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Week of 25 October 2004

Latest Update: Sunday, 31 October 2004 10:30 a.m.

Monday, 25 October 2004

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Greetings. I took a day of vacation today to play golf with my friend Bonnie. We have been trying to get together to play for a long time. Finally, I said let's pick a day and go. The continued low clouds and damp weather greeted us this morning when we teed off about 8:30. We played Long Creek, a course out near her house. My dad and I have played there a couple of times ourselves. Bonnie has not played in about 5 years but did very well. When we turned the side and started on the back nine, the clouds broke, the sun came out and it got HOT.

We finished up around noon and stopped to pick up Subway sandwiches on the way back to her house. After eating our lunch she showed me some of her crafts projects she has complete or is working on. She does woodworking and quilting.

On the way home from her house I made a quick Wal-Mart run since I was nearby. After giving the dogs a couple of minutes of ball playing in the back I took a quick shower and took off again. I ran a couple of errands on the other side of town on the way to my hair cut appointment.

When I got home this afternoon between the golf and hair cut appointment Bob told me Dr. Taylor called back with the test results on Duncan's lump. He told Bob the test were inconclusive therefore the best thing to do is to remove it and send it back in for testing. Bob scheduled the surgery for tomorrow. I will drop Duncan off on the way to the vets and we will pick him up tomorrow afternoon. If it does turn out to be cancer I hope we got it in time. Keep your fingers crossed for my guy.

Last night I finished up the Ayelet Waldman and started on another Em Hansen book. I was only able to get about four chapters read before almost falling asleep. I will fill you in later in the week.

In some sad local news. Yesterday a small private plane taking off from Concord, NC flying to the race in Martinsville, VA crashed in the Blue Ridge Mountains. On board were ten members of the Hendrick Motor Sports racing organization which included Rick Hendrick's son, brother, two nieces, engine builder, two other company employees and three pilots. One of the pilots was from another team who had hitched a ride up to tell his driver goodbye before being shipped overseas to Iraq.

NASCAR racing is a small, family oriented sport where everyone knows each other personally in the teams and the familys. Regardless of which team gets hit by something as tragic as this, everyone rallys around. Worse yet, one of the company racing teams actually won the race yesterday. The media and race team withheld the information about the crash until the race was completed. A lot of the NASCAR teams are based on the Concord, Charlotte, Moorseville area where this team plan flew from. While in the past, single drivers or race teams family members have been killed on the track or in route to or from a single team has not suffered a loss as great as this one.


Tuesday, 26 October 2004

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I dropped Duncan off at the vets this morning on the way to work. When I led him over to the large cage he started trembling horribly. I gave him a big hug and tried to reassure him. After we got him in the cage he started trembling again, pawing at the cage sides looking terrified. I petted him and told him what a good boy he was and that these folks would take good care of him.

Bob called me around mid-day to let me know he was out of surgery and doing fine. We picked him around 4:30. He was still pretty groggy but managed to jump down from the back of the truck when we got home. I got him to eat a little dinner. He has been sleeping the rest of the time. He has about a three or four inch incision from the top of his tail up toward his back. Because Duncan is or will be active, the vet put staples in to make sure the wound stayed closed. No activities for the next few days until it begins to heal.

I took Malcolm down to play with Emma after dinner while Bob walked Duncan around the yard. I doubt Duncan will feel like doing much tonight even if Malcolm does want to play some ball.

The vet will send the lump and surrounding tissue back off to the lab to see if they can determine what it was and if the vet got it all.


Wednesday, 27 October 2004

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Duncan spent most of last night curled up with his head in my lap napping. We did an early out and went off to bed early. I read until about 10. I did put his Elizabethan collar on him just to make sure he did not chew at the staples.

This morning he seem tired but otherwise fine. I took the collar off. Malcolm played his usual early morning hall ball while I read the paper. Duncan just laid in the hall watching. Bob left the collar off all day. We are getting ready to head out to meet our friend Sue for dinner. We will put the collar on just as a precaution. Duncan has always been good about not bothering bandages or wounds. He is still wearing his vet wrap from where they removed the catheter on his leg yesterday. By now, Malcolm would have had that ripped off.

