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Week of 9 April 2001

Latest Update: Friday, 10 May 2002 12:01

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Monday, 9 April 2001

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I spent yesterday in the usual fashion, house cleaning in the morning followed by watching the race and the golf. Although both were very good I was not pulling for the winners of either contest. Very warm temperatures for the area in April with almost a record high of 86 degrees, 88 being the record. We had dogs out several times to play catch in the front yard but they very quickly had tongues hanging out due to the heat.

After dinner it paid some bills and worked on my office and then read until bedtime.

Today will be positively scorching heat wise with another mid to upper 80's predicted for the temps. I am off to the gym this morning and the pet store to stock up on dog food and treats. This afternoon we are supposed to start cleaning up Bob's office  Bob explains on his page for today about my threat to "Roberta-ize" his office. One of the things we agreed on upon buying this house is that I had complete jurisdiction over the organization and cleanliness of the entire house except his office. However, when I can no longer get in the door with the vacuum cleaner and I hear that the FBI is looking into his "Rat's Nest" as a possible location for Jimmy Hoffa, I start to complain. You have all heard of dust bunnies, well Bob has dust kangaroos residing in there.

And, as you see after many months of struggling to come up with a name for this place we are now officially known as TechnoMayhem™ and his office is the official Rat's Nest with Bob being The Rat. His idea, not mine.

I hope your Monday gets your  week off to a great start.

duncan-malcolm-asleep.jpg (237665 bytes)

Sometimes they get along. Duncan and Malcolm crashed out after a hard day.


Tuesday, 10 April 2001

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Record temperatures yesterday by one degree. The record high had been 86 degrees set in 1929. We hit 87 in the afternoon. Very, very warm for this time of year in the Carolina's. Last year on this day the temperature was 52 degrees. I have a feeling we will be paying for this in late April and May.

When I returned from the gym, Bob climbed up on the roof to blow the gutters out and take the air vent covers off. We then got started tackling Bob's "Nest". After several hours we had lugged a large pile of software and empty boxes to the downstairs and managed to clear several feet of shelf space for him to fill up again.

By this time it was 4:15. I hit the showers while Bob took a nap. Oh, and we have taken down the gate to my office and to Bob's and Malcolm has been pretty good so far. With the snappy trainer laying on the floor beside my trashcan I have been able to move the barrier protecting it as well. We still can't leave Lenore's areas assessable since he runs in and jumps up on her lab and steals Kleenex. She is not strong enough to handle him and he may accidentally injure her. We still have the living room blocked due mainly to the telescope being in there and I have not completely dog proofed it yet.

I solved the problem of Bob using the kitchen table as a PC workbench. Although we don't eat dinner in there, I eat breakfast and sometimes lunch and I like to have my kitchen table look nice. Since we really don't use the dining room, which is rather small anyway, we will convert the table in there to his work space for right now. I will start on that this week or the first of next week.

As far as The Nest goes, one side of the room is clean. He still has to organize and clean up his work tables and the junk under the tables so I can vacuum on that side of the room. But it does look much, much better. Homemade pizza for dinner. There is a new dog show on from Portland, OR on Animal Planet at 9:00 that I want to watch.

Today is to be another scorcher. Dad and I are playing golf and I need to leave very early since it will be so pretty. I actually wrote this last night since I will not have time to do it this morning. I need to mow the lawn again when I get home. This time of year with all the warm weather I am having to mow twice a week to keep it from getting too high. Oh, and they came yesterday morning while I was at the gym to finish the curb repair from the sewer work and the hole behind the curb in my yard. They actually did a pretty good job of filling in and grading for me to put some seed on.


Wednesday, 11 April 2001

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I actually played a decent round of golf yesterday and so did Dad. We finished right around noon and then drove over to the little cafe for lunch. After I dropped Dad off I headed off home myself. I mowed the lawn and headed for the shower. We had another record high yesterday of 87 degrees. 

I spend most of the afternoon catching up on reading diary pages and answering e-mail. Then around 4:00 I seemed to hit the wall and plopped down on the couch for a quick hour catnap before fixing dinner. Last night I finished up some web review stuff I was working on until about 8:00. I went out to the den to play with the dogs and watched a neat two hour documentary on the 2001 Iditarod race. Really interesting documentary where they interviewed the novices and the pros, showed how they take care of the dogs, and the various check point towns they have to go through. If you get USA Sports Network I am sure they will run it again many times if you are interested in watching the show. At 10:00 watch NYPD Blue and then headed off to bed.

Today is to be warm but cloudy. It is not raining but is very overcast and dreary looking. I am off to the gym this morning followed by a couple of errands and the grocery store. Not sure what the afternoon will bring but I have several agenda items that need taken care off. Happy Wednesday to everyone and thanks again for stopping by.


Thursday, 12 April 2001

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In the course of a conversation Bob and I were having over dinner, I told him I was trying to come up with a suitable name for my office now that we have TechnoMayhem for the house and the Rat's Nest for Bob's office. He mentioned something about being a "ratette" or something and I blurted out "I am not Mrs. Rat", Well, I am now. We laughed over that long enough to decide I will hence forth be referred to as Mrs. Rat but still have not come up with a name for my office. 

