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Week of 3 February 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 27 April 2003 08:37

Monday, 3 February 2003

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Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Carolina's with more of the same in store for today. We had to wait about an hour to tee off yesterday morning until the light frost, from the cooler than expected overnight temperatures, melted off. Although the wind picked up a little mid-way through the morning it turned off very warm by late afternoon reaching close to 60 degrees.

After lunch and visit with the folks I came home and did a little outside yard stuff. While I picked up sticks and trimmed the butterfly bush back (they are supposed to be cut back in February) the dogs had a chance to run around and play. I guess we spent about half an hour puttering around in the yard before I came in to do a mail check. 

After the usual dinner and Lenore visit I spent a quiet evening resting and reading.

As I mentioned earlier, it is to be another warm day today with temperatures as high or higher than yesterday. Today is my busy day with work until 2 and an early dinner to make Body Pump class. Except not quite as early because they moved the class start time from 6:15 to 6:30 to give folks who work late a chance to make it to the class.

Hope you have a great week. 



Tuesday, 4 February 2003

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Bob did his mom's visit last night for me. When I go after the 6:15 or 6:30 class if has me getting to the nursing home at 7:40 at the latest. By the time I do at least a thirty minute visit I am after 8 o'clock getting home. That leaves very little of the evening left for me to get my next day post up, play with the dogs, and get in some evening relaxing before heading off to bed. 

I am working until 1 pm today then stopping off at SciWorks for a short time. The library project has not been finished. I do not want to abandon it completely but would like to get back into a weekly schedule for about an hour and half to two hours of steady work. Tuesday afternoon is the best day.

Sunday night I finished the Graham Thomas and started a Carola Dunn, Rattle His Bones. I managed to get a few chapters read Sunday night and plan to get a few more read tonight before turning off the lights. Malcolm is demanding some ball playing time so I guess I better run. 


Wednesday, 5 February 2003

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I did Lenore's visit on the way home from SciWorks yesterday afternoon then came on home to fix dinner. This gave me an entire evening at home rather than having to come home, eat dinner, visit her, and then get home and do my evening mail check/post. Bob and I decided perhaps I should start doing her visit in the afternoon rather than after dinner to make my days somewhat less hectic on those days when I can. 

It was an interesting day at work yesterday. First off we had to attend the teleconference being broadcast to all the offices from the Womble main office in the building just a block up the street which lasted for about an hour. They talked a lot about new technology and marketing trends for the firm including the project I am working on. After this meeting we held our weekly team meeting for the InterAction project. The pressure is now on our group to not only get the contact information merged to but also get the larger companies who are potential clients for the firm information "clean" in the database.

Today I need to stop at the pet and grocery stores on the way home so I will do Lenore's visit tonight as usual.  Guess I better run. It is almost time for Buffy to start.


Thursday, 6 February 2003

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Mother nature is due to make another visit starting sometime this afternoon or tonight. I did the weekly grocery store run yesterday along with a stop at the pet store for dog food and treats and the gas station to gas up the car. We are all prepared should the "ice man cometh". 

As soon as I got home from errands and changed my clothes I went outside to pick up the large amount of sticks that have been blowing down to get them in the yard cart for today's pickup.

Otherwise, not much on the news front. As I mentioned earlier in the week I started reading another Daisy Dalyrmple mystery by Carola Dunn, Rattle His Bones. This is the first book of hers that I seem to have trouble getting into. It takes place in a museum, which is okay, where she is writing one of her magazine articles. The plot seems to move slowly and I don't really care for any of the characters, at least so far. Perhaps as I get further along I will change my mind. Don't misunderstand, it isn't horrible, to me it just is not as good as all the previous ones I have read.

Guess that's it for tonight. The weekend will be here soon.


Friday, 7 February 2003

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As of this post, 4:30 pm Thursday afternoon old man winter had not yet arrived. It is too warm right now for anything but rain to fall if we get anything wet unless it cools down an awful lot.

I popped a Prego frozen lasagna in the oven this afternoon to give me free time for checking e-mails and taking care of some other household chores. We are having an early dinner so I can make 5:30 spin class at the gym. Tonight is also WSAL meeting but we having at another members house who lives nearby. It will only take us five minutes to get there.

Guess that is about all for now. Hopefully the frozen stuff will not make it to the Triad over night and I can make it work at the regular time tomorrow.

Hope you have a great weekend. 


