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Week of 28 April 2003

Latest Update:Sunday, 04 May 2003 08:43

Monday, 28 April 2003

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After completing another biography assignment and sending it off to Tom I decided to go out and mow the lawn. Good thing I did too! It was very high, even though I just mowed it Tuesday, completely filling up my yard cart. 

By the time I finished up outside it was time for the race to start. While watching/listening to the race I caught up on some of the magazines on my side table. 

After dinner Bob and I both went over to see Lenore and took Kerry along. He has to be lifted up into the truck but still enjoys going for a ride. When we got to the nursing home I tried to get him to follow me in the door but he would have no part of that. I had to take him by the collar and lead him in. He walked down the hall and into the elevator but once up on the second floor, where there is not any carpeting, Bob carried him into Lenore's room and laid him on her bed. At first he was pretty nervous but soon calmed down and just laid there while she petted him. I doubt he knew who she was but must have decided she was a nice lady and would not hurt him.

I will spend the remainder of the evening reading and relaxing. 



Tuesday, 29 April 2003

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Another busy day marked off on the calendar. I worked from 7:30 to 11:30 then did a Wal-Mart run. I came home and picked up the dogs and we took off for Jodi's place out in Farmington. I needed to take some digital pictures of a couple of dogs she needs to place. One is a BC, the other two were found as strays and are BC's mixes. Molly is the cutest thing you have ever seen.  She is a BC/Corgi mix. I will send the pictures to Julie for our courtesy page on the CBCR web site. The dogs had a great time running around Jodi's big yard. She has boarding kennels on her five acre's of land.

We got back home by 3. I had a new biography assignment from Tom so I dug right into to that to see what I had to work with. I worked until time to start dinner. Afterward I did a quick Lenore visit and made it to my 6:30 Body Pump class.

My computer has been acting very strange lately. My Outlook mail keeps generating errors. Tonight I rebooted twice and finally gave up trying again until I got a chance to get my post written.

I finished the Donna Andrews mystery Crouching Buzzards, Leaping Loons. I was laughing so hard during the last twenty pages I could hardly see to read. If you like funny mysteries with an author that has a dry sense of humor you will love Donna's Meg Lanslow series. In this novel she gives Meg a break from her wrought iron making because of an injured hand. She brings back her lawyer brother, Rob, setting the book in his small business where they make a computer game called Lawyers From Hell. Rob suspects something is going on inside the business and wants Meg to sleuth it out. She takes a temporary job working the switchboard and getting the office reorganized after a move into new digs. The computer guys share office space with a group of psychologists. Between Meg's droll, caustic remarks, and her out and out funny descriptions of solving the crime and capturing the murder will have you rolling off the couch. Since Bob reads my post and he has not read the book yet, I don't want to give anymore away.

Guess I will start another Carolyn Hart, Design for Murder. Time to go play with the dogs a little before bedtime. 


Wednesday, 30 April 2003

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I am writing this about 4:10 Tuesday afternoon. As soon as I get dinner fixed and we walk the dogs I will go over to the library and get the book sale set up and organized for this weekend. It will be at least 9 or after before I get back home.

My part time employer, Womble, gives their staff an appreciation lunch each year. In past years, I was told, they help it on one day in the nearby Piedmont Club. Now that they are in their own building they held the lunches on three different days since the conference room on the 13th floor of the building would not hold all the employees. Myself and several others on the InterAction team chose yesterday as our day. The food was good...served buffet style.

Not much else in the way of news. I spent the afternoon between work and dinner working on my new assignment.


Thursday, 1 May 2003

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I worked again yesterday from 7:30 to 10:30 so I could leave an hour early to go play golf with dad. It was hot and muggy but not too miserable. Just as we were finishing up on the 16th hole the rumble of thunder could be heard off in the distance. By the time we finished up the last two holes the skies had darkened over the course. But, by the time I dropped dad off back home the sun was shinning. He lives about four miles north of the course so I guess that storm passed us by.

From dad's I made a quick stop to drop off a prescription for Kerry's special medicine at the drugstore, make another stop at the vet's for Kerry's Rimadyl, and then on to visit Lenore. When I left the nursing home around 4 the skies had darkened again with the rumble of thunder. 

When I got home I quickly checked my e-mail then started dinner. Again, the storms must have gone around us because, other than a few drops of rain it was mostly lost of loud rumbling.

After dinner I spent a good two hours working on my assignment before typing up this post to call it a day. The dogs need some attention and I am ready to relax and get in some reading before bedtime.



