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Week of 12 August 2002

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Monday, 12 August 2002

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Yesterday was pretty much a "sleep out" around here. After getting up at 10:30 and getting morning stuff like reading the paper and daily posts out of way Bob started the laundry while I tackled the house cleaning chores. 

Bob took his shower while I fixed lunch then he rode over to visit his mom. I finished up the vacuuming and was just finishing up getting my shower and dressed when Bob got back home. I started to watch the race while Bob headed for the bedroom to read. I lasted all of fifteen minutes before I was sound asleep. I woke up two hours later at 4 pm. I guess we are getting too old for these late night astronomy sessions where we get home in the wee hours of the morning.

I am off to the gym this morning for Body Pump class and back home. I have another long lists of small chores to get done today. 

Hopefully your Monday is a great one and gets your week off to good start.

On a good note, after three weeks of constantly trying to get through to the BellSouth idiots to get a phone line for Lenore at the nursing home we supposedly succeeded this morning. That was after getting through once and being put on hold yet again before getting another customer service person. When she picked up the phone I gave her hell and told her if she puts me on hold I am reporting BellSouth to the Public Utilities Commission so she better stay on the line and not put me on hold yet again. I may still report them. They cut service and go up on the rates. 

Bob picked the phone up at this point and took care of what needed to be done.


Tuesday, 13 August 2002

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A rather ho-hum day around here yesterday news wise. I managed to get quite of few of my odds and ends chores completed yesterday afternoon. And, we are back to the hot weather again with highs yesterday in the mid nineties and a heat index close to 100.

I am off to the dentist this morning for my routine six month check up. After I leave there I need to run a couple of errands then I will make the morning visit to the nursing home. 

Tonight I am having dinner out with my friends Betsy and Nancy. We have a lot to get caught up on, should be a lot of fun.



Wednesday, 14 August 2002

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Nancy, Betsy, and I had a wonderful meal and visit last night at the Diamond Back restaurant. We had a lot of news to get caught up on between my trip and Nancy's job change within the library system. I ate their Surf and Turf, a small perfectly cooked filet along with grilled shrimp, herb mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies. Yes, I cheated ate desert. Triple chocolate cake that was surprisingly not too rich. Guess I got home just a little before nine.

This morning I am off to the gym for Spinning class followed by the weekly grocery store run. 


Thursday, 15 August 2002

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I spent yesterday afternoon volunteering at the library. The gift books were piled up everywhere from my four plus weeks of absence. With the closing of one of our smaller branches Reynolda got some an extra small section of shelving for the back room where we keep the gift books. Now we can organize them much better between book sales. 

I stopped by to see Lenore on the way home. Bob and I went out for dinner last night and took her a burger for dinner from the cafe as a treat.

It looks like we may get some rain coming our way later today and tomorrow. A large tropical moisture band looks like it may be forming down off the gulf coast. Let's hope it does its usual act of streaming up this way.

I am off to play golf this morning. It is cloudy but the rain is supposed to hold off until later this afternoon.



Friday, 16 August 2002

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I haven't had a cute dog picture in a while. Here is Malcolm using the rung of the foyer table as a pillow. He moved his head before I could snap a picture of his head resting a little further to the right in the rounded part of the rung.

malcolm-foyer.jpg (101158 bytes)

We had some pretty loud but not severe thunderstorms roll through here last night. We only got 1/3 of an inch of rain out of them but more is expected for today. Bob and I are getting ready to take my Trooper out to get inspected and the oil changed this morning. 

Last night I finished An Accidental Woman by Barbara Delinsky. It was very good, light reading. I learned a lot about the maple sugar industry while reading the book. I enjoy reading books that not only have a good storyline but pass along interesting facts about things I do not know about. 



Saturday, 17 August 2002

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Things are not looking good for those of us in a severe drought. According to the maps on the Drought Monitor web site you can see we are still in very bad condition here in the Triad. And, the long range predictions do not look very good either. We need the remnants of a good tropical storm to sit over us for a few days like it just did down in Texas and over in Europe. 

Lenore finally got her phone installed yesterday. That should cheer up a little now that she can get/make phone calls anytime she wants to. Malcolm and I went over for a visit yesterday afternoon. 

I started the third book in A Booklover's Mystery series by Julie Kaewert, Unprintable, last night. This novel begins with the same basic premise as the other two. Alex agrees to publish a book which will greatly determine the outcome of a political event, is controversial, etc, etc. Kaewert has other people involved with Alex and his printing ventures lives threatened or worse as well as his own life. 

This morning I am off early for the Triad Highland Games held about an hour away in Archdale, NC. The is a first event for CBCR so I am hoping we sell a lot of stuff and possibly sign up some new volunteers. Tonight was to be a public observation at Pilot Mountain for the Astronomy Club but the weather does not look very promising at this point.


Sunday, 18 August 2002

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The Triad games were a lot of fun to visit yesterday but did not prove to be very beneficial for CBCR. Due to our location we did not get a lot of walk by traffic which is what we have to depend on when we are at non-BC oriented events. We decided to pack it in and come home around 2 pm.

Bob wanted an early dinner of ham and cheese sandwiches. I took a shower, checked my mail and fixed dinner around 4. We had a another round of afternoon thunder but very little rain. Around 6 we went over to visit Lenore then spent the rest of the evening reading. I went to bed early, around 9:15 to read. I turned off the light well before 10 pm.

Today is house cleaning and laundry day. Bob will go over to visit Lenore this morning while I do the house cleaning chores. This afternoon I will flip between the NASCAR race and the PGA championship while catching up on a large stack of reading material on my end table.




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