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Week of 18 June 2001

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Monday, 18 June 2001

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This is how the dogs spend every Sunday morning while I clean house. Asleep in the foyer while I do the other rooms. Then I move them to the den so I can vacuum the foyer. Malcolm likes to sleep tucked into the corner.

   foyer-malcolm.jpg (36005 bytes)      foyer-3-dogs.jpg (34445 bytes)

We had a very nice afternoon at my sister's house. But the day turned out to be rather busy. Just as I was finishing up vacuuming Lenore's room Bob called up to say the washing machine had finally given up the ghost. I called Frances to see if I could bring the laundry along and do it while we were over there.

After a shower and lunch I watched the beginning of the race. Bob and I decided we would leave early enough to stop by Sears and order another washing machine on the way over. Around 3:00 I started packing up food, gifts, and laundry stuff to load in the car. Bob pulled out the load from the washer and discovered the agitator must have been jammed because it now turned freely and was spinning again. We rinsed and spun the whole load again and the washer seemed to be working fine. We unloaded the laundry from the car and Bob started the dark load washing. 

After watching the end of the race at Frances's we got dinner started. I manned the grill while mom and Frances did the inside food. After dinner and clean up we did gifts. Dad really liked his robe and hammer. Then we had desert, while watching the last few holes of the U.S. Open.

fathers-day-1.jpg (55294 bytes)   fathers-day-2.jpg (37009 bytes)

Bob went outside a couple of times to smoke his pipe and came back in declaring the skies to the south were clear. He suggested we go home, let out the dogs and drive up to Bullington. I was pretty tired from the days activities thus not very enthusiastic about going up. Plus we had a late night the evening before and I did not nap during the race.

We left Frances's around 8 o'clock and got home to find a message on our answering machine. Bonnie was going back up to the site and wanted to know if we would like to join her. After a few minutes contemplation I said "what the hell" let's go. Bob settled Lenore while I put away leftovers from the dinner. We walked the dogs, settled them down, loaded up and took off back to Bullington around 9:05. Mars was lovely as well as the entire sky. No clouds but some haze down low.

Mars really never looked good through the scope so we started hunting around for some star clusters and nebulae to look at. I pulled out maps and books and before you know it we had found about 5 or 6 deep sky objects which were beautiful. We also saw the Milky Way come in and some very nice constellations. I have now decided that Sagittarius, which resembles a teapot is my favorite constellation (despite the fact that it is my birth sign) in addition to Orion. 

Needless to say, I am glad we went up. It was a wonderful night for viewing and I soon forgot how tired I was. 

We finally packed up and came home around 1:30 getting in bed by 2 am. The dogs did let us sleep in until 8:15.

Consequently I am getting a very late start to the morning. I am off to the gym and then back home to work. It is to be 90 degrees today and with the humidity will be quite warm out. 

I hope your Monday gets the week off to a good start.



Tuesday, 19 June 2001

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Yesterday was just another Monday with not a whole lot going on to talk about. Last night I started another Robin Paige mystery, the first one in the series that I bought from Barnes & Nobel. Unfortunately by 8:00 I was getting so sleepy it was hard to concentrate on the book, so I stopped reading and put in one of the Nero Wolf mysteries we have been taping on A & E. 

It finished up right at 9:00 and Bob wanted to watch a documentary on the public television station about the life and historical events surrounding the reign of Queen Victoria.  I kept falling asleep so we finally walked the dogs for the last time and I hit the bed, turned off the light and was asleep by 10. 

Busy day today. This morning I have a few things to do than I am off to the library to work for a couple of hours and then go to lunch with Betsy, who works at the library. This afternoon I need to mow and edge the lawn and all that good stuff.

This past weekend I got e-mail from a great, great, granddaughter of Dianna Fritchman. She sent me the children's birth and death dates and marriage information. I only had the children listed. Again the wonderful world of the Internet makes it possible to link up with the current generations of these families and make connections like this possible.


Wednesday, 20 June 2001

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Nancy, Betsy, and I had a nice lunch at the nearby Mexican restaurant. Back at home I caught up some things then went out about 3:30 to do the yard work. I finished up around 5:00. We had leftover stromboli from the other night which made dinner fairly easy. 

I did a little work after dinner but finally gave up around 7:30 and went out to the den to read my Robin Paige mystery until time to walk the dogs and then off to bed to read until around 11:00 or so.

This morning I have my annual physical. Not sure how long all that will take but I figure at least an hour with exam, blood work, etc. Tonight is astronomy club meeting. Bob and I will stop by the library then go to dinner on the way to the meeting. 



Thursday, 21 June 2001

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Just too tired! The plan for today was to go with Nancy to meet a new volunteer for CBCR at lunch today. I called dad and told him no golf that I had some other things to do. The fact is I am just too tired to play this week. The last couple of weeks have been very busy, there is a lot going on at the Thompson Techo Grotto, and I have finally run out of gas.

While we were at astronomy club meeting last night Nancy called to say the lady needed to reschedule for another time. I tried to sleep in a little this morning but kept waking up. I had visits from both dogs but they really did not wake me. Isn't that the way it always is? I cancelled golf to be able to sleep in a little and could not sleep. Oh well! 

