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Week of 9 January 2006

Latest Update: Sunday, 15 January 2006 3:40 p.m.

Monday, 9 January 2006

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Another very busy day at work. It looks like things will be this way for quite some time. Jackie and I have several projects going plus the attorneys seem to be back in full swing with the new year needing files pulled in from off site. 

I finally finished the Sally Wright Pursuit and Persuasion. Her books are excellently written with wonderful characters and plot lines. But, they are not fast reading by any means. She published one more after this one in 2003 but the library does not have it. I will see if I can pick up at one of the used book stores at some point. If not, I will certainly purchase it at the bookstore if I can find it or on line.

Next up, the newest Peter Tremayne, The Leper's Bell, starring  Sister Fidelma set in 7th century Cashel. In the last book her child's nurse has been murdered and her son kidnapped.

60 degrees today. Way too warm for January.


Tuesday, 10 January 2006

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We are still slammed at work. The weather remains unseasonably warm with at least a chance of rain tonight or tomorrow.

And in the words of wisdom department: if you have someone near and dear to you take a few minutes to tell them how special they are or how much you love them, or whatever works for you. Today at work one of our very long time, popular secretaries' husband dropped dead of a massive heart attack while out of town on business. I am guessing his age at somewhere around late 50's or early 60's. No previous medical problems known.


Wednesday, 11 January 2006

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Thursday, 12 January 2006

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It has been another hectic week at work.   Bob said at dinner tonight it sounded like we need another person in our department. Not really. As with a lot jobs, ours comes in fits and starts. We can be swamped for weeks and all of sudden hit a lull. Right now, we just have a lot going on with our daily work plus some extra projects that are needing our attention.

Last night was grocery store night. This afternoon I had Friends meeting after which I picked up Bob for dinner out at the Chinese restaurant. The weather remains unseasonably warm. We did get some rain yesterday and overnight last night which we really need.

I do have a funny dog story. Last night after I was in bed reading and the dogs were settled down for the night I called out to ask Bob to gather up the library books for me. We always put them in a tote bag right by the steps to downstairs so I don't forget them the next morning.

This morning as I was getting out of the shower I heard Malcolm bark his ferocious "I see or hear something" bark. This went on while I was drying my hair and getting my robe on, etc. It turns out Malcolm turned the corner to go down the hall from our bedroom and saw the book bag lying on the floor. Knowing it was not there last night and not sure what it was, he was warning Bob something was in the hall and to be careful. Bob said he eventually went up the hall and very bravely approached the bag to check it out. Malcolm takes his guard duties very seriously as you can see. 


Friday, 13 January 2006

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No update.


Saturday, 14 January 2006

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We have a very strong front moving through today bringing up very high wind gusts. As I was watching out the den window I was just about to say to Bob that it looked like one of the pine trees in our neighbor's yard behind was about to blow over when it did just that. Fortunately it blew toward our yard and not their house. It missed both our large pine and my small red bud tree. Other than a few small bushes along the property lines on both our sides I doubt it did much in the way of damage.

I can hear the wind whipping around the corner of the house as I sit here in my office. The winds are sustained at 25 to 30 mph with some gusts up to 50.

Yesterday through midnight last night we had 1.18 inches of much needed rain. Today the mountains are getting snow. We have a chance of rain tonight with maybe a few flakes mixed in but nothing in the way of accumulation.

At lunch yesterday I finished up the Peter Tremayne. I really enjoyed it. This series just keeps getting better and better. He always solves the mystery but leaves the plot line for Sister Fidelma hanging for the next book as to what will happen in her life next.

This morning I was off to the gym for spin class. Then, much needed house cleaning. I did not vacuum last week but instead took a week off after all the cleaning I have been doing. Today, I realized why I hate to let it go longer than a week. Dog hair and dirt tracked in from outside all over the place. YUK! Things are now back to my liking with the exception of Bob's office and his work room. We are tackling those tomorrow.

Better run get my shower. We are driving out to a sporting clay shooting place this afternoon with Paul and Mary. They are interested in learning to shoot shotguns, which I have never shot either. I have fired hand guns but not a rifle or shot gun. Should be interesting.


Sunday, 15 January 2006

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Bob's work room and office are now cleaned up for another year. He moved some stuff downstairs to the basement and threw some away in order to rearrange the work room and so I could clean in there. He removed the pile of stuff on his office floor, again, so I could clean. We also cleaned the inside of the window and the blinds. At least now I can get the vacuum in there on a weekly basis...for awhile anyway.

It has taken most of the day to get that done plus the laundry. We shall relax for the rest of the day.

It has warmed up considerably from yesterday. While the winds are still gusting some they are not as bad as they were yesterday and last night.

Between working on Bob's rooms I cleared my desk, did some filing and bit more cleaning up in my office. The upstairs part of the house looks pretty good now. I still need to do some minor work in the apartment area downstairs plus clear out the trash and boxes we stowed in the garage area from us here.

We had a lot of fun at the shooting clays range yesterday. I did very well, hitting a fair number of clays. The place looks like an old cattle farm that was turned into a clay shooting course. In addition to the stands near the front part of the place they have a 14 stand course you can drive out to in golf carts. Each stand has various types of clays that fire in different directions to mimic flights of birds, ground animals, etc. We rode around the course but did not shoot at any of those. It was very cold and windy out on the shooting platform.

Afterward we stopped for dinner before Paul and Mary dropped us back home.


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