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Week of 8 March 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, 14 March 2004 12:43

Monday, 8 March 2004

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Bob took this picture for me on Friday. My crocus' have been out of the ground for about three weeks now and are still really pretty. I have this purple batch out front by the street, another batch in the bed by our bedroom window and some white and yellow ones in the same bed. I also get one or two singles that come up in the yard

flowers.jpg (90997 bytes)


We had some major excitement last night provided by mother nature. I had just finished up in my office and settled in on the den couch to read and listen to some classical music. Both dogs raised their heads at what I thought was Bob's backup tape ejecting. Just as he went to take a look the power flickered on and off once. He then asked me if it was pouring down rain. I checked out the front door and it wasn't raining but the winds were blowing the trees about 50 mph. About this time the lights did the on/off thing a couple of more times. I headed back to my office to power down my computer since I don't have a UPS and to turn of the printer. I suggested to Bob perhaps we should head for the basement. We have a lot of dead/dangling tree limbs still hanging from last year's ice storm. At least if one came flying through either the window or the roof we would be downstairs.

By the time we got everything settled in downstairs The Weather Channel was running the high wind warning crawler with the winds expected to be 50 to 60 mph's until midnight. When we had a lull I took the dogs out then settled in on the sofa bed. When I woke up around 1 am Bob had gone upstairs and Malcolm was sleeping on the electric chair once occupied by Bob. I decided I might as well go on up too since it sounded like the winds had abated to a normal gusty 15 to 20 mph. 

Other than a lot of limbs and twigs in the yard we had no damage. I had to take circuitous route to work due some trees being down on the roads I normally travel to work. My sister apparently had some shingles blow off her roof damage. They don't have any trees which is good but those open fields without any wind break are probably a lot worse in terms of doing damage from the wind. Coming home this afternoon I did see some trees down in some of our neighbor's yards. Frances works just about half a mile from us down Reynolda Road and they did not have power so she did not have to go to work. 

 I had a dental appointment this morning at 9:30. I worked from 7:30am to 9am and got back about 10:30. I have the rest of the week to make up the hour and half. 


Tuesday, 9 March 2004

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Long long day. I worked 7 to 3:30 to make up most of my time from going to the dentist yesterday. As soon as I got home Bob needed "me lovely hands" to make photo shots for the book. While checking my mail I had the first assignment from Tom which means no gym tonight. As soon as I get this post finished I will try to get in at least and hour and half of work in-between holding computer parts for Bob.

Last night I started the second book in the David Handler series starring Mitch Berger who now resides on the tiny east coast island of Big Sister near Dorset, Connecticut. In The Hot Pink Farmhouse,  When  Wendell "Hangtown" Frye's oldest daughter is murdered while driving her sister's car Mitch and Des investigate who the intended victim really was. Handler adds small town politics and charm along with some New England customs to create really delightful reading. 

One of my more astute readers caught some strange wording on my post from yesterday. I mentioned Malcolm was sleeping in Bob's electric chair instead of say Bob's mom's lift chair. Her e-mail was three words "Bob's electric chair". I  just e-mailed her back and told her that was my torture device I used on Bob. Yeah, right. 

Well, I best get to work. 


Wednesday, 10 March 2004

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Happy Birthday to my sister Frances. And, yesterday I forgot to wish my folks a happy 58th wedding anniversary. 

Today was another busy day. I went at 7, left at 3 to go directly to gym. When I got home Bob did a few hand shots before I started dinner.

Sorry for the short post. More tomorrow night. 



Thursday, 11 March 2004

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It is turning out to be one of "those weeks" for sure! Just too darn busy and not enough hours in the day to begin with.

First of all, I learned today I like Thai food. At least if it is as well prepared as what I had for lunch. I met my friend Nancy who works at the downtown library for lunch today. We met halfway at a new Thai place. Obviously, it was like Chinese food, somewhat different in style and preparation. I only ate half, saving the remainder for my lunch tomorrow. 

Since I knew I was taking an hour for lunch today, I went in at 7 again to get back on track hours wise. I am all caught up needing only to work my regular 7:30 to 3 tomorrow. On the way home I made a bank and grocery store stop. Bob asked if I was going to the gym and I told him no, I needed to get my mail checked so I could get started on my assignment. Bob needed me for pictures which is the other reason I intended to stay home.

About 4:45 it dawned on me today is the second Thursday of the month, Friends meeting. Yikes! Too late now. I called the library and told them I could not make it. After dinner I needed to get started working but I just felt like I needed a breather and some down time so I spent twenty minutes or so picking up limbs and sticks from the storm the other night and piling them on the street. When I came in Bob was ready for more modeling. Tonight I will work between taking breaks to hand hold for him at least until 8:30. 

Last night we did go out for a short observing session with Paul and Mary at the nearby soccer field. It was really cold and damp last night but we did stayed out for about an hour or so. I wanted to get home and play some ball with Malcolm before going to bed. I did read a couple of chapters in my book before turning off the lights. 


Friday, 12 March 2004

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No update



Saturday, 13 March 2004

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Just ran out of time yesterday to get a post up. As soon as I got home I checked my mail while hanging around to help Bob with pictures. I grilled some ribs and chicken for dinner then we drove over to the soccer field to get in some observing. Everyone was just beat from having long weeks. Bob and I started on our deep sky binocular club list rather than get the scope out. Paul brought his binoculars and Steve brought his 10" scope instead of his 17".

We stayed until about 9. The soccer field is low and collects a lot of damp, cold air. It always seems to be about ten degrees colder over there than here at home or even at the field in Walnut Cove.

This morning I was up and out by 8am stopping first at the drug store then doing my 9am cardio class at the gym. Back home, I cleaned house, ate lunch, took the dogs down to play with Emma, then got started in the yard. After picking up more limbs and sticks I had to pull three really large limbs hung up in the trunk of the maple tree. By the time I was finished mowing I was pretty much out of gas and ready for the shower.

I am getting ready to leave this afternoon to run some errands across town then meet Mom, Dad, and Frances for her birthday dinner at Outback. We plan to get there at 4:30 when they open to avoid having to wait. Afterwards we are going back to Frances' for cake and ice cream. Dad is driving on his own now and also should be able to make it up her front steps into the house.


Sunday, 14 March 2004

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Mom, dad, Frances, and I had a nice time at Outback last night to celebrate Frances' birthday and Mom and Dad's anniversary. I ate an appetizer, shrimp with a sweet potato, for my main meal. Just enough since we were having cake back at home.

I cleared all the decks yesterday with the cleaning and mowing just in case dad wanted to go out and ride around the golf course for nine holes. He did not feel like he was ready for that so I used my time this morning to get work done. When I do my consulting work I have to keep track of time worked. It is much easier if I can set aside an hour or so at a time without interruption. And, the type of stuff I am doing needs a block of time to start a search, transfer the results to my template, etc. 

This afternoon I will take a much needed break and watch the race. After dinner tonight it will be back to work for at least a couple more hours. 

The sun is out though the air is cool, in the mid 50's. Have a good one, see you tomorrow, beginning of another work week.



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