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Week of 6 February 2006

Latest Update: Friday , 12 February 2006 1:40 p.m.

Monday, 6 February 2006

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A rather hectic day at work trying to get caught up on things after being out of the office most of last week. After completing some routine chores I started on the data base entry/clean up for the boxes we worked on last week.  As usual, I ran into some problems matching our records with the data bases.

I have started reading the latest Maddy Hunter, Hula Done It? Emily Andrew and her senior citizens have taken off for Hawaii on their next adventure. This time Emily does not find a dead body but instead becomes involved in solving the crime of one of the guest speakers on the cruise ship tossed over board on the way to the islands.

Hunter's books are light and funny making a good break from some of the heavier or serious mystery authors.

While it has finally turned colder with lows in the 20's and highs in the 40's we will apparently miss the promised snow forecast for tonight. The moisture looks as though it will stay well to the south.

Yep, I did stay up last night to watch the entire football game. With the first half so close I thought I might as well see how the game turned out. I was very disappointed in Mick Jagger and company's performance at halftime. However, the "reverse hand off, pass by the wide receiver to another wide receiver down the field" was the play of the game. I actually read off and on during the game making it not a complete waste of time.


Tuesday, 7 February 2006

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Greetings. Not much in the way of news. I finished up the Maddy Hunter mystery and will be passing it along to my sister. Next up, another Dido Hoare mystery by Marianne Macdonald, Smoke Screen.

It has turned cold but nothing in the way of frozen precipitation in the immediate forecast.

I have sort of revived my interest in college basketball again after watching some of the Duke games last year while up at the lodge at Fancy Gap with Paul and Mary. Tonight Duke plays North Carolina. I think it will be on one of the local stations, if so I may try to stay up and watch the game.


Wednesday, 8 February 2006

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Jackie and I are back at the off site storage facility today through Friday. We met my folks for lunch today at a neat little Italian place out past the golf course where dad and I play. It is only about ten minutes from where we are and about the same for them from home.

Bob called me around lunch time on my cell to let me know the guys had finally come to take the fallen tree away. The guys working on it asked Bob if they could drive their little fork lift down our driveway, through the yard, to get to the brush to haul it away. Bob told me his exact words to him were "my wife will hunt you down". In other words, Bob knew I would not like for my lawn to be chewed up by a large piece of machinery. They ended up parking it at the end of the driveway, which was not all that far from the debris, loading the stuff there and hauling it back up the drive to their truck.

I did stay up to watch the entire basketball game last night. Duke did win but not by much after blowing a 16 point lead. It was over a little after 11 making it not too much later than my normal bedtime.

Tomorrow afternoon I have Friends meeting and grocery shopping so I doubt I will be back here before Friday.


Thursday, 9 February 2006

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We had our first snowfall last night. Just enough to barely cover the ground but it stuck to the trees and bushes really pretty. The roads were clear of snow but had a lot of slick spots with black ice. 


Friday, 10 February 2006

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Three days in a row of reviewing boxes, writing down numbers, and pulling files had Jackie and I both just about done in by this afternoon. Fortunately, we have finished up the review process for all the boxes on our pull list. Once I get all the data processed in the four different data bases we will have to pull in one more group of boxes for clean up. It will take me at least a week or more to get all the data sorted, problems solved, etc.

We finished up around 4:30 which gave me time to get home and put out my grab grass preventer/fertilizer before dark. With rain and/or snow forecast for tonight through tomorrow I wanted to get it out this evening if at all possible.

Last night I sat up reading until I finished the Marianne Macdonald. I think I will grab something from my TBR shelf for the weekend.

Bob and I just got back in from taking the dogs for their after dinner walk. On our return trip back up the street from the corner we met Paula walking Max. We stopped to talk with her for a few minutes when Kim came out with Missy. We wondered over in her yard for a nice chat. Then Steve brought the puppy Trudy over to say hello to everyone. It was so enjoyable to be outside chatting with the neighbors and letting the dogs visit. The temperatures right now are fairly nice at 47 degrees. The incoming weather will depend a lot on how the cold and moisture all come together.

Tonight is the kickoff for the Winter Olympics which I love to watch. Now I shall go out and relax for the evening and watch the opening ceremonies.

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, 11 February 2006

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So far today all we have had in the way of wet weather has been .39 inches of rain/snow showers. Nothing is sticking at this point. The temperature this morning when we got up was 41, it has now fallen to 39.

I hit the gym this morning for the 9am spin class. Afterwards I made a trip out to Lowe's Home Center to pick up some new knobs for the range top. Ours have slowly been deteriorating with one of them no longer working at all. Lowe's sold a generic knob with plastic fittings for adapting to many brands. From Lowe's it was on to Wal-Mart for a few things.

After a quick lunch I headed over to my folks house to check on them and see if they needed anything.

Guess I'll go watch some more of the Olympics and switch over to the golf match to see how it is progressing.


Sunday, 12 February 2006

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The flurries continued last night but accumulation amounted to just barely covering the grass. By this morning it had all melted except in some shady spots. We have had flurries flying off and on this morning but nothing hitting the ground. However, it is cold with temperatures in the low 30's and 20 -30 mph winds. I see on the weather channel website our little storm moved up the coast to become a blizzard. Guess our friends in Bowie, MD, the Bilbrey's, are snowed under by now.

Otherwise, it has been a quiet day. No golf of course. After the weekly house cleaning chores were completed I fixed some lunch before settling in at the computer to do some assorted work while listening to some music.

We are having dinner with Paul and Mary as the Chinese place.

Last night I sat up watching the Olympics until 11 enjoying the skating, luge, and speed skating. We took our first Gold in the speed skating. More this afternoon as well as switching back and forth to the golf. 


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