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Week of 22 December 2008

Latest Update: Saturday, 28 December 2008 3:40 p.m.

Monday, 22 December 2008

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We had the arctic blast of cold air come in late yesterday afternoon. We made a Costco run with Paul and Mary then out to dinner. By the time we got back home it had become very windy and cold. Once again we dodged the moisture/cold scenario unlike the mess they are having up north and in the mid west. It was around 18 when we got up this morning. My walk up the hill on 4th street from the parking deck was rather brisk. I would guess with the wind chill it was in the single digits. Needless to say I was fully awake by the time I made it to the building. 

More of the same tonight and tomorrow but not as much wind.

I started reading another Dalziel and Pasco last night, A Pinch of Snuff.

It was busier today than I expected with most everyone out on vacation. I had one attorney who needed some things done for him since his secretary was out and one of the paralegals I support was working today which kept me busy.


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

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My friend Bonnie came uptown to meet me for lunch today. It made a nice break in a mostly slow day. I am now off until Monday the 29th. The Firm is closed tomorrow and Thursday. We are open Friday but I have enough vacation days to take Friday.

I have finished my Christmas preparations. The one gift I was waiting on did arrive yesterday.

Bob and I are continuing to watch the Pallisers. The dogs loved the cold weather but Duncan had a couple of days where he did not get around very well. Not sure if it was the cold and dampness or just one of his weaker in the back end spells. Malcolm is wild as ever resorting to puppy behavior at nine years old. Yesterday morning I pulled the kitchen garbage bag out of the can and left it on the floor outside the can to add some stuff to it after and take it out after dinner last night.

Bob called mid morning to tell me had found Malcolm had rummaged through the bag dumping trash and was licking a plastic wrapper. There was nothing in the trash that could harm him this time but I will not do that again. Of course, as many times as he had picked up things in the yard and or street to eat before we can stop him, my garbage is rather tame by comparison.


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

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Happy Christmas Eve. I was up and out by 8:30 to my folks house. Dad had several errands he needed help with. The traffic was not too bad early this morning nor were the stores packed except for Dewey's bakery. Dad needed to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get a new coffee pot. While we were there I picked up a new electric can opener for our new kitchen. I was not sure what kind I wanted but needless to say I was not tempted by the $40 one.

Mom fixed lunch then I sat around visiting until time to leave for my mammogram appointment. Unsure about how traffic would be in that area I left a little earlier than I needed to. I arrived about 40 minutes before my actual time. The clinic where I go has moved from the second floor of the building they were in to the first floor. In the past I have had to wait to see someone to check me in, then do paperwork/history, wait to be called back to a room, wait to go in for the mammogram and wait until they check the films to see if the pictures take.

With today being Christmas Eve I went right in, did my paperwork, and was called back immediately. I had maybe a ten minute wait to go in for the pictures. I guess they have new equipment because she checked each picture after she took it. When she was finished she told me I could get dressed and leave. All told I was in and out of there in about half an hour. The lady at the desk said they had a lot of no shows and cancellations.

It has been another dreary day of clouds and drizzle. More rain for tonight.

I will spend all day tomorrow at Frances and Al's with my folks. How very fortunate we are to all be together as a family again for Christmas.


Thursday, 25 December 2008

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Merry Christmas. I arrived at Frances and Al's around 9 and left their house around 7:30 this evening.

We spent another wonderful day opening gifts, eating, and doing a lot of laughing. There are always many funny stories to tell associated with the gifts we exchange. Bob came over at 4pm to open his gifts and have dinner with us. Cornish hens, wild rice, green beans, cornbread stuffing, and rolls.

Breakfast was mom's homemade cinnamon rolls. From there it was homemade ham biscuits, meatballs, shrimp, and a wide array of snacks.

I am not sure how much rain we had overnight but the skies cleared by mid-morning.


Friday 26 December 2008

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I stayed up late again last night reading to finish the Dalziel and Pasco.  I have grabbed a Tapply to start this afternoon. Bob got up with the dogs letting me sleep in until 8:15. Before getting dressed I tried on the  work shirts and blouses mom and Frances gave me for Christmas. Declaring them a perfect fit I grabbed what little was already in my work clothes basket to throw in the wash. While down stairs Bob deflated the air mattress and helped me move the things back in place since the Bilbrey's visit.
Bob and I spend the remainder of the morning and early afternoon putting on lower cabinet handles and catches. While I was in the kitchen I pulled the oven racks out and set the oven to self clean. It takes three hours for a lightly soiled oven which mine was.

It is once again a dreary damp day. I did have the dogs out back once this morning between periods of light drizzle before the ground became too wet. Hopefully next weeks long range forecast will hold true and give me a warm, sunny day for cleaning out the garage part of the basement.


Saturday, 27 December 2008

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Malcolm let both of us sleep in until 7:50 this morning. I started working on the living room clearing up post Christmas clutter. When I got home Christmas night I put all the gifts, bags, boxes, etc. in the living room floor. Yesterday, as I mentioned I dug out my new tops to try on before I washed them. Today I started putting the other stuff away sorting gifts from boxes and bags.

I save the nicer big pieces of wrapping paper when I unwrap a gift. Next year I will reuse the paper to wrap a smaller gift. Each box and gift bag had be checked to make sure nothing was buried in tissue paper.

In between Bob needed me for hand shots for the book. Off and on all day it was "do we have...?" looking for various things he needed for a particular shot. Once I finished up the living room I tidied up the wrapping paper stuff to return back down stairs.

We had yet another gloomy, drizzly day. It did warm up to the low 50's but no sunshine. I had the dogs out several times to play or for a walk to allow Bob to work.

Last night we finished watching the Pallisers. I hated to see it end.


Sunday, 28 December 2008

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We had dinner last night at Paula and Casey's. By the time we got home, fed, played, and walked the dogs it was well past eleven by the time we got to bed.

This morning, In addition to doing the regular housekeeping chores, I deep cleaned our bedroom. I moved the furniture and dog beds that run between our bed and the wall where Duncan sleeps, took everything off the tops of the furniture to dust with pledge, etc.

One thing for sure. You can have a very nice pristine looking house or you can have large furry dogs who live in your house as companions. We choose the latter. Although our dogs are relatively clean they accumulate a certain amount of dirt on their fur that ends up on the walls and baseboards. I scrubbed down the walls where they sleep pretty good. Periodically during the year I do the foyer walls and door frames just to keep them from looking too grimy. I could vacuum dog hair everyday but...well, no way. I love my dogs, try keep as much dust and dog hair from accumulating each week, and ignore the rest.

This afternoon Bob and I starting hanging upper kitchen doors. We managed to get nine up before calling it a day. We have four left plus handles and catches. The kitchen is really starting to look nice with the doors going up.

I am almost finished reading the Tapply. Excellent as usual but I guessed "who done it" about halfway through the book. Still, it did not ruin the books as Tapply did keep enough suspects in the running to give a hint of doubt until the end.


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