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Bowie, MD 

Bob and I along with our two younger dogs Duncan and Malcolm made the trip to Bowie, MD for the Labor Day weekend to visit our friends Marcia and Brian Bilbrey and their dog Sally. We left Kerry, who is too old for long trips, at the Red Woof Inn kennels in Advance, NC. Here he is in his temporary "cell" just after he arrived. Later he was moved to a nice big kennel with a wooden door and opening out the back where he could look outside all day.

p8300012.jpg (158484 bytes) 

It was close to 9:30 by the time we left Winston-Salem. We made several stops on the way up to allow the dogs to potty and get gas. We arrived at the Bilbrey's around 5:15 after several long waits on I-95, I-495, and MD 50. After they arrived home from work we went out for a nice dinner at the nearby Longhorn Steakhouse.

Saturday Marcia and I took off to explore a new mall while the guys stayed home with the dogs. While Brian was in his office doing the usual computer "stuff" Duncan was out back keeping close tabs on his new girl friend Sally. Later that afternoon there was some serious ball playing before dinner.

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On the way home from the mall Marcia and I stopped to pick up the fresh lobster (yes, as in still alive fresh) and the grocery store for fresh corn and bread. Pictures of our lovely host and hostess on their backyard patio. Bob and Brian as usual engaged in conversation. Brian had intended to boil the lobster on the side burner of the grill. However, the pot never seemed to want to boil so he eventually moved it indoors for boiling the lobster. We also decided we better eat indoors with the impending threat of rain. What a great dinner. Fresh boiled corn-on-the-cob, lobster, baked potatoes, French bread and wine. 

 p8310027.jpg (92605 bytes)  p8310024.jpg (113256 bytes)  p8310028.jpg (107236 bytes)   p8310029.jpg (95349 bytes)   "want a bite?"


Sunday dawned cold and rainy. After a leisurely breakfast Marcia and I went off to do the weekly grocery shopping for the Bilbrey's. We spent the rest of the day relaxing. Marcia made an excellent homemade chili dish for dinner. 

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Monday Marcia and I explored a local mall very near to their house. While we were gone Malcolm tried to beg a little breakfast from Brian. Then gave up and decided playing was more fun. Poor Sally. Malcolm thinks all dog toys are his therefore taking all of Sally's out of her toy basket for his own enjoyment.

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We spent Monday afternoon gather in the den watching movies and the dogs playing. Sally learned, among other things, to tug with Malcolm. I think she enjoyed having the dogs for a visit. Duncan and Sally finally decided to take a nap beside Marcia.

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Bob and I took off from Bowie around 8:00 the Tuesday morning for the drive home. We left Bowie on MD 301east which took us  around the D.C. area. The highway is four lane all the way. The only stops were for traffic lights. We came out just above Richmond two hours later where we hit I-95. We actually made to Winston-Salem by 2:30 but had to drive 20 miles or so west to pick up Kerry. It was a little after 3:30 by the time we actually made it home. 

We had a great time. Marcia, Brian, and Sally are excellent hosts.

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