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Week of 1 October 2001

Latest Update: Friday, 10 May 2002 12:03

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Monday, 1 October 2001

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Wow, the year is almost gone folks. My question is, where did it go? 

I picked up Josey from the kennel at 9:30 and brought her back to the house. I kept her outside for while I put some mulch out and planted two mums. Then I brought in the house to interact with the dogs. She got along well with them. I left in side while I mowed the lawn and picked up sticks. Then I began watering the lawn for the seed and fertilizer. It is still very dry. I had a lot of leaves down too.

I sat outside with Josey on the front porch while I switched sprinklers around. Tina arrived with her husband to pick her up. We chatted for a few minutes and then they took off. I came in, took a shower, hit the couch and fell asleep. It has been an utterly exhausting week. I did put the head phones on and listen to the race.

I woke up at 4 from pestering dogs and asked Bob to take them out then fell back to sleep. I woke up in time to watch the last hundred laps of the race. Bob had gone back to take a nap in the bedroom.

We had creamed chip beef on noodles for dinner. I played with the dogs and read until time for Practice come on.

The neighbor next door is going to help us take down a couple of dead trees in the back. They are tall but small in size, Lombardy Poplars, that I planted not long after we moved here. They do not live very long but it looks like something may have got in them and killed them early. He just stopped by and said her would be ready in about thirty minutes to get started.

The Dixie Classic Fair is in town this week and I am going tonight with my mom, dad, and sister. We just walk around looking at the exhibits and eat good ol' fair food. More on that tomorrow.

Have a good Monday, hope your week gets off to a good start. 


Tuesday, 2 October 2001

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It took about five hours to cut down the three small trees, haul off the brush to the curb and do a general cleanup of the lawn. That of the the yard looks fabulous without those big dead trees and all the stuff around them. Bob took pictures so perhaps he will post them at some point. [Here: RBT]

After I finished in the yard I took and shower and then decided I better rest since I would be walking around the fair that night. I left the house around 3:30 to run by the pet store to pick up dog treats and check on the book sale at the library. I had about thirty minutes before I needed to meet my folks at the fair so I went ahead and broke down what was left of the sale. I managed to get the books back to the storage room and put the tables along the wall of the story telling room. The children's librarian had story time this morning so I needed to get the room at least organized for her.

It was a beautiful night for the fair. Cool temps, clear skis, and no wind. It has become a family tradition over the last ten years or so that we all go to the fair on either Sunday or Monday night. In the past few years there have been very few people and the exhibits and food vendors had gotten pretty small. Not this year. I have never seen so many people as there were last night. 

And, there were lots of new booths, food vendors, exhibits, etc to look at. I think the tragedy of three weeks ago brought out more people in support of the fair than usual. The other reason I was so shocked is several major employers in the area have laid off thousands of people in the last few months. 

First we ate dinner, then walked around the exhibits. We occasionally took short sit down breaks to rest. Later we got our traditional funnel cake for dessert. I also bought Bob a treat to bring home for him. It was 9:30 by the time I got home when normally we are finished around 7:30 or 8:00. It was a very nice fair this year and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Off to SciWorks this morning. Then I need to go by the library and put the tables away and stop at the grocery store. I hope to finish the October issue of WebViews this afternoon, then have an early dinner so I can make exercise class. 

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention the great book I have started reading. Joanna Trollope writing as Carolina Harvey, A Second Legacy. Excellent book, this is the first one of Trollope's I have read under her pen name. I will try to get a review posted this week. It is a sequel to her first book, Legacy of Love but it is not necessary to read it first as the two can stand alone.


Wednesday, 3 October 2001

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Last night was the first time since I started my new class that I tried doing both the exercise class followed by the spinning class.  I am pleased to announce I made it through both classes for a total of about and hour and half workout. 

Today and tomorrow I will attending the North Carolina Library Association Meeting being held here in Winston-Salem. The conference for practicing school, public, and academic librarians but they do offer some interesting programs that I can attend as a research librarian and on the board of the Friends of the Library. 

Today I will attend a luncheon speak by mystery author Margaret Maron which is sponsored by the Friends of North Carolina Public Libraries. This afternoon there is meeting concerning friends groups and how to keep them active. This panel discussion is to share ideas about friends groups. Perhaps I will walk away with some new ideas. Also, I am to be on a panel discussion later this month at a mystery conference and I want to get an idea of how to prepare.

The fun part of these conferences are the exhibits. I still enjoy walking around talking to library vendors and looking at products even though I am not working in the library. And, having worked for twenty years as a librarian in NC, I know a lot of the vendors and librarians from other systems. It is nice to touch base with them and see how they are doing.

I should be home sometime after 5 to fix dinner. Tonight is the premier of West Wing and I do not want to miss it. 

More wonderful fall weather in the Carolinas. I cannot remember when late September and early October have been so beautiful. We still need rain but the cool days and nights are great.


Thursday, 4 October 2001

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Ah, just like old times. Attending conferences has always been something I enjoy doing. This year was a lot of fun because I saw many of my fellow library friends from other systems plus some I used to work with here that I do not get to see very often. Or, when I do, they are too busy to talk or I am in a hurry myself. 

The luncheon talk by author Margaret Maron was excellent. I have never read any of her mysteries but they sounded rather interesting. She gave a brief over view of her writing background and then covered the plots of several of her books. She has published eighteen books with two different main characters. Many of her settings take place in various places around North Carolina. 

I did the exhibit thing after lunch, talked with some online vendors to see what is new with them and checked out a few new resources I should be award of. The afternoon meeting I attended dealt with ways to get more money for the library with Friends of the Library activities and fund raisers.

