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Week of 11 June 2001

Latest Update: Tuesday, 14 May 2002 18:03

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Monday, 11 June 2001

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Lazy afternoon. After getting a rather late start to the house cleaning it was well past noon by the time I had everything finished. Quick shower and lunch to fix and settled in to watch the race. Bob went back to read/nap. I made it through the first 50 laps of the race and then it was off to the land of nod for me too. The dogs settled down for their naps as well and the next time I came up for air it was around 3:00. The race was in the final 100 laps. It proved to be a barn burner right down to the final lap with Gordon winning two in a row and taking over the points lead.

Bob did the backup while we were away from our PC's. Once it finishes it emits this nice loud blouping  noise. Until Bob got up around 4:00 we got to listen to his PC periodically announcing the backup was finished. I had just gone down to switch laundry loads when Bob was getting up.

I switched over briefly to see who was leading the golf match then headed for the computer to catch up on mail and stuff. I worked on some research stuff until dinner time.  Around 5:30 I fixed the pizza, then we walked the dogs. Back to work for a couple of hours. I did manage to finish entering transactions in my new check register and getting the check book balanced.

Then back to the den to read until last time out for the dogs and off to bed to read some more. 

Off to the gym this morning. I have a haircut appointment for 12:30 so I shall run a couple of errands while on that side of town before my haircut. Back home this afternoon I have several projects to work on.



Tuesday, 12 June 2001

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I spent most of yesterday afternoon working on various projects until dinner time. After dinner Bob and the dogs road over with me to check on a BC we had placed in a home last year. I was following up on the complaint we got from one of the neighbors that the dog was not being properly cared for.

The dog although a little under weight seemed happy and in pretty good shape. They are trying to get their house on the market to sell so they can move back to Ohio. I made a few suggestions about what to do to put some weight on him and suggested they leave him indoors while they are gone rather than outside all day.

Back home, I decided to watch the first two of four episodes of Masterpiece Theater's Wives and Daughters which I taped back in April. The lead roles are played by the wonderful Francesca Annis. Ian Carmichael, who played Lord Peter Wimsey in the Dorothy Sayers mysteries, plays Lord Cumnor. An excellent period piece set in the 1820's, the series is adapted from Elizabeth Gaskell's (1812-1865) novel. 

I had planned to work at home all day but now I need to spring a CBCR dog from a kennel and deliver him to one of our foster families. This is the seven year old I thought I had a home for and they changed their mind. The person keeping him was not a CBCR volunteer and was leaving to go out of town. We had to kennel him until we could get him moved to another foster situation.

Not sure where the day will go from there. I hope you have a good one.


Wednesday, 13 June 2001

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Hot as heck yesterday. Close to 90 degrees. I delivered Lucky to the foster mom in Burlington. We hit some major traffic right outside Greensboro but managed to get there only about 10 minutes late. Back home by noon, I fixed leftover pizza for lunch and then hit the computer to work on the book. 

About 3:00 I decided to go ahead and put out my summer fertilizer since the weather gods are predicting the remnants of tropical storm Alison to make it up here by today. So far, it looks like it may track east of us but we will see. If it does not rain by this evening I will have to water it in.

Pork tenderloin and leftover Chinese takeout rice for dinner. I worked a little after dinner than watched the third and fourth episodes of Wives and Daughters. By that time it was walk the dogs and off to bed.

This morning I am driving over to Concord to visit a friend who used to work in the library system. She has some pretty major heart problems and has been unable to work for a long time. Which is a shame. She is one of the most talented children's librarians I have ever seen with the kids. 

Not long after she had to leave her job due to her health she remarried. We saw each other from time to time and then they moved to Concord a number of years ago. She calls me periodically when she comes to Winston to visit her mom and has been asking me to come down for a visit and have lunch sometime.  

Back late this afternoon I guess. 

We are supposed to go to Bullington tonight to view Mars, but I think the weather is not going to cooperate.


Thursday, 14 June 2001

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Sorry for the short update. Off to play golf this morning with my dad. He is picking me up in about ten minutes. Last night the remnants of tropical storm Alison came in about 6:00. We had a brief hail storm followed by mostly light rain. This morning's weather did not look promising so I did not hold out much hope of getting to go this morning.

However, the sun is out and the rain is not expected to move back in until this afternoon, so off I go.

I had great time visiting my friend yesterday afternoon. I am glad I went. We had a nice lunch and visit and I got back home right around 5:00. I picked up take out for dinner on the way in. She is doing pretty well except that she must be on oxygen all the time and is fairly limited in what she can do. She still volunteers at her local library one day a week and writes a children's book review column for the local paper. How fortunate those of us with good health should feel to be able to go about our daily lives as we choose without being hampered by a major disability. 


Friday, 15 June 2001

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Well, yesterday turned out to be hot, hot, and hotter not necessarily due to high temperatures but the humidity. Summer in the Carolinas means temperatures in the high eighties and humidity at 60% or better. Steamy is the word I think.

Dad and I had a nice round of golf followed by lunch at the little diner Bob and I go to. He dropped me back off at home around 1:00. After I caught up on mail and web pages I headed for the shower while Bob took a nap. I worked on the book until it was time for me to head over to the library for the Friends of the Library meeting 4:30. Bob was not feeling well so I left him at home rather than our usual library and dinner run.

