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Week of 16 September 2002

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Monday, 16 September 2002

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After morning chores we spent a quiet afternoon relaxing. I worked the Sunday crossword and caught up on some magazine reading. Bob napped and read. After dinner I did the Lenore visit then spent the remainder of the evening reading.

Body Pump at the gym this morning. When I get back I need to get some bills paid before the mailman comes . This afternoon I will finish dismantling Lenore's old room. Yesterday morning while doing the routine house cleaning I gave the living and dinning rooms a good clean and did some reorganizing in those two rooms. We moved one of the chairs from the living room back downstairs. With the WASL meetings being held in that area I am turning it into more of a sitting room atmosphere. I will do a bit of reorganizing down there to accommodate the small tables in her room. Lenore's old room will become a lab for Bob to build computers. Now he has another room of the house to make a total wreck with computer stuff. 

So, yes if you are thinking this means Lenore will not be coming back home, you are correct. With her fragile bones and minor health problems of her age we could no longer care for her without hiring home nursing care almost 24/7. Splitting the visits between us on the twice a day basis is not too bad. I am usually out and about in the afternoons anyway and Bob gets his done first thing in the morning leaving him the afternoon free to work. 

I hope you have a good Monday to get your week started off. We are still under the remnants of hurricane Hannah with cloudy/drizzly weather through today. We only got about 0.3 of an inch over night.  



Tuesday, 17 September 2002

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Yesterday was indoor chore day, today it will be outdoor work. Although, we both forgot to wash the load of dirty towels while I was downstairs working yesterday. And there is a small load of things for Lenore. Right now we are bringing her laundry home for us to do rather than the nursing home. The downstairs really does look much better, especially after a good vacuuming and dusting. That is one of the problems with having an area on another floor we do not use very often, getting down stairs to clean. Bob's "lab" is pretty much cleared of everything that is going out of the room.

After I mow the lawn I hope it will dry out enough for me to put out seed and fertilizer. I am putting out the Scott's Winterizing which has to go down on dry grass rather than a weed and feed that goes down on wet. With no wind and very little sunshine forecast for today it may not dry off enough. Perhaps by this afternoon. Southern Foods is delivering our three month food order sometime after lunch.

I plan to grill steaks and fix pasta salad for dinner. Tonight I have a meeting at Bonnie's house to work on the posters we are redesigning for the Astronomy Club. I will wait and do my Lenore visit on the way over to her house this evening since it is right on the way.

I went to bed early last night, around 9:15, but stayed up until almost midnight finishing up The Bridled Groom by J. S. Borthwick  I started over the weekend. She gets a bit wordy at times with her descriptions but overall not too bad if you like Cozy mysteries. This particular novel dealt with horse riding and all things related which I have very little interest in. The fact that the plot and characters kept me interested despite the subject says something for the author, I guess?



Wednesday, 18 September 2002

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Yesterday I finished up in the yard, took a shower, checked my mail and promptly crashed out on the couch. While it was not very hot the humidity was horrible out side. After making three plus passes around the yard mowing, fertilizing, and seeding I was beat. I napped and read for an hour or so before starting dinner.

I started the next book in Julie Kaewert mystery series for book lovers. As I predicted each book gets a little better. In Unsigned Kaewert opens the book with a murder having already occurred. Alex must solve the crime and get to the bottom of a rumor that a well known publishing house had an author killed to boost sales of his new novel based on the life of Beowulf. The usual cast of characters from Alex's Plumtree press are present. His fiancé Sarah is still missing and presumed dead from being kidnapped by the Arab's in the last book. One thing I do like about Kaewert which I may have mentioned before, she chooses a particular historical period or person and revolves the novel around that subject. In this case it looks like it will be the life and times of Beowulf. If nothing else I have learned a lot of interesting tidbits about English history from reading her books.

I am off to the gym this morning followed by a couple of errands to Office Depot and Wal-Mart and finally the grocery store. Tonight is FAS meeting. Bob and I will make a library and Lenore stop before going on to dinner and our meeting.

Happy Wednesday to everyone. We are starting a new class at the gym this morning replacing the traditional spinning class. I will let you know tomorrow how that goes.


Thursday, 19 September 2002

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Mother nature rules! She managed to change our plans yesterday and today though I am not complaining. Around 2:30 yesterday it started to rain. Shortly thereafter we had several pretty good sized thunder storms role through with rain pouring down in buckets. We had planned to leave the house around 4 pm to give us plenty of time to go to the library and visit Lenore before dinner and our meeting. At 4 it was still coming down in buckets making it impossible to walk the dogs before we left. At 4:30 we decided I would go ahead to the library to pick up books for Lenore and stop at KFC to get dinner for us. Hopefully by the time I got back it would have slacked off enough to take the dogs for a walk not a swim.

However, it continued to rain even harder with the 6 pm hour approaching. We decided to go ahead and take the dogs out in the deluge so we could get going. Malcolm was very disconcerted by the pouring rain and storm and refused to go potty. Finally after walking around for 15 minutes or so he realized he better go or get drowned, I guess! By the time we left the house we had over 4 inches of rain with it still coming down. All told, we had nearly 4.8 inches from 2:30 to 7:30. While we were at our meeting it did finally slack off to just a light rain for the remainder of the evening. 

The rain also cancelled my golf game this morning with three other Astronomy Club members. But, as I have said, we really need the rain for the ponds, lakes, and water reservoirs. I am not sure my yard needed the flooding but beggars cannot be choosers. It also rained so hard the gutters could not take care of the amount which meant we had some running into the basement under the left front part of the foundation of the house. 

It looks like the sun is trying to come out this morning. I have a couple of errands to run this morning. 


Friday, 20 September 2002

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There really isn't much new to talk about today. I am off to the gym this morning and SciWorks this afternoon. 

Have a great weekend. Perhaps I will be more inspired tomorrow.



Saturday, 21 September 2002

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Busy day today for sure. This morning I am going over to my folks house to mow dad's lawn and help him put out seed and fertilizer. I need to be back home by 2:00 to shower and change clothes. 

This evening is the Astronomy Club annual picnic. We need to stop by the store and pick up something for the potluck, make a quick visit with Lenore, and head on out to the picnic. We have a shelter reserved at one of the county parks all day. They have a Disk Golf course and walking trails. Last year I played Disc Golf but I will be too tired after doing dad's lawn stuff for him. We decided we would take Duncan along with us as a special treat for him. 

Perhaps Bob will take along the digital camera for a shot or two we can post tomorrow. There is a chance of rain but we have a large shelter to protect us as long as we do not get a thunder storm we will be okay.


Sunday, 22 September 2002

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Here are a few pictures from the Astronomy Club picnic. The ten of us plus Duncan who showed up had a good time. Duncan had several walks by Bonnie and Tom plus some ball playing in between. Needless to say he slept well last night. The second picture shows Bob and FAS president Steve.

FAS-06.JPG (86174 bytes)  FAS-07.JPG (141966 bytes)    FAS-11.JPG (163566 bytes)

As you can see we had great weather. It was too bad more club members did not show up. We got back home around 7:30. Bob and I watched a history of the submarine on the History Channel while playing ball with Malcolm since he had been left at home all evening. 

Today is house cleaning/laundry day. The This End Up couch in the living room needs to be upended and repaired. That, of course, is Bob's end. It has developed a horrid creaking noise. The race is in Dover, Delaware today. I shall spend the afternoon relaxing and watching the race.




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