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Week of 13 July 2009

Latest Update: Saturday, 18 July 2009 3:00 p.m.

Monday, 13 July 2009

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After Bob installed Frances' printer, which for some reason still does not work, we made a quick Costco run to pick up a few things. 

It was raining very lightly when we got up this morning. Most of the shower activity was east and south of us but it was raining hard enough to need an umbrella to walk from the deck to the building.

Duncan had his last antibiotic last night. He is doing much better than he was a week ago. I can see an improvement in his walking both in the house and outside. His back end is, especially his left hip is not very good causing him to walk sort of sideways. He is pretty much blind up close but he can still recognize things at a distance. 

We are watching the first season of Hotel Babylon about a five star British hotel. So are, we are enjoying it. I was afraid it was going to be another Fawlty Towers of which I could not stand to watch. All that running around and screaming got on my nerves. There were a couple of episodes that I thought were funny but otherwise it was just a silly show.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

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It always happens! When you brag about something or someone it comes back to bite you in the butt. Duncan has been doing so much better, sleeping most of the night with a few nights where he took a longer to settle down. It does not bother me to be woke up every couple of hours to get him or drink or help him get resettled. I don't sleep straight through the night anyway.

Last night was the night from hell. He usually settles down pretty good when he, Malcolm and I go back to bed between 9 or 10 to read. Sometime after Bob comes back to read and/or after all lights are out he might be restless for a couple of hours and then settle down.  After repeated attempts by our bed and trying him in the bathroom we were still up at 2pm. I had not been to sleep at all. I took Malcolm and Duncan out to the den and shut the bedroom door so Bob could sleep. I thought perhaps letting him lay on the rug beside the couch with me he might settle. I would just about drop off when he would start. Again, I tried the foyer and the bathroom, his two favorite places. No joy. At 3:30 I put him on his rug in the foyer, took Malcolm back with me, shut the bedroom door and went to sleep. I honestly believed he would be so tired he would just go to sleep.

At 5:30 he woke me yipping. I went out to the foyer to find him stranded up against the wall by the foyer table. He had wet the rug and done a potty, smearing everything all over the floor. He was panting so hard and so frantic I thought he would have a heart attack or seizure. I moved him out of the mess, cleaned it up and him as best he would let me and tried again moving him to the bathroom. At 6:15 he finally settled in the middle of the den. I dozed half an hour waking up with a start to see it was a few minutes past time for the alarm to go off. Bob was sleeping right through the radio talking heads morning program.

Fortunately I can make it on two hours of sleep once in awhile. Hopefully he/we will have a better night tonight. It is just like having a baby in the house. I just wish he could have told me what was bothering him.

The lawn folks came today to put down a summer feed. I don't water the lawn. The little bit of rain we had last week turned much of it back to green except for a few patches. I don't waste money watering the lawn. I can reseed cheaper. There are storms in the forecast from Wednesday on. If we don't get some rain by the weekend I will have to water in the fertilizer.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

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As Bob mentioned on his page earlier today, dad was sideswiped by a car on the way to taking Frances to work this morning. When Frances called at 7:30. I had just finished up reading the paper and getting ready to eat breakfast. I would have dressed and gone to the house to help out but I told Frances I really needed to get to work. I had two ASAP projects first thing this morning plus a desk covered in things to get done.

She was going to drive dad back home and stay to call the insurance office once they opened. Dad doesn't hear to well on the phone. Once I got to work I called the house to talk with both Frances and dad to make sure they were okay. I told Frances to call me when she had an update.

The insurance agent told dad where he would need to take the car for repair. Frances and dad took the car to have them take a look at the damage and how many days they will need to keep the car for the repair. Frances took dad back home then she drove his car on to work. We were supposed to meet at the gym tonight, come by here for a quick dinner than I was going to take her to pick up her car.

She decided to work late to make up her time and I was too tired to go to the gym. I was on my feet most of the day doing projects and putting out fires.

At least Duncan slept most of the night last night. I only had to get up once or twice.

The weather this morning was more like early fall than the middle of summer. Cool, clear, no humidity. By lunchtime, when I walked up the street to meet Marcy for lunch, it had turned warm and humid.


Thursday, 16 July 2009

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No update.


Friday 17 July 2009

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I have been buried under various projects at work all week. A good thing, as I like to stay busy. Late yesterday I decided I was not too tired to make an attempt a gym visit. As usual, once I get there and start working out I find some hidden energy.

After dinner and first time out for the dogs I needed to water the two little front gardens. The rain chance for the day had dwindle and today and tonight look less than reliable with about a 50% chance for each. I decided I might as well water in the latest lawn treatment while getting the flower beds. I hooked up the whirling butterfly sprinkler in the front while I hand held the hose in the back. The whirly gig puts down an inch of water in about ten minutes. For about an hour I walked back and forth between the front and back moving the whirly gig and doing the back yard. I have a sprinkler I could have hooked up in the back but it didn't really matter since I had to go back and forth anyway. An hour later I was soaked with sweat and tired of swatting at mosquitoes but I got most of the yard watered down. I left the side yard and one small corner of the front. Since I knew I would have to mow this weekend I wanted to get the fertilizer watered in enough so as not to disturb it even though I am mulching and not catching.

I finished the Alpine Uproar mystery and started the third book in the Sebastian St. Cyr, Why Mermaids Sing. Harris has an interesting forward to her this book. She had just started it when Hurricane Katrina tore up New Orleans where she lives. Despite having to move around several times and then back to her partially rebuilt house she managed to finish the manuscript and get the book published.

It has been hot and muggy, more like July weather yesterday and today. We were under severe thunderstorm watch until five this afternoon but they canceled that earlier today. Right now it is 88, feels like 90. With tomorrow to be only a high of 82 I can't belief we are not getting thunderstorms with the drastic chance in temperatures.

Last night Duncan did not seem to want to settle down when we went back to bed. I put him in the bathroom to let him cool off and hopefully settle down. He was still asleep in there when Bob came back to bed. He seem pretty happy in there so we let him stay the night. Had I heard him try to get up to come back I most likely would have heard him. He ended up sleeping in there all night.


Saturday, 18 July 2009

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The calendar says it is the middle of July. The weather is more like the end of September. Currently it is 79 degrees, sunny with a few clouds, 39% humidity, and a breeze of 3 to 5 mph. Not our typical July weather. And, a few leaves are starting to fall.  

After giving the bathrooms a clean and running the vacuum I took off for Staples to purchase organizers for my desk. I found a nice black, wire mesh "desk bureau" with three drawers under a flat surface, a small shelf and a pocket along the back. I also picked up a hard plastic three drawer desk chest. Staples is in the same strip mall as Wal-Mart. I popped in there for a desk lamp and a few grocery items.

I took a lunch break to watch the British Open before getting start working on my desk.


Sunday, 19 July 2009

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I wrote up a post here yesterday but forgot to publish. When I got home from playing golf Bob informed me of my error. I published yesterday's earlier this afternoon. When I got home I played a little ball with Malcolm before coming in to watch the last few holes of the British Open. 59 year old Tom Watson had a one stroke lead on the last hole but made bogey to force a four hole playoff with Steward Cink. While the signed cards and got the playoff under way I scampered out to mow the lawn. They were playing the last two holes of the playoff when I came back in. American Cink won. I was pulling for Tom to win. But, that's golf.

It is another fall like day. We had a lot of clouds with no breeze first thing this morning. As the breeze picked up the clouds blew out bringing out the sun. Still, it is only 70 degrees with 39% humidity. Very nice weather.


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