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Week of 21 November 2005

Latest Update: Sunday, 27 November 2005 3:00 p.m.

Monday, 21 November 2005

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A rainy day to start off my vacation but we need it very bad. I had a haircut appointment first thing this morning followed by some errands making it back home for lunch. After lunch Malcolm went with me to the pet store and then on to his appointment with the vet for his yearly checkup. 

I am now in the midst of cleaning up my office which has suffered from my busy schedule over the last few weeks. 

Our book, Astronomy Hacks, received a very favorable review in the January 2006 Sky & Telescope.

I finished up the Meier's book and started the newest Em Hanson mystery by Sarah Andrews.


Tuesday, 22 November 2005

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It was another day of running errands; bookstore, wine store, space savers, and a quick stop for a few things from the grocery store.

This afternoon I managed to balance the check book and get some back log e-mails. My office is still not completely organized but I will most likely wait until I do it during the deep clean.

The rain finally blew through this morning, literally, with 20 to 25 mph winds making it for a very cold day.

Tonight, not only did I go to the gym I actually made it in time to catch a spin class. It was the first time in well over two months and I did quit well. Especially considering the instructor is one of the hardest of the group.


Wednesday, 23 November 2005

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I am cooking the turkey for our family feast tomorrow. This morning I pulled the neck and giblets out to take over to mom to use to make the dressing after unwrapping said bird and washing it before putting it back in the fridge for tomorrow. It is only 12 pounds.

On the way back home I ran a couple of more errands. I am making full use of having these days off to get some Christmas shopping done and some other things I have not had time to do on the weekend.

This afternoon I worked some more on my office and caught up my ironing. Bob and I went to the little diner for supper.


Thursday, 24 November 2005

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Happy Thanksgiving Day. It has been a leisurely day spent watching the parade followed by the dog show from  Philadelphia.

We have great weather, warm but very windy.

Guess I better check on the turkey. Enjoy your day!


Friday, 25 November 2005

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No update.


Saturday, 26 November 2005

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with the family at Frances and Al's. She and mom did all the work preparing the food. I supplied the turkey to go along with the ham, mac & cheese, green beans, dressing, rolls, yams, assorted desserts, etc. Yep, we had plenty of food.

Yesterday I worked on one of several projects for the yard. I dug up the four small bushes I had in the back along the property line between us and Stephanie's yard. Now that the maple has grown so large along with the making that area underneath a natural area I decided to move those bushes to the front in place of the two trees we took down.

Hopefully it will eliminate the wash problem I had between the natural area and the row of bushes making it almost impossible to get grass to grow along there. Plus, a good hard rain would wash the mulch from around the bushes as well.

I put the small azalea and the gardenia in the bed where the weeping cherry was. The smaller gardenia I put where the dogwood had been. I had some scalloped edging I pulled from the back to make a circle around the little bush as well. I moved a small little evergreen bush in with the azalea and gardenia and put in its place along the house the rhododendron. I still need to finish filling in the edging circle with dirt and dress with some mulch along with top dressing the other bed with mulch. Since the front beds need mulched anyway I may just order another load and do all the front at one time.

Today I started my deep house cleaning. I am concerned about having enough time between the usual week of Christmas and New Year with my work schedule. I have very few days remaining to take around the holidays after being off this week.

The worst room in the entire house to do is the den. After vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor I moved on to the den getting Bob to help move the big couch. We took everything off his side table to move it to give it a good cleaning. We also rearranged some of the obsolete electronic equipment on the TV stand and cleaned it as well as behind it. I did the windows on the inside but still need to do them on the outside.

All our den furniture is pine. Bob gave the side tables a good dose of lemon oil, especially his table. After getting walls and pictures thoroughly wiped down and cleaned I mopped that floor before moving on to the foyer which needed vacuumed and mopped. The remaining rooms of the house received a quick run through with the vacuum before I called it quits for the day.

We still have enough leftovers to finished up for dinner tonight.

I am reading another Peter Robinson, Aftermath published in 2001. I only have a couple of books in the series to read before getting completely finished with this series.


Sunday, 27 November 2005

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Although it was cloudy and cool the weather forecast had the rain holding off until at least noon. It was 37 degrees when we teed off but there was no wind or we would not have played. It rained for about five minutes on the first hole and again around 6 but by the time we finished 9 it looked like the rain would indeed hold off.

Guess what? It didn't. We made it as far as 14 when it started coming down fairly steady. Dad played through 15 and I played 16 before we packed it in. By that time it was coming down pretty hard. I was wearing a rain jacket atop by shirt and vest. Dad had on a Lands End fleece which was shedding the rain fairly well but I did not want him to get soaked as chilly as the temperatures were.

This afternoon Bob helped me haul the Christmas decorations upstairs from the basement closet. I pulled all the stuff off the tables in preparation for the decorations and setting up my Christmas Village. Next weekend I will get my tree.

With the rain this afternoon I did not get a chance to get the leaves up. Guess that will have to wait until next weekend. It is now only 42 degrees with the rain continuing to fall.


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