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Frances Ann Fritchman and Albert Wayne Johnson 

Married April 20, 2002


Rehearsal Party

The rehearsal party took place Friday night at Mayberry's Ice Cream Parlor. This was Al's party as the groom. He drives a motor coach for Holiday Tours as you can see by the picture of his cake. Frances and Al talking with the best man Bill and his wife Judy.

al-1.jpg (49545 bytes) bus-cake.jpg (93630 bytes)  TMP8.jpg (49053 bytes)

Pam and I having a chat in the first picture. She is directing Frances's wedding  and also directed our wedding 18 years ago. The the next picture includes her husband Drew talking with my mom. In the third picture is Pam's mom, Margie. Our families have known each other fifty years. Margie's husband Louie is also in attendance but not shown. They are standing behind my Uncle Sonny and his new bride Faye.

pam-barbara.jpg (128493 bytes)   pam-drew-sankie.jpg (67245 bytes)   sonny-faye.jpg (44376 bytes)       

The bridesmaids Linda, Lucy, and Shirley, long time friends of Frances. The second picture is of mom's four remaining sisters.

bridesmaids-1.jpg (50152 bytes)    sisters-1.jpg (68677 bytes)

Wedding Day 

The photographer and Bob shot some pre-wedding pictures on the porch just outside the chapel before the guest began to arrive. They were married in Davis Memorial Chapel. 

  frances-2.jpg (73977 bytes)   frances-1.jpg (70150 bytes)   dad-1.jpg (85047 bytes)

The room where Frances, myself, and the bridesmaids were dressing was very warm. Linda holding Frances's bouquet and hers. Lucy and Shirley trying to cool off before we go down the isle. 

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An interesting note about Frances's bouquet. I am not sure it shows up in the pictures but included her in her flowers are two handkerchiefs that belonged to our nana, dad's mom who was very special to us. They were something "old". Nana lived to be 98.

The Ceremony 


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Post Ceremony Pictures 

frances-e.jpg (53108 bytes)   frances-f.jpg (56577 bytes)   weddingparty.jpg (60956 bytes)  barbara-3.jpg (52933 bytes)  


The reception was held at Cafe Piaf located in nearby downtown Winston-Salem. It was hard to get pictures so I only used a couple of the good ones. 

 TMP9.jpg (43356 bytes)    TMP10.jpg (49727 bytes) This is my aunt Mildred. There is actually a story behind the dress she is wearing. When I got married 18 years ago Frances told her to save that dress. Well, she did and wore to Frances's wedding as a surprise.

Home Again

Frances and Al took the limo from the chapel to the reception then had it pick them up again to take them home. The just married sign was hanging in the window of the limo. I hung it on Al's jacket button as he followed Frances up the stairs into the house.

TMP11.jpg (44263 bytes)   TMP13.jpg (49496 bytes)   TMP12.jpg (53512 bytes) 

Frances and Al met on a  Holiday Tours bus trip our family took in September of 2000 to Montreal and Quebec.  For their honeymoon they retraced part of this trip. First they returned to the hotel in Montreal where they officially became acquainted when they spent an evening talking in the hotel restaurant. After touring a couple of days in Montreal they continued on to Quebec before returning home. 

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