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Week of 14 July 2003

Latest Update: Sunday, 20 July 2003 19:25

Monday, 14 July 2003

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It has been a long day. I did not leave work until after 4 having been there since 7:30. We have a project that needed completed  before I could get away.

Over the weekend I had some problems with the fee based web site I use for my contract work. As soon as I got home this afternoon Bob and I looked at the set up again then I called tech support. They called back while I was at the gym. Bob had to load IE 6.0 in order for the software interface to run. I hate he had to do that but I need this product for my work. 

Sorry for the short post. I did finish up the Carolyn Hart last night and read a chapter or two in  another Lee Harris, Father's Day Murder, before turning off the light.


Tuesday, 15 July 2003

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I went out to dinner with some friends this evening. When I came home Bob had installed my swift new computer. I named it Newton. Man you see this thing. Black case with two cool purple/blue colored lights on the front. Last night Bob had the system attached to his monitor in the den. When I came down the hall this morning at 6:15 it looked like landing lights for an airstrip.

Tomorrow afternoon when I come home to do some contract work I will play around with it some more but so far it seems to running real fast without any glitches. Bob still has some peripheral things to install like my Sony Palm software but I have all the basics for what I need right now.

Short post again tonight. I have been gone petty much all day though I did take the dogs out for a quick play session between coming home from work and leaving to visit Lenore before meeting Betsy and Nancy for dinner. Malcolm needs to play time before last time out.



Wednesday, 16 July 2003

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Well, it's after 10 pm. We just got in from our FAS meeting. We left home at 4:30 to go to the library, pick up dinner for Lenore and then meet our friends for dinner before our meeting.

The guys need some play time and last time out. 



Thursday, 17 July 2003

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Nothing really new to talk about. My new computer seems to be working fine so far. I have been so busy this week I really haven't had time to actually sit down and do anything except check mail and web sites and post my page.

I had about an hour and half this afternoon from coming home time until dinner to play with the dogs, pay some bills, and check my mail. We ate an early dinner so I could go to the gym for 5:30 spinning class. 

Last night I sat us and read until about 11:30. Tonight I should be able to finish this Father's Day Murder. I only lack about 40 pages.

Other than a brief scattered shower late yesterday evening we have not had any rain for the entire week. Wow!

I am really glad tomorrow is Friday. My days are long, busy, and rushed from Monday to Friday. I have a lot to do this weekend but at least I can do at a slower pace.



Friday, 18 July 2003

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We had a thunderstorm roll through about an hour and a half ago. Thankfully the worst part of it was just west and south of us. We got mostly rain and a lot of thunder and lightning. I had gone over to visit Lenore and make a grocery store stop on the way home having just pulled in the garage when the storm got here.

I have spent the evening reading when I got back home, taking a quick break to write up this post. It will definitely be an early night tonight for the dogs last time out then I am off to bed to read if I can stay awake. I started a new Carolyn Hart book, Mint Julep Murder, set on Hilton Head Island, SC rather than her hometown fictional location of Broward's Rock, SC. The murder will take place during a book festival.

Have a great weekend. My parents left this morning on a Holiday Bus Tour to Atlanta for the weekend. They have box seats at the Braves baseball stadium for several games, a tour of Atlanta Underground, and Coca Cola World. I am sure they will have a good time. 


Saturday, 19 July 2003

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I slept in this morning until 8 o'clock after having turned the light out last night about 10 pm. It was nice to get caught up on my sleep and rest.

After a shower and getting dressed I spent a relaxing half hour reading the paper before breakfast and then taking off to visit Lenore. I left the nursing home to go to Border's Books. Today was The Friends of the Library voucher day. Proceeds from books sold to customers using our vouchers, which they could pick up at the library, will be donated to our Friends group. 

At our FAS meeting the other night I volunteered to pick up three books for the Club to donate to the library in memory of recently deceased members. The Club has been doing this for some time but had been behind in getting this task completed. By buying the books today I benefited the library twice.

The remainder of the day was spent getting odd chores completed like straightening up the basement, changing the bedding and washing the sheets plus a load of special stuff, and working at my desk. I spent several hours on various client projects until Bob got back from the afternoon Lenore visit.

After dinner I was back at it for another couple of hours before finally calling it a day. We have had several small  storms roll through but, like yesterday, most of them went around us.

This morning it was so muggy I was getting hot and sweaty just working inside in the basement. This afternoon, after the rain storm moved, the humidity was down a little.



Sunday, 20 July 2003

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Yes, I did do updates for both Friday and Saturday, but I forgot to move the current day link. Now that my webmaster has set me up to publish my site myself I don't have him checking behind me for those small details or my spelling and grammar. I have spell check turned on but that does not help when you use the wrong word in the wrong context, etc. 

After cleaning house this morning I did a quick e-mail/web site check before lunch time. I tried to get a little work done after lunch but mentally I was just did not have anything to put into it so I quit. Instead I hit the couch with a pile of magazines that need read and watched first the British Open then the NASCAR race from New Hampshire. I made a quick visit with Lenore after dinner and plan to spend the remainder of the evening reading.

I started my second Hazel Holt in the Mrs. Malory series, though not the second book in the series. The next title in the series I could find at the library is Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murders. These are okay in terms of writing and plot but I am not trying to read the entire series which number about 14 titles. I think the library only has a half a dozen or so. Mrs. Mallory is a writer of literary criticism living in Taviscombe, England. 



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