Friday, 2 May 2003

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Remember those thunderstorms I was talking about Wednesday night that seemed to go around us. Well, we had one later that night that hit around 10:30. I had just turned out the lights when the thunder started actually rattling the windows. Every time it thundered Malcolm would growl. Duncan came up on the bed with me just shivering in fright. Malcolm started barking at the lightning while the rain just poured in buckets. I finally got back up and took them out to the den to play ball to get them to forget about the storm. Bob was still up reading.

The dogs and I finally went back to bed around 12:30. I guess I finally fell asleep sometime after 1:00 am Thursday morning. I ran a couple of errands after I left work getting home about 1:30. Bob said Tom had just called to talk about some projects. I quickly changed cloths and fired off an e-mail to him to let him know I almost had the biography ready. He is in deadline mode for this project and needed me to take on several over the next few days and wanted to make sure I was available. I worked all afternoon on another bio he needed done by tonight if possible. Bob went over to visit Lenore and picked up Chinese takeout for dinner. After we walked the dogs it was back at work. I finished up the bio and sent it off to Tom and then took a break to watch Buffy and NYPD. 

It is now 9:30. I am ready to close up shop for the day, walk the dogs, and head off to bed. We had a few rumbles of thunder again during dinner but no storms so far. I hope we don't get nailed again tonight. 



Saturday, 3 May 2003

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Good morning! I am taking a relaxing Saturday morning after another hectic week. Bob got up with the dogs around 7:15 and let me sleep in. I got up about 7:45, which is very late for me. After reading the paper and eating some breakfast I came back to my office. First agenda item: cleaning off my desk and giving it a good vacuum. While I had the vacuum out Bob wanted me to give his old den system, now parked in the kitchen, a quick clean.

As far as the remainder of the day goes? After I finish up some filing and book keeping chores I will jump in the shower. I need to go over to the library and see how the book sale is progressing. Guess I will stop and visit Lenore on the way. The Winston Cup race is supposed to tonight from Richmond if it doesn't rain. This afternoon I will work on Tom's bios.

Yesterday was sunny and warm I had intended to mow the lawn today but the forecast was not looking very promising. On the way home from work I made a grocery store run. I had promised Tom I would get to work ASAP on a bio he needed by late Friday left coast time. However, I decided I better mow the lawn first and get that out of the way while the grass was good and dry. 

As soon as I finished up with the lawn I took the dogs out to play for a few minutes while I cooled down with a glass of ice water. I e-mailed Tom and told him I would have his bio to him by 4 my time. After I sent that off I recommended to Bob we pick up food and go have dinner with Lenore. I was supposed to man the book sale table from 3-5 but had to get that work done. I stopped by the library on the way to pick up food to see how it was going. The staff does not mind taking the money at the desk if we don't have someone to work the table inside the room. 

About 5:45 while we were visiting Lenore we got another nasty thunderstorm brew up. By the time we left it was pouring buckets. We got home, turned on the television, and learned we were under a severe storm watch. A little while later we went under a tornado watch when a tornado was reported to have touched down on the eastern side of the city. 

We kept the television on while we read and played with the dogs. Things finally quieted down about 8:30. I finished reading the Carolyn Hart and started another Joan Hess, Diet To Die For. Like Hart, Hess has a very dry sense of humor displayed by the dialog from her main character Clair Malloy. 



Sunday, 4 May 2003

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I worked the library book sale from 1 to 3:30 yesterday. Between paying customers I finished reading the Joan Hess mystery. Last night I started another one of hers, Death By the Light of the Moon. Clair and her teenage daughter have gone to Louisiana to visit the Malloy Mansion via an invitation from Clair's deceased husband's mother. Now in her eighties, Miss Justina,  has used the event of a celebration of her 80th birthday to lure the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to her home to announce a change in her will. Confined to a state of the art electric wheel chair, she drinks like a fish and roars around the grounds of the mansion driving drunk. The family all hate each other and fight like a pack of dogs over who will get the estate and the inheritance. 

When Miss Justine is found drowned in her wheel chair in the bayou foul play remains at the back of everyone's mind including Claire's, who is determined to get to the bottom of the "accident"

Rain and storms seems to the weather pattern. Yesterday we had more severe weather roll through around 3:30 lasting until about 8 pm. I worked for a couple of hours after dinner finishing up in time to watch the Winston Cup race from Richmond. Actually I mostly listened while reading a couple of magazines and my book. Around 9:15 we walked the dogs and went on to bed to read.

Other than cleaning house this morning I do not have any set plans for the day. 



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