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Week of 14 April 2003

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Monday, 14 April 2003

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Bob really does not like me doing the rescue stuff for CBCR. The reasons are many and varied and I will not get into them here. As you know I placed one dog on Saturday with a very young family who had just moved to 5 acres in the country and were looking for a BC.

Tonight I had e-mail from a man who contacted me last week looking for a replacement for their 14 year old hearing ear assistance dog. It was time for them to let her retire and find another dog to take her place. The couple live in nearby Greensboro where one of our volunteers lives. I forwarded their message on to her and we started looking at possible dogs we knew were available. It turns out a family had also contacted me last week about their BC puppy they had to give up because they were being transferred to Korea. Today, the couple who needed a new hearing ear dog went home with that puppy and a very relieved young couple can now rest easy that their beloved BC pup has a wonderful new home. That is why I do rescue!

Well, I managed to get a lot of work done yesterday. I finished up one biography and mailed it off between house cleaning and lunch. While I watched the race I folded flyers for the two upcoming Friends events to get them ready to go in the mail.

Around 2:30 I came by to my desk and worked on another biography while I listened to the race getting in another hour of work.

Guess that about wraps it up for this weekend. I need to play some ball with the dogs and relax a little before heading off to bed. 



Tuesday, 15 April 2003

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Last night our InterAction team from Womble went out for dinner on the Firm. The ten of us were given a gift certificate to one of the nicer local restaurants in town to enjoy ourselves. I ordered lamb chops with red potatoes and mixed vegetables. It has been years since I have eaten at this restaurant. The food was good, the service even better.

I visited Lenore yesterday for about an hour and half before I went to dinner since Bob did not go over today. He was doing the taxes and of course will resume work on the book once those are off in the mail.

I worked yesterday afternoon to finish up the last of my currently assigned biographies to get myself caught up. 

Guess that's about all for now. The dogs had a little bit of playtime when I got home from dinner around 8 but they need a little more before we take them out for last time and head off to bed.


Wednesday, 16 April 2003

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I spent most of yesterday afternoon doing yard work. I moved a couple of small ground covers to better locations, mowed the lawn, and filled in some more bare spots. It was a lovely day to be outside. Temperatures in the high 70's close to 80 with a bit of a breeze. After I finished up in the yard and checked my mail we ate an early dinner so I would have time to go over to  visit Lenore and stop at the grocery store on the way home. 

We will watch the new Buffy tonight then off to bed to read. I finished up the Hardscrabble Chronicles and plan to start a Joan Hess mystery. I have not read any of hers yet and of course...I am starting with the earliest one I could find in the library system. She has two series, Arly Hanks, small-town police chief in Maggody, Arkansas and Claire Malloy, small-town bookstore owner in Farberville, Arkansas. I am starting the Claire Malloy series first with Dear Miss Demeanor, the third book of the series.  

Guess that's all for now. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 17 April 2003

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I took off yesterday at 10:45, an hour early, and picked up dad to go play golf. It was a really pretty day so we decided once again to play during the week instead of waiting until Sunday. The weather is rather iffy for the weekend and we have some family stuff planned that I will tell you about later.

I got back home around 3:30. After checking mail, web sites, etc I played with the dogs until it was time to leave for the library, dinner, and our FAS meeting. We picked up a burger at Wendy's for Lenore and visited with her for an hour before meeting Paul and Mary at the little diner. 

Our FAS program was building galaxy models using different colored sand and thistle seed. The Messier Marathon group made up of Paul, Mary, Steve, Bob, and myself built M31. The models were built on the table using black paper sort of like the weed block stuff used in yards taped over brown mailing paper. Each teams galaxy was photographed by the instructors digital camera. He is going to make a presentation to show the group at one of the next meetings.

Well, the guys need some attention before we give them a last time out. 



Friday, 18 April 2003

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If you have today off, enjoy your day. It is another work day at Womble for me as usual. When I get off work at noon I am stopping by my friend Nancy's pottery studio for a few minutes. After I leave there I am going to pick up Frances to help her buy a grill for Al's wedding anniversary present.

