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Week of 18 May 2009

Latest Update: Sunday,  24 May 2009 1:20 p.m.

Monday, 18 May 2009

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I picked up something light from my library TBR pile last night, Leslie Meier's newest, Mother's Day Murder. Her character Lucy Stone works at the newspaper in the small town of Tinkers Cove, Maine. Meirer has aged the family with the two oldest of the Stone children grown leaving a teenager and young adult still at home. Lucy's son, the oldest, now has a young 1 month old of his own. Small town rivalries rear their ugly head between two women over the popularity of their high school daughters. When Lucy witnesses the shooting death of one of the two moms the suspect becomes the opposition. Thrown in the mix is the arrest of the feuding wife's husband in the disappearance ten months ago of a local teenager.

Another cool day with lows last night in the 40's and today's high barely making it out of the sixties. Tonight is a low of 41 with frost warnings in the mountains. We had another 1/2 of rain that fell mostly last night after dinner. It was raining pretty good when we walked the dogs for last time out.

Scott's came out today to treat the lawn. I wish I had been able to get it mowed over the weekend. They put down liquid fertilizer and weed treatment which should be soaked in well enough by the time I get around to mowing. It has to be watered in within the next 14 days. No worries there, there is the usual Thursday - Sunday rain/storm pattern predicted again for this week/weekend.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

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No update.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

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As of today I am on vacation until next Tuesday. This is a vacation from work/stay at home to get some work done vacation. I have not have any time off since last Christmas other than two three day weekends; one in January and one in March. I have a very long list of outdoor projects I hope to complete.

Last night I kicked off my vacation in fine form meeting Frances and Marcy for dinner. We ate at a nice place downtown then walked a block or so the other direction to Cafe Prada for some delicious peach gelato. This was my first taste. Marcy is the expert declaring the best she has eaten.

I had actually planned to only take tomorrow and Friday for my extended Memorial Day weekend. But, dad had a doctor appointment this morning he wanted me to take him to. I figured by the time I got to work half the day would be over plus I had some gardening chores to do at their house. It was an absolutely beautiful day though a bit cool and windy this morning.

We got back home from dads appointment around 11:30. While mom fixed lunch I repainted the sign out front of their house. I had spray painted the pole and sign a month ago with black spray paint. Today I used white enamel to paint on the raised letters of our last name and the address. It was a rather tedious job especially with the wind blowing 10 to 15 mph. I had to hold the sign steady with the hand same hand holding the little can of paint while using the little finger of my paint hand to keep steady. I was afraid to unbolt the sign from the pole since it had been hanging there for so long.

After lunch I did roughly 2 hours or so of planting flowers and bulbs on the hill behind their out building. As I said the day was perfect. High's in the low 70's, no humidity, and a little breezy.

I got home about 3:30. After I rested and we walked the dogs I mowed the lawn. Bob fixed the rice while I was mowing so all I had to do was cook the pork tenderloin when I came in.

Last night we had time to watch the first episode of a series Bob discovered, Doc Martin. As usual, another excellent British TV series. We are watching the remaining episodes tonight.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

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Up around 7:30. I had the dogs out playing for a few minutes before I left  to go out Lowe's to pick up outdoor project supplies. I planted some annuals in the other front flower bed and worked on the lawn area by the back door. I have had trouble with grass surviving the summer heat in that spot since we've lived here. Several years ago I planted a dogwood tree which finally getting big enough to help shade the area from total burnout. It's about a 12 x 15 foot flat area before the lawn begins sloping toward the back of the lot.

Today, I dug up the first three feet in from the walkway nearest the house/deck using that as sod to fill in the sparse areas closer to the dogwood. I bough enough bagged mulch to do that little area using newspaper as weed block and connecting it to the natural area that runs along the front and side of where the edge of the deck sits. If you can't grow grass, make it a natural area. I then used some bagged topsoil to fill in around the sod and in some of the other sparse areas. I seeded, fertilized, and watered all that down. Hopefully I will get that smaller area to thicken up. If not, I can expand out the natural area later on.

That was it for today. I took a shower, grabbed my latest book, and headed for the couch. I am reading another Stephen Booth, Scared to Live. 


Friday 22 May 2009

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Today is running around day. This morning drug and grocery store. I had the dogs out back to play before fixing some lunch. Once again it is not all that warm temperature wise, low to mid 70's but the humidity is close to 60%.

I am getting ready to head across town making various stops along the way. Before Bob orders the books online we cannot get from the library I will check the used bookstore first. From there I have several other stops to make. I need some tops for work and another pair of tennis shoes for daily wear. Later this afternoon I will end up at my folks house. Once mom gets finished at the beauty shop dad and I will go pick her up and come back across town, pick up Bob and go to Zoe's for dinner. Frances will meet us there from work and take them back home.

All in all a fun afternoon getting me out of the yard for the day.


Saturday, 23 May 2009

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Today's project, trim all the bushes. It takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour with my gas trimmer. Other than the mower, the hedge trimmer is one of the last standing gas pieces of equipment. It starts very easy and it not too heavy though the older I get the heavier it seems to get. Trimmer the forsythia hedge and the azaleas along the house take the most out of me. The worst is the three hours of clean up.

A very nice morning to work outdoors. Pleasant temps, low 70's, nice breeze, some humidity. I had both dogs out with me once I finished the trimming and started the clear up. Malcolm loves to run around and help, Duncan staggers around until he finds a place to flop. After about an hour I put them in to get some water and cool off. They came back out again until I finished up around 1:30. I didn't even stop for lunch wanting to finish up before the afternoon heat moved in.

This afternoon I am relaxing on the couch reading and watching both the senior PGA on one channel and the regular tour guys on the other.


Sunday, 24 May 2009

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The weekly house cleaning chores are completed. I also did the stairs to the basement and vacuumed the finished area downstairs.

I had the dogs out briefly for playtime just as it had started to sprinkle. Not hard enough to worry about being outside. This afternoon I have cleaned up my desk, filed, and paid the bills.

Now to the den to read and watch golf. Rain off and on this afternoon and tonight. I will try to throw some chicken for me and a steak for Bob on the grill between showers.


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