My physical went fine yesterday. Everything checked out as far as the doctor's exam part. We have to wait on the reports to come back to see if everything else is normal. I also have to schedule my routine mammogram. 

Off to the gym this morning. I will at least get in a light cardio workout but will skip the weights. Then on to the drugstore and grocery store. This afternoon I have to go back to the frame shop to pick up the framed print they are donating for the Friends of the Library raffle and get that installed at the library.

Guess I will try to get some work done this afternoon. Things are starting to look a little dry. We really need some rain. While it has been warm with high temperatures in the low nineties it really has not been that bad so far this summer. But the humidity is very high. We had an ozone danger level warning for yesterday. 



Friday, 22 June 2001

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Hot and dry continues to be the weather pattern. There was a chance of storms in the afternoon but they never materialized. I worked on some projects in the afternoon. Bill showed up around 2:00 for a visit which the dogs always enjoy. We ordered Chinese takeout for dinner.

Last night I finished reading Murder at Bishop's Keep, the first Robin Paige mystery in the series. I then started a new Elizabeth Berg, Never Change. Her stuff is light but not too bad. I was still pretty tired so the lights went out early for bed.

This morning I have a second interview with the guy I am trying to get a contract with. We will see how that goes. I am meeting with him at 8:30. From there I may go over to the hospital to visit Ann to see how she is getting along. I also have to pick up the print from the frame shop. The owner decided to reframe it and did not have it ready yesterday.

Chance of storms again this afternoon. We shall see.

Have a good Friday and and great weekend everybody.


Saturday, 23 June 2001

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We had a lovely wren singing right outside the den window right before the storm last night. 

wren-deck-1.jpg (49478 bytes)

Don't try this at home! Malcolm loves to climb up on Bob's table for a visit from time to time. Bob is very careful to make sure he does not slip and hurt himself by holding his back legs and making sure he does not slip when he jumps down. We did not teach his this trick he just decided to do it one day on his own. Duncan has never tried it but he is much bigger than Malcolm.

malcolm-table-1.jpg (35218 bytes)       malcolm-table-2.jpg (37277 bytes)

It looks like summer is taking its toll on all the Netwidows this week. The combination of heat, changing weather, too much to do, etc, etc, has many of us down and out this week. Let's hope this weekend everyone will get a chance to rest and feel better.

I stopped by the hospital yesterday to visit Ann. She was going home in the afternoon but I am still glad I got a chance to see her. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her to get her strength back and to be able to get around again.

Yesterday on the way back from my interview I dropped the car off to be serviced. I was right at the garage where we have our work done and the oil needed changed as well as the AC checked. I called Bob from the garage to come out and pick me up.

That meant having to drive the white truck around town yesterday without AC. Wow, I forgot just how hot it can get in a car in the summertime without the air. We went back out to pick it up around 4:30 and the AC in the blue truck was down almost a pound.

Those promised storms rolled through around 6:00 dumping about an inch of much needed rainfall in about an hour. The temps also dropped from 92 to 72 in about the same time although the humidity was still pretty high making it cool and muggy instead of warm and muggy.

This afternoon I am driving over to Raleigh for an organizational meeting of the agility trial the border collie and Australian Shepherd rescues groups are going to do in December. This is a planning and task assignment meeting as well as a chance to look over the agility course. Both groups will benefit from the trial as a fund raiser as well as being a sanctioned event for those that run their dogs in agility. I don't but I am very interested in the event as a fund raiser for our group and volunteered to help out. 

Also, Duncan gets to go along for the ride down which he will enjoy. 

I will not be back until last this evening. We were not planning on going up to the observation site tonight since I am away and the weather was not forecast to be very promising.

Guess that is all for now. 



Sunday, 24 June 2001

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Although it was a long day yesterday, Duncan and I enjoyed our trip down to the eastern part of the state. The meeting went very well and the organization for the agility tournament is well under way. I was voted Trial Chair which is really not a big deal. I just make sure everyone else is doing their job. Ha, I can do that real well. Not really. But, it does mean that I do not have a lot of pre-trial things to worry about until the last few weeks, which is good for my schedule.

Duncan and I left about 12:30. It took about two hours to drive down. The meeting was scheduled to start at 3:00 at Michelle's who owns a large two story farm house and surrounding acreage. Duncan got to run around and play with other dogs and get lots of attention from those attending the meeting. We finished up around 5:30 and ate preordered sandwiches from Subway. Michelle has the agility ring built right on her property and was having some of her students over at 7:00 for a run through. I stayed to watch a few of them run through the course then headed back to Winston.

Duncan and I got back right about ten o'clock. 

A bit of change in the schedule this morning. I slept in until about 8:00. Instead of reading the paper and getting such a late start on the housework, I will do the reverse and clean house first. I can read the paper this afternoon while watching the race. I need to do some grooming on the dogs particularly brush Duncan's teeth. The women are playing in a major for the LPGA so I may watch more of the golf than the race. The race is at Sears Point which is a road race course and not one of my favorite type of races to watch. 

Guess I better get started. Pork chops and left over Chinese rice for dinner. 




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