You know, I don't really consider myself very old at age 48+. I turn 49 at the end of the year. I work out at the gym keeping myself in pretty good shape, play golf...all in all I lead a very active life. But, I am starting to feel my age when it comes to the yard work. I used to be able to spend hours outside digging, planting, mowing, etc for pretty much an entire day. Now, I have to divide my projects up into several days. After several hours I am usually starting to run out out gas depending on what the activity is.

Yesterday afternoon after I got home and did some stuff at the computer I went out to tackle what I thought was a very small project. In the corner of the back yard I have a little flower bed in front on a red tip bush. The bush has grown extremely large, which is what I want it to do but had started growing over the flower bed and the lawn. The flower bed had a lot of really pretty spring bulbs and daylilies. As with a lot of those types of plants more green shoots come up than flowers and they had pretty much taken over this very small area. Plus, I have red edging bricks along the front, and the green stuff was covering up my edging. I decided while the ground was good and soft from all the rain I would dig up everything and start over.

One corner has a peony bush with a couple of roses behind it. I cut off the lower branches of the red tip and moved on to digging up bulbs. An hour and half later and three wheel barrow loads I was exhausted. Oh well.

The corner looks a lot better now. I will wait to plant something back in there once I make sure all the other stuff got pulled out. 

Well, it is early but I am pretty tired. I have been to see Lenore. I want to watch NYPD from Tuesday night, walk the dogs, and make it an early night to bed.

Joan Hess is very funny. She has an extremely dry wit. I am really enjoying Dear Miss Demeanor.


Saturday, 19 April 2003

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Good Saturday morning to everyone. It's nice to have a leisurely morning for a change. I slept in until 7:40, read the paper, had breakfast, and have time for my daily post. I am going to the gym this morning but not until 9:30. With the holiday weekend we only have the 10 am body pump class. Since I missed that class this week I will attend. Normally there is the 9:00 am cardio workout class I like to do. Between my schedule last week and yard work I missed getting to the gym all week.

The weather has turned to cold, wind, and rain. Yesterday was just miserable. It rained all day with the temperatures hovering right around 45 degrees all day. 

We spent last night reading and relaxing. I finished the Dear Miss Demeanor mystery last night and started another Joan Hess, Really Cute Corpse. As I said earlier, I was not able to find the first two books in the series to learn how amateur sleuth and single mom Claire Malloy got started in her crime solving career. Claire runs a bookstore in Farberville, AK just blocks from the local college. She lives with a recalcitrant 15 year old teenager who attends the local high school. As with many of these cozy type mysteries Claire has a personal relationship with a local law enforcement officer and is always getting mixed up in crimes, in this case much to the chagrin of CID Lieutenant Peter Rosen. In this case, Claire has been persuaded by her teenage daughter to be the substitute teacher in the journalism class to help solve the case of the teacher being fired due to an a problem with the student accounts. 

Claire soon finds the high school resembles a badly written plot in a soap opera when embezzlement turns to murder. Hess adds a lot of rather sarcastic humor to her characters. No violence, no strong language, just a lot of light weight humor. She reminds me a lot of both Jill Churchill and Leslie Meier in both her humor and her characters but Hess is by far a better writer than Meier.

I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend. I will work some this afternoon on my contract stuff and be around in case Bob needs my hands to hold computer parts for the book. See ya!


Sunday, 20 April 2003

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Happy Easter to everyone. It also happens to be the first year anniversary for my sister Frances and her husband Al. We will be going over to her house later this afternoon for a cookout in honor of the event. 

The weather remains cool and dreary. I need to mow but I doubt it will dry out much today. Guess I will wait and do it later in the week. I am cleaning house this morning. Work at my desk this afternoon will follow after lunch. There is no Winston Cup race today. 

Enjoy your holiday however you plan to spend the day.




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