had three really busy and hectic days at work. Tonight, like last night, I was so tired when I left the building I could hardly put one foot in front of the other to walk to the parking deck. I thought about blowing off going to the gym but decided to go anyway. As usual, once I get there and start on the exercise bike I get some long lost energy. When I am real tired I don't exercise as hard but at least I get in a workout.

We just came in from walking the dogs after dinner. The winds are howling with the snow coming down pretty heavy most likely mixed with some sleet and/or freezing rain. Since it appears to have just started the wasn't anything sticking on the ground as yet.

Last night I finished the small town Maine book. Not sure what I will pick up tonight.  We are still watching some of the Inspector Morse's.


Thursday, 14 February 2008

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The snow showers last night turned into our first real snow of the year even it was only an inch or so. By the time we walked the dogs at nine for last time out the snow was coming down. It was one of those wet snows that sticks to everything.

This morning everything was covered in white except the street and sidewalk. School was canceled. Even though our street and driveway was clear other side streets on the way to work had anything from frozen snow to icy patches. Downtown streets were really bad. Only three counties, us, one to the north and one to the east were the only three who had snow and bad roads. Driving to work past a very wooded area everything was covered in a beautiful blanket of show with the sun shinning through the trees. It was really very pretty. By late this afternoon all traces of the snow had vanished except in shady areas of lawns and roofs.

If you would like some snow in your area just have me move to your hometown and schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. This is the second time I have had an early morning appointment at the knee doctors and we had bad weather. This time I went on to work, arriving at 8:15 then called the doctor's. I ask them if my doctor would be opening on time. If so, I would go on for my 9am appointment. I am only 15 minutes away. I did not realize I got the answering service. She said she would have someone call me back. By 10 am I had not heard back. When I called they said the office did open on time. I explained the situation. She gave me a 3:30 this afternoon appointment. As with most doctor's offices, if you do not show up or call to cancel you get charged. 

When I arrived this afternoon for my appointment I told Dr. Ritchie's nurse what happened and why I was 6 hours late for my appointment. She said it worked out fine anyway since they were running late this morning even though they opened up on time. I was in and out of there quickly with a cortison shot in the left knee. He agreed that I put too much stress on the knee limping on it for so long from the right knee. He gave me a six week appointment for both knees saying he was not ready to turn me loose on the right one. I am to continue to do my weight exercises and stationary bikes but nothing strenuous yet like golf or treadmill work. Just as well that dad and I are both out of commission at the same time. Hopefully the shot will fix the left one and I will not have to have surgery on it.

I started reading a book from my TBR pile I picked up at Malice, Louise Penny's first novel, Still Life. Marcia and I met Louise at Malice at a round table event where authors promoted their books and I heard her on a couple of panels. I liked her a lot which I must admit did influence my decision to purchase her book. Also, she lives in a small village outside Quebec which is where her fictional town, Three Pines is located. She was born and has lived in Canada all her life. Her bio on her web site is quite interesting. As I have been to Montreal and Quebec I am once again visiting a place I have been via reading. She now has three books out with her character Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. In this first novel a well liked elderly member of the village was found murdered in a nearby woods.

So far I am finding her book is holding my interest in both her writing and her character development. Guess I've rambled long enough.


Friday, 15 February 2008

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I asked Bob to snap a couple of pictures Wednesday night of our first snow. As I said it was a very wet snow sticking to everything. Today it was back up into the lower 60's. It's been a long week. 


Saturday, 16 February 2008

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This morning we started working on cleaning out Bob's office. As you know, he tends to be somewhat of a pack rat accumulating stuff for years before he throws things away. It took about three hours before and after lunch to get through the shelves and floor area under the shelves. We now have eight bags of trash and piles of stuff for Goodwill sitting in the living room. I would estimate the poundage at somewhere around 2 to 4 hundred pounds. The stuff he accumulates tends to be on the heavy side...computer books, parts, etc.

I took the dogs out back for playtime while we took our lunch break from cleaning. After my shower I worked on some things at my desk. Now, I have a bushel of work shirts and pants to iron before calling it quits for the day.


Sunday, 17 February 2008

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While Bob did his morning computer back up stuff I cleaned the bathrooms and started on the house cleaning. We moved a large bookcase that was against one wall out with the other stuff going to Goodwill. I cleaned around the ceiling and the floor where we moved stuff from yesterday. Until we get the stuff from the living room hauled away we are at a standstill. His office is looking much better.

I finished the rest of the house cleaning then took the dogs down back to play while I picked up sticks. After putting them back inside I cranked up the mower to do the back and side yard to get the high stuff and leaves blown back into my yard from the neighbors since I ran the lawn vacuum.

After I finished the mowing I let both dogs back out to run around while I swept up some debris from the gutter and broke the sticks up to put in the yard cart. Usually when we go down back to play I take Malcolm down the inside stairs while Bob lets Duncan out the front door. The main reason being Duncan can't do the stairs real good anymore. The other reason is if both dogs go out the front door Malcolm runs a wide out and comes flying back at Duncan who is trying to walk across the lawn to the back. Malcolm repeated works him like a sheep barking in his face and side swiping him often knocking him down. Being untrained on how to work, Malcolm is not supposed to run up to him and  knock him over but go behind him and "push" him along.  At 8 1/2 he is still going full speed ahead and wide open.

Bob heard the barking and me yelling at Malcolm to leave Duncan alone and came outside. Finally after three or four minutes of being prevented from going where he wanted to Duncan turned and headed back to the front door and Bob to be let back in the house.

That's it for today. The first NASCAR race of the season, and biggest, the Daytona 500 runs this afternoon as does PGA golf. It is supposed to start raining sometime this afternoon and into tonight with a chance of thunderstorms. 


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