Yesterday was a rather busy day. I did a small load of winter coats and ski hats that needed washing, vacuumed the stairs to the basement and brushed the dogs. I moved all of the computer building stuff to the dinning room table and now have my kitchen table back. I started a new book from the library last night and read until time for bed. 

Today is to be warm and sunny after yesterday's cloudy and cool weather. This morning I am taking Malcolm and Duncan to meet Nancy at the park to play with her dog Finn and her new puppy Gypsy. 

Bob will spend the day working on taxes, so I will cut a wide berth around him all day. He, like Kerry, is a grumpy old dog when he works on the taxes. This afternoon I have a Friends of the Library meeting. Bob will go along and sit and read until we are finished and then we will go across the street to the little cafe for dinner.






Friday, 13 April 2001

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Rather warm again yesterday though not as hot as it has been. The dogs had a good time at the park but after an hour were pretty hot and tired from all the running. After lunch I started working on my web site. I am redesigning my pages and changing some things around. I did not get anywhere near being finished but at least have made a good start. Since I cannot write code I have to do everything in FrontPage, which I am still learning. Fortunately Bob usually has to only show me how to do something one time when I get stuck.

Last night I worked a little more on my pages, especially the genealogy pages. They have not had any attention for quite some time now and have actually missed the last two or three metamorphoses that improved the other pages of the site.

Today looks gray and yucky. It rained overnight and right now looks like the sky will burst forth at any moment with a downpour. I am off to the gym this morning but I think I will save errand running for another day. Besides, school is out and most everyone is off from work today. I will give those folks run of the stores and save my trips for next week while everyone else is back at work and school. 

I will continue to work on my web pages today and I think I will go over to the library and work for a couple of hours. The book sale is getting pretty close. I have a lot of books to go through before the sale.

I hope everyone has a nice long weekend. No special plans in the Thompson household. Bob has to finish the taxes. I have some things I want to work on. Thanks for visiting.


Saturday, 14 April 2001

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Yesterday morning by the time I got away from the house it was close to 10:00. I decided to skip the gym and instead go straight to the library to get in some volunteer work. I worked until 12:30 sorting books for the book sale or to be added to the collection and got right much of the backlog taken care of. 

I spent most of the afternoon working on the web site and rewriting some pages. I have a lot more work to do but the basic structure is starting to take shape.

Today, the sky is clear blue, bright sunshine and all the colors of the flowers and trees are vibrantly vivid. The rain we had yesterday morning and the cooler temps have clear the air of all the pollen and haze and made just a gorgeous spring day. I took off first thing this morning after quickly reading the paper and eating a bit of breakfast for spinning class as 8:30. Now I am back catching up on diary pages and doing my page for this morning.

Once I finish I am going over to my parents house for a quick visit and lunch. I need to help dad measure for a project he wants to work on next week and see what we are going to need. By this afternoon the grass should be dry enough to mow. So, that is how my day is planned. Grilled short ribs for dinner tonight with left over macaroni and cheese. 

I hope your day is fun in whatever way you choose to spend it.


Sunday, 15 April 2001

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    Happy Easter 

Busy day yesterday. After a lunch of pizza and homemade apple pie at mom's I came home to mow the lawn. It had grown very high since Tuesday with all the warm weather and rain we have had. I catch the grass instead of mulching it during the spring so it took twice as long to mow having to stop every third or fourth pass to dump the bag. After I finished I came in for a shower and to check my mail. 

I decided to make the barbeque sauce for the ribs instead of using one from the store. Around 4:00 I switched on the golf match to listen to while I made the sauce and then left it to simmer until time to start grilling the ribs. They turned out really good. I fixed plenty so that we would have enough for another meal one night next week.

grilled-beast.jpg (290872 bytes)

After dinner and walking the dogs I was just too tired to do anything. I finished my book, Summer Island : A Novel by Kristin Hannah. A good story if you like novels with happy endings. The story surrounds a misunderstanding between daughters, sisters, and mothers, lost love rediscovered, and support of a friend dying of cancer. Oddly enough, the publisher Crown is offering to send one free copy, to a mother or daughter, depending on who read the book and makes the request. We took the dogs out early and I headed off to bed at 9:30. I read until 10:00 but could not stay awake any longer.

Today is house cleaning day. No race. The forecast is for thunder showers this afternoon. If it does not rain I may take Malcolm over to the park in Greensboro for the Frisbee event.

No, Duncan is not being punished. Some time last year Duncan decided this was his private spot where he could go for some peace and quiet. We have a large This End Up table and benches in our kitchen. He lays against the wall with just his head sticking out from under the bench. The second shot is from behind him looking under the table. He turned his head when I came around to shoot and rested it on the leg of the table. We call this Duncan's crate. Dogs like to have a quiet, cave like place to hide out and when we can't find him we know this is where he is. 

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