We were supposed to view a lunar eclipse tonight but all we will be seeing is fog and clouds. As usual, Monday and Tuesday nights were perfectly clear. It was raining when I took the dogs out this morning and has been foggy and drizzly much of the day.



Thursday, 28 October 2004

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It was another dreary, cold, damp day. The leaves are really starting to come down now especially with the last few days of wind and rain. I did not get them up last week nor did I mow. Hopefully it will clear up Saturday or Sunday so I can get them vacuumed.

I did it again...sat up until 11:30 last night finishing up the Em Hansen mystery. We did an early last time out. Malcolm wanted to play ball, of course, but so did Duncan. He is doing well by the way. So far he has not shown any indications of being bothered by the incision.

Not sure if you have noticed but no mention of the gym in the last week or so. I have been so busy in the evenings with one thing or another and just have not felt like going. Well, guess I will wrap this up and go watch last night's West Wing.


Friday, 29 October 2004

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Greetings! I had a home visit scheduled for 5pm this evening to check out an applicant who had applied to adopt a BC from our rescue group. It was only about ten minutes from the house.

When I came in I noticed the area in and around Duncan's incision was red and blotchy. Bob called the vet while I changed and told him I would be there in about ten minutes. So, rather than take Malcolm as I had intended, I took Duncan instead. The vets was on the way. As it turned out it was nothing but I wanted to make sure since the weekend is coming up.

Duncan always enjoys visiting other people's houses. He got to play with a dog the guy was dog sitting for while we chatted. On the way home I picked up take out for dinner.

I guess we will spend the evening reading and relaxing. I started the newest book in the Jane Austin mystery series, Jane the Ghosts of Netley last night. Jane is helping her friend and secret agent for the British government track down a British woman who is aiding and abetting the cause of Napoleon.

Have a great weekend. I hope sun comes out and dries things up. I have a ton of yard work.


Saturday, 30 October 2004

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Yeah, we get an extra hour of sleep tonight! The sun has FINALLY come out after almost a week of clouds and drizzle. Hopefully it will dry things so I can get up leaves tomorrow. Every time the wind blows they come down like snow fall.

I got back into my gym routine this morning making the 9am spin class. I have spend the remainder of the morning working on cleaning up the unfinished side of the basement. So far, I have been organizing and clearing up assorted junk. I took a break for lunch. This afternoon I will sweep it out. I have various piles of stuff to haul off to Goodwill, cardboard recycling center, and the animal shelter. I have boxes and boxes of old towels way beyond what we need to keep on hand for ourselves. I will drop those off at the shelter.

Duncan is doing fine. He has been outside playing this morning, running around like his old self.


Sunday, 31 October 2004

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It is a beautiful fall Sunday morning. No golf today. My folks are returning from a bus trip out to Texas with Al (driver) and Frances. As a matter of fact, Frances has called me a couple of times to let me know how the trip is going. It turns out mom has had a flare up of a mysterious medical ailment. The doctors have not been able to determine the cause of the symptoms. She has not been feeling well the last couple of days on the trip but was determined to stick it out. Frances just called from TN where they are about 8 hours from home. The game plan at this point is to have me meet them at a place in Winston and take mom straight to the hospital rather than have mom and dad go on to Level Cross and have to wait another couple of hours before getting back home. Dad and mom rode down to Level Cross with them when they left on the trip therefore dad does not have his car down there.

I have cleaned house and now waiting on the dew to lift so I can get started in the yard. Bob can blow off the gutters and then stay inside to listen for the phone. If she become real sick before they can get home they will have to go to the nearest large city hospital. Hope that doesn't happen.

Soon as I finish this post I have some bills to pay before fixing an early lunch. I am guessing they will not make it back to Winston much before 5 or 6pm. Frances will call me when they are about an hour away and let me know where to meet the bus.


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