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Week of 12 July 2010

Latest Update: Sunday, 18 July 2010 1:30 p.m.

Monday, 12 July 2010

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A normal, back to work, Monday. Y after work.

When we made the most recent Costco run I picked up one of their spiral cut, honey baked hams to try since we had a coupone. Costco sends out their own coupon booklet with some pretty good savings. Much more off than the standard Sunday paper coupons. We had the ham for dinner tonight. I thought it was better than any of the honey baked ham stores and even better than the ones we get from Lowe's. I think it weighed about 8 and 1/2 pounds. After tonights dinner I froze three more packages that will be one or more meals and kept out enough for another meal or two later this week.

YES, we finally got rain today. Bob said it started here around 10 this morning and rained pretty good for the better part of the day. I think we are up to 3/4 of an inch. Several of us walked uptown for lunch today to celebrate one of our groups birthday. Good thing we took our umbrella's. It was not raining when we left at noon but when we came out of the restaurant it was coming down pretty good. It had stopped by the time I left work.

While we do have cooler temperatures the humidity is pretty bad, up around the 80% mark, when it's not raining, of course. Cool days and rain should green up the lawn again.

With Bob finished shooting pictures I am not tied to the house at night or weekends unless we have to reshoot something which means dinners out with friends and some day trips coming up.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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Late this afternoon tornado warnings started popping up north and west of Winston. When I left work at 5pm it was thundering off in the distance and I hit light rain as I got closer to our side of town.

I needed to make a library stop and to grab a few things from the grocery store. The skies darkened a lot while I was in the library. At one point I thought I might bag the grocery trip since we did not need anything urgently. Instead, I drove across the street to the store and ran in to grab just the few things we needed. I manged to get checked out and to the car just before the bottom fell out.

Driving home I would hit a downpour then go through light rain off and on like that the 2.0 miles from the store to home. The worst of the storm went south of us and directly over my folks house. I just called them to make sure they were all right.

We have storms coming through in waves for the next several hours but so far not much in the way of rain has fallen.


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

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More storms last night and perhaps an inch of rain. Today was my Friday. I am taking tomorrow and Friday off for a couple of one day trips. Tonight I met Bonnie for dinner downtown. We ate at the The Old Filling Station. One of the reasons we met was to plan our road trip for next week, Wednesday - Saturday. We had tentative plans but needed to finalize a few things.

I am reading something totally different as a result of a discussion with the group I work with. They are all reading the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. When I worked at the library system I often read books recommended to me by patrons that I ended up enjoying. They were books I would have never picked up on my own.

First off, the series is for young adults/teens but I have read books for that age level before and enjoyed them. Second, it's a love story about a normal teenager who falls in love with a vampire. My work friends kept telling me; as much as you read you really need to read this series. I offered that I would reserve them from the library but they insisted I borrow their copies. I think there is a movie that has just come out. Having watched all 200 episodes of Buffy, I decided I could at least give the first book a try.

Last night I started reading while we were waiting on the storms to go through so we could take Malcolm out for last time. I was surprised at how quickly I was hooked into the story. The writing is good, the plot very fast moving, and I like the setting; a small town in Washington state. I am just barely into the book but unless something changes I will most likely stick with it.

Now, to watch some more Lark Rise from Candleford.


Thursday, 15 July 2010

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I picked the folks up around 9am for a day trip to Galax. Instead of the back roads that Marcy and I took a couple of weeks ago, we did Interstate almost the entire way until we got off on 89 that goes up the mountain into Galax.

We found the leather store dad where dad wanted to go to see about getting a wallet and key case made. Both of his are very old and they no longer make them. After we finished up with that I drove a couple of block over to Flossies for lunch, where Marcy and I ate when we were there. After lunch I drove and parked as close as I could get to the block of stores I  wanted them to see. One was a really neat antique store that had some things I wanted them to see. All of those places are within walking distance for mosts people but dad just can't walk all that far anymore.

From Galax I took same route back, a back road over to the Blue Ridge Parkway to 52 and Fancy Gap so we could stop in Cana, VA for mom to get some fresh peaches. From there we came home 52 instead of the back roads getting back around 3pm.

On the way home I finally remembered I wanted to stop at the autor parts store to get a seat cover for the driver side of my Trooper. I have work the fabric on the door side complete through from sliding in and out of the car.

It's hot again, even in Cana. It was a little cooler up in Galax which is higher up.


