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Week of 23 February 2009

Latest Update: Sunday, 1 March 2009 1:40 a.m.

Monday, 23 February 2009

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"Just another manic Monday" pretty much describes how my day went at work.  I hauled my tired body and mushy brain off to the gym for a much needed workout. 

I mentioned yesterday I am reading the most recent and 4th book in the Louise Penny mysteries set in Three Pines, Quebec, Canada. In A Rule Against Murder, Inspector Gamache and his wife are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary at a remote lake-front manor. The majority of the lodge is filled by the yearly family reunion by the rather snooty Finney family which includes Mom, step dad, two sons and their wives, and two daughters.  With the manor needing an influx of cash the owner has agreed to place a statue of Mr. Finney in the manor garden

Readers are introduced to the strange personalities of the family as well as those of the staff. Gamache's holiday is cut short when, sometime during the night, the statue falls off its pedestal crushing one of the daughters. Of course everyone in the family and some of the staff become suspects. Gamache packs his wife off the B & B in nearby Three Pines while he goes to work solving the murder. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

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No update.


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

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Work has continued pretty much like it was on Monday, hectic. 

Tonight was gym night. Bob is finished ripping my CD collection. He counted 201 disks. I have a couple of double disk sets making my total album count somewhere around 195. I have listening preferences between the gym and car. Some things I like to listen to only at the gym, others just in the car though the majority of what I have I listen to in both. Some of that is classical which Bob and I like when we travel or we listen to at night while reading.

In terms of genre I can guess most of it is 60's & 70's rock/rock musicians and folk, Celtic/Irish/Canadian, some modern country, and a little of miscellaneous plus the classical.

I finished the Louise Penny and started another Tapply at lunch today.  We've not been watching much on DVD right now at night but reading instead.

Milder weather has returned with temperatures getting up into the 50's and even the 60's by tomorrow.


Thursday, 26 February 2009

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I misinterpreted what Bob told me last night about my CD collection. The 201 he ripped did not include my classical collection.

Tonight I should finish the Tapply. Wake Forest, one of our local universities play NC State in basketball on TV. I will most likely watch, at least the first half anyway.

Wow, end of the month already and the end of another long week.


Friday 27 February 2009

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No post.


Saturday, 28 February 2009

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Happy Birthday to my mom! I will once again say how very lucky I am to still have my mom and dad. For her age she is doing very well, stays active volunteering at the hospital.

It is a nasty day out but I had to go out to the pet store. Usually when I go out to the pet store I make a Wal-Mart stop since they are right there together. I know a lot of people boycott Wal-Mart for various reasons including some of our friends who will only shop at Target. Sooo, I tried Target. Not! I've tried shopping there before with the same results. I did find a few things on my list including one item I had not been able to find at Wal-Mart. The major problem is inventory. Target, at least the ones here in Winston, do not have the inventory of Wal-Mart not counting the lack of the grocery store side. Even their pharmacy department is rather thin in products.  

Wind, rain, cold is the current weather story. Supposedly tomorrow we have winter weather in the form of show coming in. Guess we will see if they plays out.

I am reading the newest Jacqueline Winspear, Maisie Dobbs mystery, Among the Mad. It is almost 1923 in London. Maisie is helping Special Branch of Scotland Yard track down the writer of a letter threatening an act of terrorism if soldiers from WWI are not given more assistance from the government.


Sunday, 1 March 2009

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We met Frances, Al, mom, and dad at the Chinese restaurant on their side of town for mom's birthday. On the way over we left early enough to stop first at Costco and then Home Depot. Bob had seen a Dremel tool on one of our previous Costco trips but they had sold out thus the HD stop. The weather was nasty with wind driven rain and cold.

Dinner was fun, mom enjoyed herself. Frances and Al and the folks are regular customers of the restaurant where we ate and know the owner. 

Today the weather is just plain old nasty. We are well up over an inch of rain since yesterday with the forecast of a winter mix this afternoon turning to all snow by tonight. The forecast is for 4 to 6 inches between tonight and tomorrow morning. 

I took advantage of the nasty weather to get some indoor projects complete. Yesterday afternoon I put the new contact paper on the pantry shelves. Today, after getting the weekly house cleaning chores finished, I started working on Bob's work room. I have just about finished getting it organized to make it a more useful work room. He had computer parts and boxes haphazardly stacked on ever flat surface in the room. I moved a lot of that stuff into the dresser drawers we use as storage. The smaller pieces parts I am putting in small storage boxes. Once get the folding table cleaned off I can use it for my projects. I have a big box of stuff we pulled from the downstairs kitchen cabinets and drawers I want to sort. I will save that project for another day.

Among the stuff I found in the workroom was the printer cartridge Bob was looking for awhile back. It was still in the carton it was shipped in back in 2006. I am sure it was at one time in his office. When we cleaned up his office we moved a lot of boxes and stuff to the workroom which I had intended to sort and clean up but never got around to it. When he had me looking for it I was looking for just the cartridge box not realizing he had never opened the carton.


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