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Lazy 5 Ranch

Highway 150 East Mooresville, NC 28115

 704-663-5100, 704-278-2618


My sister Frances visited this zoo a couple of weeks ago with her friend Al. She decided with my love of animals and zoos that I would enjoy the Lazy 5 Ranch. It is located about an hour from Winston-Salem in the middle of rural farm land on 180 acres. The owners are experience animal trainers and have worked with exotic animals from all over the world. They are small operation providing picnic grounds and a small gift shop that sells a few snacks. Visitors are allowed to either drive their own cars through the safari like pastureland or take a wagon ride. 

cart-1.jpg (250078 bytes)    horses-before-the-cart.jpg (222996 bytes)

Located near the picnic area are some exotic birds in very nice caged areas and two petting zoos. I took some pictures of several of the baby goats and a mom and baby llama. 

baby-goat.jpg (265912 bytes)        baby-goat-3.jpg (91693 bytes)    baby-goat-2.jpg (276548 bytes)         llama-1.jpg (396381 bytes)  llama-baby-1.jpg (253449 bytes)

Also located near the picnic ground was a large prairie dog mound. As you will see by the number of pictures I took, I feel in love with them. I assume they were a male/female pair.  This one toddled over and stood up to have his picture taken. Later he was happily enjoying his lunch when someone gave him a cracker.

groundhog-1.jpg (286235 bytes)     groundhog-2.jpg (269901 bytes)   groundhog-9.jpg (272792 bytes)  groundhog-a.jpg (280377 bytes) 

The other one disappeared down one hole and reappeared on the other side of the mound from this hole.

groundhog-3.jpg (284557 bytes)      groundhog-4.jpg (263704 bytes)      

While watching her this one went back to work. After kicking dirt backwards with their fee, they scoop the dirt up around the hole and then pack it down with their nose. He/she then started working down in the hole gradually working downward until it disappeared. After a couple of seconds it turned around and popped back out. 

  groundhog-5.jpg (297498 bytes)    groundhog-6.jpg (292139 bytes)    groundhog-7.jpg (305214 bytes)   groundhog-8.jpg (303294 bytes)        

Nearby were several very colorful parrots.   parrot-1.jpg (245702 bytes)     parrot-2.jpg (231208 bytes)    parrot-3.jpg (217325 bytes)    parrot-5.jpg (226806 bytes)

This baby burro and parents were settled in right outside the petting zoo area. baby-ass-1.jpg (267996 bytes) And so was this guy. horn-beast-1.jpg (264860 bytes)

The area around the barns and petting zoo had some beautiful rock gardens with some odd looking plants, flowering cactus, and a butterfly having lunch on some verbena. Also a very nice goldfish pond.

butterfly-1.jpg (294311 bytes)   cactus-1.jpg (316355 bytes)   plant-1.jpg (326755 bytes)    pond-1.jpg (315931 bytes)

Now we are off on the wagon ride through the safari and pastureland. The animals will come up to your car or the wagon to be fed. I am sorry I cannot remember the names of all the elands, deer, and bison varieties we saw. Some would stick their heads right through the rails or the open area in the back to get their food. While some of them look rather vicious, they are all very friendly and take the food very gently from your hands.

bison-2.jpg (262253 bytes)  bison-3.jpg (271877 bytes)  bison-1.jpg (280547 bytes)    beast-1.jpg (235133 bytes)     unknown-beast-1.jpg (268551 bytes)             

The deer were very lovely but were afraid to come close to the wagon. However, the little horned guy has learned to keep to front paws on the wagon and walk along behind while eating. In the picture with the guys shoe he is going after food not him.

  deer-1.jpg (242236 bytes)    deer-2.jpg (246051 bytes)   deer-3.jpg (280871 bytes)           eland-or-ibex-2.jpg (302570 bytes)     eland-or-ibex-3.jpg (270362 bytes)   eland-or-ibex-6.jpg (276648 bytes)   eland-or-ibex-4.jpg (250621 bytes)

    eland-or-ibex-5.jpg (252384 bytes)  eland-or-ibex-1.jpg (272066 bytes)    prong-beast-rhino.jpg (237912 bytes)      giraffe-1.jpg (204995 bytes)     giraffe-2.jpg (288318 bytes)    

The baby zebra was born last week.                     

            zebra-1.jpg (384357 bytes)    zebra-2.jpg (292280 bytes)    Frances clowning around frances-1.jpg (306176 bytes)

This last picture of the pot bellied pig babies is blurry but it is the best one I could get. 

blurry-pigs.jpg (226710 bytes)



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