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Week of 19 August 2002

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Monday, 19 August 2002

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I finished reading Unprintable by Julie Kaewert last night. This third book in her series is much better than the other two. I have three more to read so perhaps they continue to get better. Poor Alex Plumtree of Plumtree Press is still getting beaten up in every novel and shot at. His close friends are constantly in danger themselves due to be associated with him and publishing of political oriented materials. I am not sure how one person could survive so many beatings and attempts upon his life but this is fiction after all. Much like James Bond always having people trying to kill him. However, in this particular novel you learn a lot of information on the old style of book printing and the history of type faces. Very informative. Alex's father was a printer. When he was killed and Alex took over the Press he left his old printing presses and type faces in the barn of their estate at the Orchard. In this novel Alex and his printer friend Amanda use the old press to secretly print a special edition of the book Cleansing that political factions were sabotaging. I do not like to give away too much plot to spoil the story but I will tell you the newest plot again Alex and his friends involves the deputy to the Prime Minister and the European Union.  

One thing about the author, she now has me hooked into reading the next book(s) so I can find out if Alex and Susan get married, if Alex starts doing some printing again from his barn, and who will try to kill him next!. 

I am off to the gym this morning for Body Pump. When I get home I need to mow the lawn and edge. While we are still in the death grip of a drought the Bermuda grass has finally gotten enough rain to make it high enough to mow.

Tonight when I go over to visit Lenore I will first stop by a nearby retirement community. A very lovely couple from my library days moved there several years ago. He passed away yesterday at age 83 after a short illness. She is receiving visitors tonight at the Home. 


Tuesday, 20 August 2002

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This morning my parents and I are going to Old Salem to have a look around the shops and eat lunch. This afternoon I have an  appointment with the alterations lady about my dress I wore at Frances' wedding. As many of you know, I do not like to wear long dresses. I want to have it altered into a shorter street length dress I can wear to other functions. As a long dress I would probably not ever have an occasion to wear it again.

Bob and I have now starting doing only two Lenore visits per day. He goes in the morning, I go in the afternoon or evening.

Not much else newsworthy from the Thompson Techno Grotto. 


Wednesday, 21 August 2002

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I started reading John Jakes' new novel Charleston : A Novel. I am sure many of you remember his famous ten book series The Kent Family Chronicles from the 1980's. The followed this up with a couple of other series and a few individual titles. As far as historical fiction goes he is not the best America has to offer but he makes a nice change of pace. 

In this novel, he divides the book into three segments of history/family generations starting with the early 1700's. His major family, The Bells, tell the story of the rich and not so rich inhabitants of Charleston through the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  Jakes mixes real historical figures with fictional ones. So far the book is light, easy reading if you like historical fiction. I will post another review after I have moved along further in the book.

It is gym and grocery store day. Tonight Bob and I have two FAS meetings back to back. The early meeting is to discuss some developments with a new roll off roof observatory the club has been given as a donation. Our regular monthly FAS meeting follows. We will leave here early enough to make a library stop and have dinner that will allow us time to make a brief visit with Lenore on the way to the meetings.



Thursday, 22 August 2002

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I have added a new picture to my Fritchman photo page of Carolina Fritchman Sloyer and her son thanks to a great granddaughter of Caroline's. The picture was actually a sepia toned color but I chose to post it as a black and white to match the other photo's on the page.

I am playing golf this morning with my dad. It is still very hot, muggy, and dry here. The water situation for surrounding cities is getting dangerously low. Everything is just drying up and the trees are already loosing their leaves.


Friday, 23 August 2002

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I have started a new jigsaw puzzle, this one of covered bridges of the United States. 

It was very warm and muggy yesterday morning on the golf course however by yesterday afternoon it was down right hot. Today we have heat index warning of temperatures and humidity combining for readings of somewhere between 100 and 105 degrees. Yes, this is the south and it is very typical August weather for us. We will have to keep the dogs inside today except for potty breaks.

I am staying home this morning to work on some things while Bob goes over to visit Lenore. This afternoon I am going out to SciWorks for a few hours. I will visit Lenore on the way home instead of going back out tonight.  

We had connectivity problems yesterday. When I got home from playing golf Bob said we lost both cable and Internet. The cable came back on but not the Internet until about 3:00. Last night when I was leaving for the nursing home my neighbor asked if we had Internet service yet because his was still down. 


Saturday, 24 August 2002

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This morning Malcolm and I are going over to Greensboro for a BarkPark Fundraising Part. There will be a lot of rescue groups there to support the cause of raising money for Greensboro to have a dog park. Winston-Salem is trying to get things off the ground to get one here. This event should give us a better opportunity to raise money for CBCR then the one last week because of the agility and flyball demo's which usually have mostly BC's running. 

It only runs until 2 pm. By the time we get the stuff loaded up and back home it should be around 4. I just hope we have some shade to put the tent up under with this beastly weather we are having, it will be hot, hot, hot!

Last night I worked on my puzzle a little and did some reading before calling it a night.



Sunday, 25 August 2002

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Malcolm did very well at the BarkPark event. Between the heat and the skateboards/scooters, of which he is very terrified of, he did amazingly well. Several folks stopped by the tent to sign up to volunteer for us or apply to adopt dogs. We made a little money, though not as much as I would have liked. 

We got back home around 3 pm. The first thing I did was hit the shower. For dinner I popped a Stoffer's in the oven. It was a new recipe and was surprisingly very good. While it baked I cooled off and rested while working on my puzzle in the living room. After dinner, Bob and I took Duncan over for a quick visit with Lenore.

Last night I watched part of the Winston Cup race from Bristol, TN. But, by 9:30 I was just too tired to sit up and watch to the end. I went to bed and listened to another hour or so while reading before I finally turned off the light. I fell asleep listening to the race and woke up to turn off the radio with about 90 laps to go.

This morning is house cleaning/laundry day. This afternoon I have some paper work to do and bills to pay. Bill is supposed to be over to visit his mom today so I doubt I will go over. Bob may go over this morning. I have ham and potato salad for dinner.




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