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Week of 26 October 2009

Latest Update: Sunday, 1 November 2009 4:10 p.m.

Monday, 26 October 2009

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Well,  it's Monday, again. The weekends are just not long enough between house, yard, and other miscellaneous chores. I am rapidly reaching the point where I can't wait until December when most of the yard work will cease for a few months. I love working in the yard but leave season is the hardest part of the year. 

I started reading another China Bayles mystery yesterday by Susan Albert, Spanish Dagger. Albert is continuing a couple of story lines from previous novels of which she cross references in the opening "A Note to the Reader". I found her comments about continuing a story line, or not, by an author to be rather interesting.

Gym tonight. The weather has turned cool again with a possibility of some rain coming in tomorrow.


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

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So far we've had an inch and a quarter of rain. It is pouring down right now. We took Malcolm out for his after dinner walk. He went one house down and turned around to head for home. He does not like to be out in the rain. If it raining hard when we do second time I guess I will have to put his raincoat on.

We are watching more House tonight.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

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Yep, I had to put Malcolm's raincoat last night for second time out. It was still pouring buckets and continued to do so for a couple of hours. We had plus 2 inches by this morning.

After work I swung by the folks house to pick them up and head back across to our side of town. After stopping to pick up Bob here at home we headed out to the Mexican restaurant we eat at with Paul and Mary sometimes. Dad loves Mexican food but had not been to this one. We met Frances and Marcy who had arrived much earlier since they are this side of town. It took even longer than usual because of a wreck blocking the intersection a block down from the restaurant. With it being rush hour traffic was backed up for a mile or more.

Last night I finished the China Bayles and started another of the Deborah Knott books, Shooting at Loons. Author Maron has moved the plot from her fictional small town outside Raleigh to Harkers Island which actually does exist. She is filling in a the District Court judge and of course gets tangled up in finding a body and a murder investigation.

A couple of weeks ago my Sansa Clip MP3 player Bob bought for me last year quit working. Just about a month after it was out of warranty. Bob did some research and discovered bang for the buck, Sansa was still the best rated MP3 player for what I wanted. He ordered me the new Sansa Fuze. It came last night, so between episodes of watching House Bob charged it and then we loaded it up with music. 


Thursday, 29 October 2009

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No update.


Friday 30 October 2009

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Dinner out last night with Nancy and Betsy at Cities. Great restaurant with a wide selection of choices at very reasonable prices.  I had left work a half hour early to stop at the Thruway shopping center since I go right by it on my way. I had several things to pick up/look for. As usual I had very little in the way of success.

Today was dreary and warm. It looked like rain all day but just stayed cloudy. I only had to make a stop at the library to pick up reserve books on the way home. Time to rest and relax, it has been a very long week.


Saturday, 31 October 2009

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Yet another dreary, rainy Saturday. I think this is either the third or fourth weekend in a row it has rained on Saturday. It was not supposed to come in until this afternoon and/or tonight. We slept in until 8 when I got up to let Malcolm out to pee then I went back to bed. We dozed off and on until almost 9 before we Malcolm decided we had been in bed long enough. When I let Malcolm out at 8 it was already wet and foggy out making it a good morning to sleep in.

I went out to Lowe's to pick up two kale/cabbage plants for mom before they all got gone. They had some really pretty pansies potted in nice inch pots. I picked up one of those for mom and dad and three viola plants for me. From there I went to Wal-Mart to stock up on a few things we can't get at Costco. Between the two we are pretty well set for food supplies except for weekly stuff.

After lunch I took the plants over to the folks house. I have two purple shamrocks in the little bed by the porch. I pulled the baby one up and potted it for dad to put in the house. They die off in winter and come back each year. He wanted one for inside. I planted the cabbage and set the pansy container where mom could see it from the kitchen window. I stayed to visit for awhile.

It had been drizzly all morning but by the time I got back home it had stopped. I took my little garden rake and racked out the leaves from the pansy bed to keep them from getting smothered and planted my little violas in the other small bed in the front.

I've cleared up most of the clutter on my desk and stuff had I stacked in the floor during the week. Time for reading and relaxing. We get an extra hour of sleep tonight. We don't do Halloween. We'll walk Malcolm early then wait until after 9 for last time. 


Sunday, 1 November 2009

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We had a quiet Halloween evening. When we walked Malcolm around 6:30 we passed a couple of groups of kids. Malcolm barked liked crazy at a little girl dressed up as a fairy. We waited until 9:30 for second time. At that point we had half an inch of rain.

I had reset the clocks and gotten to bed when it started pouring buckets. Sometime during the night the rain woke me again. It was pouring again this morning when we got up at 7. We went from half an inch to over 3 inches.

I changed the linens on the bed and did a quick run through the house with the vacuum. With all the rain and leaves we will just track in more this week. Paul called at 10 to let us know they would pick us up at 11: to go Blasting for Boobs, a clay shoot fund raiser for Friends for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer being held at Shane's  Sporting Clays

Bob and Paul went along to cheer us on and to take pictures. For our $25 entry fee we got a box of 25 shells, a choice of muffs, a Remington ball cap, or a pink Remington golf towel. Of course, I took the hat. It was cold, windy, and some occasional drizzle but we had a ball. We were in groups of five. Each group shot five shots at five different target stations. Remington provided the guns, the prizes, and the wine, cheese, and pizza following the shoot. It was a great event. I hope they have it again.  Even with the ugly weather it looked like they had a great turn out.

I am reading Hell Bent, the last Brady Coyne book written by Tapply in 2008. He supposedly had one more Stoney Calhoun to be published this year that he wrote just before he died.


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