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Week of 1 June 2009

Latest Update: Sunday, 7 June 2009 2:00 p.m.

Monday, 1 June 2009

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Dinner out last night with Paul and Mary at the Mexican restaurant. When we dropped them back off at their house we hung around talking for awhile longer. Today I met a friend for lunch at Mellow Mushroom that I met on our Chicago trip last year. It was very nice and cool this morning with a pretty good breeze. At lunch it had warmed up but not overly warm for the walk but the humidity was getting up there again. 

I had a hair cut appointment after work. I am still reading the Language of Bees. 

Duncan had a little better night last night. He settled early then started him usual restless behavior. Bob retrieved a brighter night light to put where he sleeps to see if that would help. In trying to make him comfortable, happy, etc. we thought perhaps the darkness is bothering him. 


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

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I stayed up reading last night until I finished the Mary Russel, Language of Bees. Today at lunch I started another Susan Wittig Albert, Dead Man's Bones. More bone stories for me. Last night we watched more Bones episodes. China Bayles usually only deals in murders and bodies, not bones,so it will be interesting to see if a current day murder occurs that gets tied to the bones. From the first couple of chapters I do know the newer bones are from sometime around 1975. China's son Brian discovers the bones in a cave while working on a dig being headed by a newly appointed forensic anthropologist at the the local university.

Summer type heat today. It was supposed to get into the 90's. I don't know if it made it that high or not. Tonight was gym night since had my haircut last night. It was warm when we walked the dogs after dinner but the humidity was not too bad.


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

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No update.


Thursday, 4 June 2009

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And the rains continue. The dry spell is over. The rain and thunderstorms were not supposed to move in until today. I had intended to come home last night and give the lawn a mid-week mowing. Late yesterday afternoon the storms fired up around 4:30 They would get here well before I could get home to mow. I called Bob at 4:45 to tell him to go ahead and start dinner. I hit a deluge about halfway home. By the time I got to the house it was just a steady rain. To the east of us, Greensboro had the 4 inches in an hour type rain causing major flooding. It rained steady here all evening but with only 1/4 inch of rain by this morning.

Late this afternoon things fired up again. I managed to get to and into the gym just as the bottom fell out. Since 5:30 it has dumped another 1 1/2 as of when we walked the dogs at 7 with more on the way. Fortunately we live on fairly high ground. However, I am thinking the purchase of  a canoe or small boat may be in order if this keeps up.

We are watching Weeds series 4. They moved the venue and the plot for the new season. The first couple of shows were fair but they seem to be getting better as they go along.


Friday 5 June 2009

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When I opened the door this morning to let the dogs out it was pouring buckets. By this morning we had another two plus inches of rain. It was still pouring when I left for work but had slacked off to a light drizzle by the time I got downtown. Late this afternoon most of the rain had moved on.  warm and muggy. We had a total of 5 inches.

At least the sun had come out by the time I left work although it was warm and muggy. I had to make the usual Friday evening stops; library, pet and grocery stores, and I had to get gas. In a little over two weeks it has gone from 1.99 to 2.49. The place was jammed with cars at every pump. I'm not sure if it was because of it being a Friday or if gas is supposed to go up again tomorrow.

We are watching more Bones episodes.


Saturday, 6 June 2009

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Happy Birthday to Bob.

This morning I did the usual house cleaning chores. I got up with the dogs intending to let Bob sleep in for his birthday but he got up too. Of course the ground and grass was soaked when I had the dogs out back to play. It was still rather overcast off and on all morning which was not helping to dry things out even with a good breeze blowing.

I ate lunch and read for awhile waiting on things to dry out. It is not all that warm, 78, but the humidity is getting up over 60%. Since I had decided to catch the grass instead of mulching since it was so high I finally decided to go ahead rather than sit around waiting on things to dry completely. The grass was almost dry. The ground will not be dry to days!

I am done for the day. Read and watch so golf.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

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I decided not try to play golf this morning. With all the rain we've had I was afraid it would be too muddy. If the course if really sloppy they make it cart path only which makes for a lot of walking especially for dad.

I woke up at 6:30 anyway. I let the dogs out then went back to bed. We got up at 8. I spent the morning puttering around in the yard doing odd jobs. At one point Malcolm and I helped to capture the dog across the street that got out from the fence, again. I hacked some more on my bush making very little progress in getting it to come out of the ground. I tried sawing it off above the stump but sawing away sideways while standing on my head was more work than trying to chop it out. I finally bailed on that for the day.

With the warmer weather and yard work I have been trying to wash my brace on Sunday afternoons when I am usually the least active spending most of the resting in the house or sitting on the porch. I soak it in the sink then put it outside to dry. Even in the sun it takes several hours. Once in awhile when the weather is overcast I've had to wear it before it dries to go out with the dogs, utterly disgusting. If we are going off on Sunday afternoon I either skip washing it that week or do it late Saturday afternoon. 

Last night we watched the first episode of the The Murdock Mysteries made in Canada in 2004. There are three 1 1/2 hour episodes. In 2008 they remade the series which is not yet available on DVD. Set in my favorite time period, the Victorian era, it was  like matching a Masterpiece Theater.

I finished reading the China Bayles last night. Not sure what I will pick up to read this afternoon.


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