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Week of 28 November 2005

Latest Update: Sunday 4 December 2005 2:30 p.m.

Monday, 28 November 2005

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It was back to the regular routine this morning after a great week of vacation. Again, we had a wonderful time having Brian and Marcia along with their two dogs Molly and Lucy down for the week of Thanksgiving. I have pictures to post once Bob remembers to download them from the camera.

While the guys stayed home playing on their respective computers Marcia and I had a great time out and about shopping and running errands. All my posts for last week were true in terms of what I did...I just failed to mention the fact that Marcia was along with me.

Her and I also played a few rousing games of Scrabble which I love to play.

The dogs behaved very well. It is stressful for them being in a different house with two dogs and stressful for mine.  But, as we travel back and forth visiting they will continue to get used to being together off and on during the course of the year.

I have finished most of my Christmas shopping with only a few odds and ends to pick up over the next few weeks. 

Work was pretty much routine. We were not overly busy though the afternoon did pick up with a couple of requests. I have several projects going. Only a few boxes came down last week while I was gone that need closed.


Tuesday, 29 November 2005

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We had some wicked weather come through today in the form of thunderstorms and heavy rain. We can't hear anything going on outside from the basement of the building. Bob called this morning to tell me about the first storm. This afternoon Jackie, my co-worker, hit one while out at lunch.

I think they have all moved off to the east now. Obviously, the cause being a cold front that came through dropping out warm temperatures back down to more normal ranges for this time of year.

I started a new author for me, Sally Wright, I picked up at the used book store. Bob read the two I bought and liked them. I am finding the first chapter of her first book, Publish or Perish, a bit trying but I shall continue. She has only written four books, the last one in 2003. Her main character, Ben Reese, works as an archivist at a small university in Ohio. The books are set in the 1960's.


Wednesday, 30 November 2005

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As is usually the case, I end up celebrating my birthday several times before, during, and/or after the actual date. Due to mom, dad, and Frances having various commitments on the actual day, this Friday, I did my family celebration  tonight. My choice of dinner was Stromboli from Elizabeth's Pizza as take out to eat at Frances and Al's. That way we could relax and have a fun time rather than eat in the restaurant since we always go over to their house afterwards for ice cream and cake anyway. Mom and dad picked up the food while Frances and I were driving home from our respective jobs. Don't worry, we saved some Stromboli and cake for Bob to eat when I got home.

We are terribly busy at work, with a lot of small projects and other stuff keeping up very busy. Not much else in the news.


Thursday, 1 December 2005

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I have a couple of pictures of our dog guests from the Bilbrey Thanksgiving visit. The first one is of Molly, who spent a great deal of time on the couch due a sudden phobia of our slick hardwood floors. Next up, Malcolm looking regal on one of several rugs we put down to help Molly negotiate the floor.


Lucy and Molly together on the love seat and Malcolm snoozing after playing hard. I did not have a good one of Duncan. There were a few of us humans but I opted not to use those. Bob sent some others to Brian if he wishes he can post them on his site. 


We were very busy at work today. Our department has several big Firm wide projects we are handling in addition to our day to day stuff. Things are really jumping for us right now and do not seem to be letting up anytime soon.


Friday, 2 December 2005

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I turned another full year on the calendar today, 51. It was a good day all around. Work was steady but nothing major. Bob and I went to the library and then the Chinese place for my birthday dinner. I dropped him off back home before going off to the drugstore to pick up a prescription and then to pick out my Christmas tree. By getting it this evening I will not have to go out tomorrow.

First I went to the lot I have been getting my tree from for the last several years. Not only were they more expensive this year they were totally ugly. Not a decent tree on the lot. Next I drove the a lot equally as close to the house just on the other side of the neighborhood. His trees were much nicer looking for the price plus he keeps them in water on the lot rather than a nail in a board. I finally found one that looked suitable.

Bob helped me haul it in the house and put it in the tree stand so I could get it back in water.

Last night I started another Peter Robinson, Close to Home. The dogs need some play time so I shall wrap this up for now.


Saturday, 3 December 2005

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The dogs let us sleep in until 8:15. After reading the paper and having a bit of breakfast I started putting the lights on the tree. Once that was accomplished I started adding the ornaments working until about 11:45. After lunch the partly cloudy skies were starting to look very dark off to the northwest.

I headed outside to vacuum the yard and driveway. With rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow I threw a little seed out in the bare spots before coming in for my shower.

This afternoon I have continued working on the trees. I have the small tree I put in the den which I put a few small ornaments and favorites on for us to enjoy while sitting in the den.

While I was sitting here checking my mail after my shower it sounded like rain on the window. Bob just came in from talking with our neighbor down the street. She said it was sleeting a little while she was out earlier this afternoon. If we do get something frozen the ground is too warm for it to stick.

We are meeting our friends Paul and Mary for dinner this evening. In the meantime I will continue decorating my tree while listening to some holiday music.


Sunday, 4 December 2005

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I did the usual house cleaning this morning then worked on decorations. The tree is almost finished, my village is set up and most of the den is finished. I still have the dining room and the tables in the living room. After a short lunch break I went back to work for about an hour but then started to run out of gas.

After walking the dogs I came back to my desk to rest, check my mail, pay bills, etc. I intend to try to get most if not all the decorating finished up by tonight.

We had a good rain overnight. Today temperatures are back up in the 60's with more rain coming in tonight and tomorrow.


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