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Week of 10 March 2008

Latest Update: Saturday, 15 March 2008 1:10 p.m.

Monday, 10 March 2008

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Happy birthday to my sister. I will not give her age but she is five years younger than me if that tells you anything.

I ended up not going to grocery store Friday night since we decided to make a Costco run over the weekend. While I don't usually buy a gallon of milk and four quarts of orange juice at one time, that and coke was all we needed for the weekly shopping.

Instead of going over Saturday morning we waited until yesterday afternoon since we were going to Frances' for dinner which is on that side of town. We used one of the coolers our Southern Foods ordered arrived in with some ice to keep the cold stuff cold. We stock up on a lot of canned/bulk items to hold us for about three months. As a matter of fact, I doubt I will have to make a grocery store run for at least another week.

As mentioned we had dinner at Frances' house to  celebrate her birthday along with mom and dad's anniversary.


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

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No update.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

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I had my annual physical scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon. When I called last month to make an appointment this was the earliest they had in terms of dates and the earliest in time of day. I explained that I cannot wait until 3 pm to eat so she gave me an 8am blood work appointment. As usual they were running late which meant it was 8:45 by the time I got to work.

I worked through lunch Monday and yesterday to make up as much of the time as possible. Fortunately an intense project I was to start first thing this morning was delayed until the attorneys were ready for me at 9.

I left at 1 and as I predicted left the doctors office at just about 3 pm. The doctor pronounced me fine in terms of his exam. I now must await the results of my blood work and pap smear.

It is such a beautiful day with temperatures this afternoon reaching 70 degrees. I walked the dogs for Bob then we ate an early dinner.

We have been watching Emma staring Gwyneth Paltrow and the Campion mystery series staring Peter Davison.


Thursday, 13 March 2008

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I finished up the project I was working on late this afternoon. Since I still had time to make up from my doctor's appointment yesterday I only took 20 minutes for lunch. Just enough time to swallow a snack and take a quick walk around the block. I normally leave at 5 but by staying until 5:15 I was able to finish up the last of the documents and make up 15 more minutes. That will give me 45 minutes for lunch tomorrow.

It being the middle of March the ACC tournament has started here in North Carolina. The first round was played today with games tomorrow through the weekend. And of course from there it goes into the NCAA tournament.

Last night I finished up the Louise Penny. I need to request the next and most recent book in the series from the library. Tonight I am starting another Vineyard mystery, First Light. Although the book is listed as being the next book in the series as we are reading them, it is actually a co-author work with Craig teaming up with William Tappley. Tappley writes a fishing/Boston lawyer series of his own which I have not read. Craig and Tappley go on to write two more books in this mini series, the last one published in 2007 just before Craig died.

Warm and springlike weather continues. I am certain it will turn cold again before all is said and done with this years winter season even though spring officially starts next week.


Friday, 14 March 2008

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No update


Saturday,  March 2008

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The Thompson's have been busy beavers today. This morning while I vacuumed the house and mopped the bathroom floors Bob was downstairs doing some clean up in his lab. Around 10am I was pretty much finished up here. I took the mop and water down to Bob so he could give his lab floor a swoosh.

I then took the dogs down back to play while I did a load of my work clothes and flatten another load of cardboard. Not sure how but we accumulate a tremendous amount of cardboard boxes. Some of this pile came from the cleanup. Speaking of which, Bob has done a good job with the clean up. Goodwill picked up another big load last Thursday. Both his office and the spare room are looking much better.

While I had the dogs down back I picked up sticks and did some general tidying up around the lawn. We came back upstairs for lunch before I went out to mow the lawn. The mower was still set on a lower setting from last month when I mowed the high stuff and to get up stray leaves and debris. While the front had some really high clumps especially in the front I did not realize how high the whole yard had grown. I guess with the rain and the warm weather the fertilizer applied a week or so ago has started to work. The yard looks nice and green except for the Bermuda areas. I set the mower back up to the summer mowing height. Most likely will not need to mow again for a couple of weeks at the earliest.

We have a This End Up pine furniture in most of our house including our kitchen table and two bench type seats. They sit in the corner of the kitchen along the wall diving the kitchen and dinning room. While I always sweep under and around the benches I don't pull the table and back bench out very often for normal weekly cleaning. I eat breakfast at the outer end of the table but we eat the rest of our meals on the couch in the den. I usually pull the benches and table out to clean real good along the wall, etc when I do the deep clean at the end of the year. With my knee surgery and missing the deep clean last year I missed doing the kitchen.

Last night as I went to put the dog bowls on the kitchen table for a refill I hit the edge of the table with Duncan's which still had food in the bottom. The good news is they eat primarily dried food. The bad news is the dried food went all over and under the bench and the floor. Thus this morning the kitchen corner has now had a deep clean. Oh well, it needed to be done anyway.

Warm again today though not as warm as yesterday's 72. Rain with possible storms coming in later this afternoon and tonight. I have a few more things to do this afternoon before Duke plays in the semi-final at 3:30.


Sunday, 16 March 2008

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Good morning. We had just over half an inch of rain yesterday afternoon along with some major thunder but not a lot of lightening. By early evening the storm had pretty much blown itself past us. There were a few tornado warnings south of us. Today is cool and sunny but those darn 20 to 30 mph winds are supposed to crank up this afternoon. Dad has some yard projects he needs help with but the last few weekends have not been good outdoor weather. Dad does not need to be out in the wind plus he has a lot of trees in his backyard where large limbs could come crashing down.

The winds are not bad right now, 15 mph, so I took the dogs out back for an early playtime. Otherwise I just doing odd household chores, projects, and paying bills this morning. Duke lost last night to Clemson. They play UNC  for the ACC title this afternoon. Paul and Mary are coming over this afternoon to help Bob with some chemistry videos. I shall have dog duty as Mary is allergic to they guys. It is not fair to them to be up here all afternoon by themselves with us downstairs. They will be talking Chemistry stuff that will be way beyond my mental capacity anyway. I'm afraid an MLS is no match for two PHD's in chemistry and Bob's science background.

The NASCAR race is also on if it is on a station we carry and the golf match later this afternoon.

I finished the Vineyard mystery First Light. The book was set up with Tapply and Craig's characters going back and forth for each chapter as the plot moved forward. It worked much better than some books I have ready in that style. I could not tell the difference between the two authors' writing. Not sure how they actually wrote the book but it was just as good as the ones authored by Craig alone. As I mentioned before, I have not read any of Tapply as a comparison. I have plenty of books in my library stack to choose from.


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