Saturday, 8 February 2003

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I took a rather nasty fall last night. Although Malcolm was the reason I fell I he is not totally to blame. By yesterday afternoon when I got off from work I was totally exhausted. I came home and gave the dogs a walk since the yard is a muddy mess for playing right now. After I check my mail I decided to go on over and do Lenore's visit since I needed to run to the Post Office and the library.

We ate dinner at our usual 5 o'clock. Just as we finished eating our friend John Mikol called to let Bob know he was stopping by the house to pick up some software from him. We were walking the dogs when he came driving down the street. He parked his truck and walked along with us down to the corner and back. I stayed out a few minutes with Malcolm to make sure he didn't need to go potty while Bob and John went on in with Duncan and Kerry.

As usual Malcolm was all cranked because we had a visitor. As I took him in the front door he started pulling away before I could get his leash off. He only does this once in awhile instead of standing still while I unhook him. Usually I just let the leash run out its full length which will take him over to the basement door when he then stops. Sometimes the retractable leash gets hung and does not pull out all the way or I had it locked up short and did not realize it.

I came in the door, started leaning forward to unhook Malcolm when he pulled like a sled dog to go downstairs. For some reason Bob had gone down to the basement for something and the door to the downstairs was open. I got my feet tangled up in the run therefore unable to hold my ground. Thinking the leash would just run out with Malcolm on the end I did not immediately let go. 

Too late. I took a header toward the floor first bouncing my left hip off the little table in the foyer where we keep the leashes and dog treats. Then I slammed straight down on the hardwood floor on my left knee. By this time I had let go of the leash.

Between the pain in my knee and the wind being knocked out of me I was dazed just for a few seconds. I rolled over on my back and grabbed my knee as Bob came flying up the stairs. John was trying to corral Malcolm. As most of you probably don't know I have had bad knees all my life. However, with my weight lifting/exercise program I have been able to strengthen the quad muscles and the ligaments surround the knee to at least make them a little stronger. In this case I feel straight on the knee cap which for me is like hitting your funny bone. After I got my breath and move my leg ever so slightly to see if I had torn anything Bob helped me up. After an hour of icing the only residual of the fall was a large bruise on the knee cap. This morning I have a big black bruise on my hip. By hitting the table first it most likely broke my fall. The knee, although sore, is fine as well. 

Part of the reason I blame myself is because as humans get extremely tired they are more prone to accidents due to sluggish brain waves and reaction times. I am pretty sure had I not been so tired I would have had a better reaction time and been able to prevent the fall. I saw somewhere that a study was done on school play ground accidents and found that most children who suffer injuries it is the result of lack of sleep and being tired.


We did get our promised visit from Mother Nature on Thursday evening. As I left the gym it was already snowing. By the time we left Steve's house we already had an inch of wet snow on the ground. Friday morning the roads were somewhat covered with a thin coating of snow/ice but I made it to work at regular time.

Tonight we have a public observation at Pilot Mountain for FAS. It is to be clear and cold but we plan to head up to take advantage of the good seeing conditions. I doubt we will have a big attendance from the public. I plan to spend the day relaxing until time to get ready to go up. We will fix sandwiches and hot tea and eat up at the mountain since we need to leave here about 4:15 to get up there and get set up.


Sunday, 9 February 2003

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Lazy weekend. I spent yesterday afternoon reading another Graham Thomas mystery, Malice in London. Other than doing a brief mail check around 3:00 that was all I did yesterday afternoon. Around 3:30 we started getting ready for the observation at Pilot Mountain, and we left home around 4:30.

It was cold and mostly clear, however the transparency was not all that great between the moon shine and a few clouds here and there. I would guess we had around 60 brave souls come out and look at the planets and the moon. Between showing stuff to the public I did manage to bag three more Messier objects for my list. Even though I had the 70 necessary to get my certificate from the Astronomy League there are a total of 110 for me to get. 

We got back home around 10:00 and walked the dogs. I went to bed around 10:30 but sat up and read the first chapters of the next Carola Dunn on my list To Davy Jones Below. I finished Rattle His Bones Friday night. That was not one of my favorites in her series but if you read her books by all means don't skip it based on my opinion. I just found it a little boring and I could never "connect" with any of the characters.

I plan to spend this afternoon exactly like I did yesterday. After getting the house cleaned this morning I want to work on my jigsaw puzzle some this afternoon and read this evening. I just needed to take a weekend off including a rest from doing computer things. 

The forecast for tonight includes the possibility of some more winter weather. Guess we will see what goes to pass with that by tomorrow morning. 

I hope you have had a great weekend, I know I have. 



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