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Week of 17 November 2008

Latest Update: Sunday, 23 November 2008 3:00 p.m.

Monday, 17 November 2008

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No post.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

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The reason for no post last night was Bob is so busy working on his books plus trying to get his system working again he forgot to set up my page for this week. By the time I got home from the gym, we ate dinner, and walked the dogs it was getting pretty late anyway. I told him not to bother I could just wait until tonight.

I have finished reading The Mercy Oak by Katheryn Wall and have started the second book in the Dalziel and Pascoe series.

Winter temperatures arrived Sunday night. Yesterday and today was windy and cold with our lows going down into the mid 20's, Last night and today we had 10 to 20 mph winds bringing along with the cold temperatures. My friend Robin and I braved the wind and cold to walk uptown for lunch.

The dogs love the cold weather. Of course they are wearing what amounts to fur coats with their double coats.

Very busy at work with lots of cool projects to keep me busy.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

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No update.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

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I left work yesterday at 4 to run several errands I needed to get done making my last stop the grocery store. Today we had the Firm Thanksgiving lunch. They provide the turkey, ham, green beans, dressing, and rolls. The staff brings sides and desserts. I needed to pick up a dessert for my contribution. It was 7pm by the time I got home.

Putting a full day at work followed by three hours out shopping was a little hard on my knee but I survived. It had been three weeks yesterday. It was stiff this morning and most of the day but I worked it hard at the gym tonight.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am taking the three days off before Thanksgiving next week to finish up the work on the kitchen plus try to get my leaves and yard cleaned up. We had a break from the cold weather today with highs actually making it to the low 50's and very little wind. Tonight another northern cold front sweeps down bringing a slight chance of snow showers. Tomorrow is be a high of 35 with 20 to 30 mph winds. I can take the cold but I hate the wind. After fours years battling winds at Appalachian I grew to hate being out in the wind. For two years I lived in a dorm at the top of a hill. The wind would blow so hard down the hill you could hardly walk up especially with a backpack full of books.


Friday 21 November 2008

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We had a light dusting of snow overnight. The amounts varied even in our neighborhood. Most of the roofs were covered as were the pine tree limbs. As I drove out of the neighborhood in front yards without trees you could not see the grass. There was icy looking patches on the driveway and in some places on the streets. Not quite black ice but very close.

Driving home tonight some of the snow still lingered in places where the sun did not hit it. The temperatures never made it out of the 30's. When we walked the dogs just now it is 30 feels like 22 with the wind chill.

Gas has come down to 1.89 a gallon here in Winston. A month ago it was costing me over $50 to fill up. Today I filled up for around $30.


Saturday, 22 November 2008

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With all the construction and painting going on I have pretty much let the house go. This morning while I tackled bathrooms and floors with the vacuum and mop Bob started on his office. I always have to wait on him to get the last of my end of year "spring" cleaning done. 

You may notice I very rarely mention my folks coming over. Dad has never really like dogs since he was a teenage and bitten several times carrying newspapers. Early on he did not mind Kerry too much and got on okay with Duncan once he grew up. He has always been afraid of Malcolm because of his growly issues. Now that dad has gotten older and not as steady on his feet he refused to come over. That is one of the reason Frances and Al host all the family gatherings plus she has a nice large living room where everyone can sit. 

I really wanted to have Thanksgiving here so my family could see our new kitchen. I told dad we would pen up the dogs and insisted they come for Thanksgiving. I wanted to get the house cleaned real good this weekend then do light cleaning between now and Christmas once I get the decorations up. I usually get my tree the weekend after Thanksgiving or the first weekend in December and try to get the house decorated around getting the tree.

Hopefully before Thursday Bob will get the doors rehung. Between cleaning chores I have painting doors all day. I should finish the last of them this afternoon. We may or may not have the new shelves in the kitchen up. 

I finished reading the Dalziel and Pascoe last night. I still have a very large stack of library books to work on. Not sure what I will start next.


Sunday, 23 November 2008

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It is such a beautiful day; warm, sunny, not much of a breeze. I decided to try to get the leaves up in the natural areas on the front. Man, I had a lot of leaves, maybe an inch thick in places. By the time I did the natural areas and vacuumed the front I was too tired to get the back. Bob helped me get the big pile I blew from the side natural area up the driveway and he did the deck for me.

With rain in the forecast for tomorrow night it takes Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday out of the picture for getting up the leaves since it takes so long for them to dry so I wanted to get a jump on them today. I can finish the back tomorrow which leaves the rest of the week for other things I need to get done.

I put the second coat on the last two doors last night at 5pm. Before I jumped in the shower I called in a pizza. Bob and I both worked too hard yesterday to worry about dinner and cleanup.

I chose another Tapply, Cutter's Run, to start last night.


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