This morning I will off again for meetings all day. Several of the meeting topics sound very interesting. I am not attending a luncheon today but will grab a quick bite somewhere near the conference center between meetings.

Tonight is the traditional conference party at the main library with some type of music and light finger foods. I met an old colleague yesterday  and we are having dinner together between the last meeting and the conference party. She is director of a small library about an hour from here and served with me on several library organizations back when I was working for the library. 


Friday, 5 October 2001

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I am continuing to enjoy the library conference. I attended several very interesting meetings yesterday and of course it is always nice to discuss library related topics with my fellow peers I have not seen in a long time. Last night for dinner three of us had a very enjoyable meal at the Filling Station. Very relaxing meal outside in the courtyard. I had Tuscan chicken with roasted potatoes and asparagus spears. Very well done. After dinner we walked back over to the Central Library for the conference reception/party. 

The staff did a wonderful job decorating the library in Red, White, and Blue. The music was Swing Band from Greensboro playing the old time traditional Glen Miller/Tommy Dorsey type music. It was one of the nicer receptions I have seen done for NCLA in a long time and presented our library system very well.

I did not stay very long since I had been gone all day. I roamed around talking with some people I had not run into at the conference yet and then headed on home about 8:00. I knew the dogs would be wanting attention and Bob would need help with the evening routines. I stayed up to watch ER and then off to bed.

I do want to attend a meeting this morning that sounds pretty good. This afternoon's closing session is North Carolina's Poet Laureate, Fred Chappell. I have never had a chance to hear him speak and do not want to miss this opportunity. Then back home to get some stuff done this afternoon and relieve Bob of the home front chores since I have been gone so much this week.

Glad to see Friday get here, as I have been rather busy this week with a lot going on. But, I have to get some work done this weekend after being gone all week. 


Saturday, 6 October 2001

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Tired, very tired. I slept in until 9 o'clock this morning which is very unusual for me. Bob got up with the dogs at regular time and I just could not wake up. This past week finally caught up with me I guess. Conferences are fun but they are very tiring plus having the added responsibilities of our normal day-to-day activities. 

When I got home from the last session late  yesterday afternoon I begun to tackle the hideous mess downstairs in Lenore's old living area. We had been storing boxes down there for the "move that never was" and I had not been organizing anything. There are also boxed up things from her kitchen and the stuff that was being stored in the guest room where she now resides.

The motivation behind all this is we were are having a house guest for tonight. One of my fellow CBCR members has a dog competing in an agility trial this weekend just west of Winston-Salem. I offered her the downstairs to crash for the night with her dogs rather than have to camp at the trial or get a hotel or drive back and forth from Cary, NC. 

The place had spider webs and boxes all over the place. We had been keeping the toilet clean and on occasion I had used the shower to bathe the dogs. I mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors and then began hauling all the boxes out into the garage area to be sorted.

We have a sleeper sofa down there that is not great but she is young so it should not bother her. I worked for several hours before stopping to fix dinner than went back down to get some work done.

This morning I will finish the cleaning portion and find a place to stack the boxes more or less permanently so we can make that area useable again. We do have a fireplace down there that still burns wood. Our upstairs has gas logs.

I will go out to the trial this afternoon and see how it is going and wait to lead Natalie back to the house. Then we will go out and takeout for everyone for dinner.

Not sure if we will go up for observing tonight with everything else going on. It is raining this morning but is to clear off this evening. However, tomorrow night is to be even better. 

If you enjoy poetry I highly recommend Fred Chappell. He wrote a lovely poem just for the NCLA Conference which he read after a brief talk than autographed copies for all the attendees. He is very charming and entertaining. He has written several novels and about thirteen books of poetry. I am not much of a poetry person but I do intend at some point to try one of his works of fiction.


Sunday, 7 October 2001

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The downstairs is starting to look pretty good. Bob helped me get the boxes organized in the garage part of the basement. I finished vacuuming and getting the finished part looking decent for Natalie. By then it was time for lunch. Afterwards I took a shower then headed out to watch some of the agility trial after a drugstore stop.

This trial is a two ring trial run similar to the one CBCR/Aussie rescue is doing in December. Since I am trial chair for that event I wanted to watch how the trials are basically set up and run. When I arrived Natalie had one run left. By the time she did her last run and got her score it was five thirty by the time we left. 

She followed me back to the house. Not long after we arrived Nancy and Jeff showed up. Bob had talked with Nancy and invited them over to say hello to Natalie. We talked them into staying for dinner and ended up having a sort of impromptu party. We ordered a bunch of Chinese takeout and Jeff and I rode over to get it.  

We sat around talking and eating then took a walk around the block with all five dogs. Kerry stayed behind because he cannot go that far. I had Malcolm on a leash, Bob had Natalie's Becca, Nancy had Josey the rescue that Natalie is fostering and Natalie had her other dog Reba. Jeff had their one year old daughter Phoebe. 

Shortly after we returned Jeff and Nancy had to get Phoebe home to bed. Natalie stayed upstairs to chat until about 10:15. We took the dogs out for their last time then I went on to bed. 

This morning I woke up about 7:15 and checked to see if Natalie had left yet. She was just getting ready to go when I went downstairs. Clean house this morning. The race is in Charlotte today, will watch or listen, depending on whether or not Bob is ready to build the Pentium system today.

I took a bunch of meat out of the freezer I think I will grill for dinner; chicken, steaks, chops, etc. We can have some for dinner tonight and then I will use the remainder as meals for the rest of the week. 

Cold this morning. Temperatures dropped to 38 degrees last night, which is pretty chilly for this time of year for us. It is to be clear and cold tonight, good conditions for star gazing. Guess we will head up to Bullington.





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