I returned home and fixed salads for dinner. It was too hot to fix a big meal anyway. It never did rain yesterday afternoon so I decided to go ahead and mow the lawn after dinner. It was still pretty humid and warm even at 6:30. About an hour after I finished a brief storm did roll in but we did not get much in the way of rain from it. I was working on some Research Solutions stuff until about 8:30. By that time I was pretty tired so I stopped working and headed for the den to read until time to take the dogs out for last time.

Off this morning to do some errands. I need to pick up a couple of last minute items for Father's Day on Sunday and go to the grocery store. This afternoon I plan to go back over to the library. The gift books have piled up again and need sorting. 

Chance of thunderstorms again this afternoon. We shall see. 

Gosh, it's Friday already. If you have plans for the weekend, I hope they turn out as expected. A few things are planned at Thompson Techno Grotto. We had hoped to go to Bullington to observe Mars but the weather is not looking too promising all weekend and Sunday is Father's Day. 



Saturday, 16 June 2001

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Be sure to check out the new home page for TTG. Bob has officially named it Thompson's Techno Grotto.

[editor's note: Barbara officially named it that. RBT]

Bob offered to swap Tom for Malcolm but last I heard the deal was off. Too bad, with his red hair, Landon could certainly be passed off as one of our off spring. Tom felt putting Landon in a crate for time out would elicit some complaints from the Humane Society. I personally thought the Syroid's were getting a good deal.

On a more serious note. A dear friend of my family is in very serious condition in the hospital right now. Her cancer treatments have not gone well and she has developed some major complications. We are all pretty worried right now. 

Off to the gym for the 8:30 spinning class this morning. I have work to do on several projects today as well as filing, bill paying, and desk organizing.

If the weather is clear tonight we will go up to Bullington for observing. We never did get any rain yesterday or last night despite a couple of black clouds and pops of thunder several times. 

I posted a review of the book I finished last night, A Certain Slant of Light by Cynthia Thayer. Very interesting although a little strange. Sort of different from the normal things I usually read.

I hope your Saturday is a pleasant one and thanks again for stopping by.


Sunday, 17 June 2001

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          Happy Father's Day

Oh well. It has been one of those weeks. Check out Bob's page to see just how tired I was by yesterday afternoon after spinning class in the morning, working on projects and giving the three dogs their first outdoor bath. And of course I get a free wash along with them. Yep that is a true picture, not staged. I looked down while Bob and I were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and noticed I had on two different tennis shoes. At least they were the same manufacturer. How I got them unmatched is beyond my recall abilities.

We had a while before we needed to head up to Bullington to do some observing so Bob installed a new mouse for me. I had test driven a nice lightweight Logitech at my friends house Wednesday. We could not find that model on their web page but Bob had a Microsoft mouse that he was not using. In addition to being very lightweight it has programmable thumb buttons. I have been having a problem with my hand and wrist and thought maybe the thumb buttons would help. I programmed the thumb buttons to replace the top two finger buttons. So far it works pretty good, I just have to get used to using to accurately pointing and clicking using my thumb instead of my index finger.

Off to Bullington for an evening observation of stars and Mars. We saw several meteors, some very nice stars and constellations and enjoyed sitting around in the quiet talking with Bonnie and Priscilla. Unfortunately Mars never rose out of the clouds and muck so we never got a really great look at it. At least Bob got to try out some of the new eyepieces we ordered. Back home around 12:30 by the time we walked the dogs and got things settled down it was 1:00am.

This being Father's Day I want to pay a nice tribute to my dad. From the time I was old enough to walk I followed my dad around pretty much everywhere he went. I remember as a little girl around the age of five or six waking up before day break on a Saturday morning. He  would help me get dressed and I would go to town for him to get a haircut, run errands, or whatever needed to be done. Around the time I turned eight he started letting me go to the golf course with him. He used a pull cart so I could pull his clubs and of course he was teaching me proper golf course etiquette leading up to my 12th birthday when he bought me my first set of clubs. I learned to mow the lawn by the time I was ten, put out grass seed and fertilizer, wash the car, hammer a nail, etc, etc. You name, we did it together and in the meantime he taught me to be pretty self sufficient.

In fact, until I turned sixteen my dad nicknamed me Charlie. I guess I was the boy he did not have. He was a very strict disciplinarian and demanded respect but he was kind and fair. I am sure there were times when I hated him for things he made me do or would not let me do but I don't remember those. I only remember the great times we have had over the years. Oh, I remember being grounded for misbehaving or having the car keys taken away when I got older. But now I respect him for keeping me in line and teaching me to be a responsible adult. 

 I could write countless pages of the wonderful things we have done as a family or the two of us together over the years. We did not get everything we wanted but instead got to do things and be given just enough to make life fun without being spoiled and ungrateful and to live with hundreds of fond memories.

He encouraged my successes and supported my failures and got me out of some minor jams. I only hope I have lived up to his expectations. He has certainly lived up to mine. 

We are all going over to Frances's for dinner. Dad chose filet mignon steak and linguini for dinner. I will grill the steaks while Frances and mom do the indoor stuff. I bought key lime pie, Sara Lee mini cheesecakes, and a carrot cake for dessert. Rolls and salad will accompany the steaks and pasta.

I got him a new bathrobe, a new hammer (long story), and some golf balls.

Clean house this morning. The race is on at 12:30. I will switched back and forth between it and the U.S. Open golf tournament. 



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