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Week of 4 October 2010

Latest Update: Sunday, 10 October 2010 1:30 p.m.

Monday, 4 October 2010

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Yeah, the weather has finally turned a little cooler. I am still in shorts and t-shirts while Bob has gone to long sleeve t's under flannel shirts.
I have always been warm natured even more so as I have gotten older. The 40's/60's temperatures are only short term. The 50/70's are back later in the week. No rain in sight other than a very brief shower we had late yesterday afternoon while I was grilling dinner.

I had a haircut appointment after work. Bob put a casserole in the oven to be ready about the time I guess I would get home.

Malcolm finished his round of antibiotics but is still having some leaking issues. We just got off the phone with Dr. Sue. We are taking him in next Monday for further testing to make sure he does not have a tumor or other similar problem causing the leakage.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

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Yeah, I finally got my car back. I left work at 4:30 to give me time to pick up Bob and get to the transmission place before they closed. It sounded great driving home. I now realize it had been making a very loud, whining noise for a long time when it was changing gears. I thought it was because of the mileage on the engine not realizing it was the transmission working so hard to change gears.

As much as I know about the basics of the way a car works I should have known better. I have to take it back in about ten days for them to do a follow up on the fluids. Since AAMCO is nationwide I can take it to any of their stores if I am out of town and have a problem.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

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I had a late afternoon follow-up appointment with my doctor about my continuing leg and muscle problems. He is scheduling an MRI and putting me on a short course of prednisone as well as upping the medication I am currently on.  I get the feeling he does not think it is just degenerative arthritis.

Scott's came this morning to put out winterizing fertilizer. Since I got home around 4:30 after my doctor appointment I hand watered the lawn to get the seed to start germinating. I hate dealing with sprinklers when trying to do the yard. You can never get them to water where you want them to. By the time I mess with getting them set up and moving them around I can do it with the hose just as fast.

No rain in sight until at least the middle of next week.


Thursday, 7 October 2010

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The doctor's office called me this morning to let me know my insurance had already approved my MRI. She asked what were the best times for an appointment. I told her anytime this afternoon or tomorrow. When she asked if I would do a weekend I told here that was fine too. She also asked if I was claustrophobic, which I am. She called me back about twenty minutes later. They had a 5:15 cancellation for this evening if I was interested. Of course I was, wanting to get it done as quickly as possible to see if they find anything.

I went to the same place I had my x-rays two weeks ago. I had not had an MRI at this facility. Both of the ones I had taken of my knees was done at the orthopedic office. Since they were only doing my knees I knew I did not have to worry about having a regular machine or one of the open ones. Since it was my back I knew I would be inside further so I asked for an open machine.

It took about 25 minutes. You get to choose your choice of local radio station to listen to instead of wearing ear plugs.

We are back to warm weather again. Poor Bob is freezing in the house with the lows at night going down into the mid to low 40's making it about 66 in the house. Today I think it made 80 and tonight is to be only down in the 50's.


Friday 8 October 2010

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No update.


Saturday, 9 October 2010

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An absolute beautiful day to be outside. Blue skies, low 80's, no wind. I drove out to the garden store this morning to get winter pansies and a couple small pots of mondo grass for the continued battle of the wash area.

When I got back home I washed both trucks then watered down the grass seed and fertilizer. I had five or six clumps of mondo grass I had put in the natural area out front. I dug those up and planted them in the other area I am having a wash problem with in the back. Between very little sun and the steep slope of the yard I cannot get grass to grow or hold. I pulled up all the old summer annuals and put out the pansies in the beds and pots.

Marcy, Frances, and I had an interesting experience at a new restaurant last night. They have a very nice outdoor patio area in back of the restaurant. There are two doors leading from inside, one from the main part of the restaurant and one from an enclosed banquet area. When we sat down there were two or three other occupied tables. Most of them finished up by the time we had ordered and got our meals. All of sudden people stated pouring out of the banquet area into the patio, drinks in hand. Pretty soon they had the place full blocking any avenues for the poor waitress to get to our table. We could hardly hear ourselves talk but at this point it was too much trouble to move.

About ten minutes later one of the assistant mangers came over to apologize explaining there had been a miscommunication. The restaurant picked up the bill for our meals and gave us 10% off coupons begging us to come back again. Obviously it was not their fault  the group of people were so rude as to take over an entire patior including interrupting our dinner. Whoever was in charge of the group was obviously an idiot to allow the incident to take place. Any new diners arriving did not have the option of eating outside. The people in the group were all dressed alike in blue shirts with a logo and jeans. It was mostly men with a few women. If I knew what business they represented I would make sure I never darkened their doors.

When we finished eating Marcy and Frances left the patio area via a gate while I headed inside to go to the rest room before we headed back. Three of the guys were standing in front of the door that went into the restaurant. As I walked up none of even made an attempt to move aside to let me past until I finally waved my hand indicating I wanted to go in that door. What a bunch of baboons!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

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I gave Bob a haircut this morning then spent some time putting away stuff and getting things organized before starting the house cleaning. This afternoon I cleaned off my desk and caught up on my ironing.

I am reading the newest Laurie R. King, Holmes and Russell mystery. The God of the Hive continues the story line from her previous book, Language of Bees.

It is a very warm day for October, mid 80's. We often have a warm start to the fall then it turns cold all of a sudden. Oh well, I enjoyed the cool weather while it lasted.


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