Friday 16 July 2010

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Marcy picked me up around 9 this morning. We took old NC8 from Winston to Lexington, NC, about a 45 minute drive. Once we made it to downtown we drove around looking for a couple places we wanted to find/scope out. After driving this way and that, up and then down we could not find either one. Instead, we parked the truck downtown and walked in and out of the stores and shops the third and main objective to the trip. They have some very nice antique stores and little shops.  Of the three small towns we have visited of late, Galax, Mt. Airy, and Lexington, the latter is by far the nicest.

One of the places we wanted to find was a tea shop. We asked one of store clerks where it was. It was not near enough to the downtown area to walk. So, instead of going there for lunch we stopped at a one of the downtown cafes that turned out to be just great. After lunch we finished the rest of the downtown then back to the car. From there we drove the mile or so to find the tea shop. We went inside to check the menu and to see what it looked like for a return trip. From there we drove  to outskits of Lexington to the Bob Timberlake Gallery, the other place we were looking for.

Very nice. We were both very impressed with the gallery. It is built to resemble a large cabin. The inside has a very down home, comfort feel about the place. Of course, I cannot afford the furiniture or his orginal paintings. But, the gallery has displays built along the walls with some extrodinary exhitis in them. The also sell home decor and other type smaller items. We took a break in the coffee shop and sat and talked for awhile before finishing up looking around.

We left Lexington, stopping on the way back at a small Italian restaurant we passed on the way down. Very good food, nothing fancy about the place. I got home around 6:30. It was hot, hot, and hot walking around this morning though we did have a nice breeze from time to time. At one point it looked like we might get rained on but we never did.


Saturday, 17 July 2010

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The rain and storms moved in around 9:30 this morning and have kept on coming in waves all day. I cleaned the bathrooms then took a break during the first storm before running the vacuum cleaner. I then worked at my desk until we had enough of a break in the storms that I could jump in the shower then get Malcolm out for a potty break.

We have a nest up under the front eave sitting on top of the downspout. I think it is finches, too small to be robins. Yesterday I watched the parents fly in and out but I don't think she has had her babies yet. I have one euronymous bush in the front that I noticed had all the leaves stripped off the top branches. Underneat, there is a pile of green and dead leaves that appeared after I cleaned up around the bushes a couple of weeks ago. I guess they are using those leaves to make their nest.

This afternnoon I organized the kitchen pantry where we store our canned goods, dish towels and cloths, etc. Then I took everything out of the fridge and cleaned all the shelves and the inside and the door shelves. And, I made some cinnamon muffins from scratch from a recipie I ran across in a book I was reading. They turned out pretty good. I don't bake much and not from scratch hardly ever so I was surprised.

Bob is working away writing and doing the laundry. Last night we watched a DVD a friend loaned us, A Dog Year, based on the book by Jon Katz. I had read the book, which is a true story, about how Jon came to be in possession of a one year old Border Collie. The dog in the movie looked like Duncan but acted and acts like Malcolm. It was a great dog movie even if you don't have Border Collies.

As the rain continues to fall, heavy at times, I guess I will do a few more things around the house and continue reading my book. I am still reading the vampire novel. It is very good though I think she could have cut it down by a hundred pages and still got the story across. I am about two thirds of the way through. It runs close to 500 pages.

Malcolm has spent time either in my lap while I read, lying beside me when I am in my office, or on the floor near me in the kitchen. He has been pretty good through most of the storms but will not let me very far out of his sight. I'm glad I am home to comfort him or he would be pestering Bob to death keeping him from getting his work done.


Sunday, 18 July 2010

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We had around an inch and half of rain yesterday.

Malcolm and I did  yard work this morning. While I waited on the grass to dry I pulled weeds, cleaned up the front beds and natural areas, picked up sticks, etc. We talked with the neighbors up and down the street thanks to Malcolm going off exploring. I let him run around loose when I am out working as long as there is no one for him to bother. The immediate neighbors are all used to him running around.

It was warm, mid 80's but hot in the sun and very humid. Several times I tried to put Malcolm inside to cool off while I worked outside but he howled and barked so bad I just kept out with me until I stated mowing. He will eventually finding a shady spot and lay down. I have a portable water bowl I take out so he has fresh water.

More storms in the forecast for this afternoon. I have beef ribs thawing to throw on the grill. Hopefully, if we do get rain/storms we will get enough of a break I can get dinner cooked.

I finished up Twilight and started another China Bayles mystery, Holly Blues, by Susan Albert.


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