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Week of 25 September 2006

Latest Update: Sunday, 1 October 2006 3:30 p.m.

Monday, 25 September 2006

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I took a picture of Bob painting the shutters on Saturday. He did a great job getting all eight painted by noon so I could work in the yard in the afternoon.

I had a haircut appointment after work and from there ran several errands finally getting home about 8pm.

The rain finally got here last night giving us a good half inch in about an hour.


Tuesday, 26 September 2006

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Can you believe that last night after I posted, around 8:00 the night became even busier? I had just sat down on the couch around 8:20 when Stephani called to see if I wanted to walk. Since the dogs needed their last time anyway, I said sure, we will do both. Instead of the short loop, we took a little longer loop since it was cool enough for both dogs. We avoided steep hills to keep Duncan from getting too tired out.

We walked them about 20 minutes and had circled back to bring them home and then we were going to continue on for another a couple of blocks. Bob met us coming up street to tell my our friend Paul had called. He wanted to scope a possible new observing site that is a little closer than Bullington and somewhat better in terms of local lights. Bob wanted to know if I wanted to go along. We would follow in astro-truck.

So, with Stephanie's graces I abandoned the end of our walk, ran in the house, grabbed my observing bag with notebook, etc. my purse, some water, and we headed out behind Paul.

I was in shorts and a T-shirt from my walk. Even with high 60's I was sweating by the time we had finished that first loop back to the house. However, I keep long sleeves and sweat pants in the truck all the time. Once we found the site, we decided to set up and try doing some observing. While Bob set up the scope I added some warmer clothing, being a little cool out in the country.

We stayed about an hour bagging three objects. The conditions were not all that great in terms of the atmosphere but the site itself looks fairly promising. By the time we packed up, drove back home, gave the dogs a quick out, and prepared for bed it was just after midnight when I got to bed. Once it starts getting dark at 5:00 we can go out in the winter during the week and still get home at a reasonable hour.

It really did not bother me all that much at work today. I worked steady all day on entering files in the database taking a day off from the destruction process.


Wednesday, 27 September 2006

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Stephanie and I walked again last night about 8:20. This time we took the dogs on the short loop, brought them back home, and then continued on with our usual long loop.

My friend Bonnie came into town to eat lunch with me today. We walked up to one of the restaurants with outdoor seating since the weather continues to be quit pleasant temperature wise.

Tonight I went to the gym from work then picked up Subway sandwiches for dinner. Bob and I are watching the History of Britain. Very good documentary. I am still reading the the last Dana Stabenow. Kate is in Anchorage trying to proof the innocence of a woman convicted of burning down her house and killing her son for the life insurance. Problem there is it happen 30 years ago. Now, her daughter is paying the big bucks to Kate to prove she did not do it. Odder still, the mother claims she did it and does not want to be released from prison. The usual amount of subplots with Kate and Chopper Jim continue as well as Kate trying to help a fellow Park Rat get a decent job instead of poaching. She has him working for her in Anchorage doing undercover work for her which much to his displeasure requires him to get a decent set of clothing and a hair cut.


Thursday, 28 September 2006

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Stormy weather. When I left work the rain had just left the downtown area. As I drove further north toward home the streets were wetter and skies a lot darker.

I made a quick stop at the library before heading across the street to the grocery store. It was cloudy when I went in. I was in there maybe twenty minutes at most. With the Costco stock up runs and the occasional Wal-Mart stop my weekly shopping is very small. I looked out as I came up to the check out line. The skies were dark and angry looking with rain pelting down. I made a mad dash to the car getting fairly soaked by the time I unloaded the groceries, parked the cart, and climbed in the car.

Bob said we had marble sized hail coving the deck during the storm I missed on the way home. This second one was more hard rain, thunder and lightning.

Dad called while we were eating. They had lost power a little after six and were still in the dark at 6:30.

We have new local TV station on our lower tier, TV News 14 that runs weather on the ones and local news in between. Now we can get local weather 24/7 again since we no longer have the upper tier channels of which one is the Weather Channel. They were running continues weather until the storms passed through not breaking for any news. Our local channel 11 will do that if there is severe weather in the area.

The radar looked like we had a little break between storms. I quickly fed the dogs but by the time we got out the door and started down the street it had started raining and thundering again. I think we have this on and off all evening. The temperature dropped from the 70's this afternoon  to 59 degrees right now.


Friday, 29 September 2006

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Friday and the end of another month. My job had most definitely gone from being equal parts physical and mental to 90% mental and 10% physical. There are a few exceptions when files rooms need packed up or we have to retrieve boxes from across the street but by and large my work is DETAILED! I simply cannot make a mistake on the lists I am compiling listing the boxes and files to be destroyed. If so, a file or box will be destroyed by mistake. That is why I work on the lists for awhile and then switch to putting files in our software program. While equally mentally as challenging it is not as detailed oriented which at least gives my brain a rest.

I finished up the Dana Stabenow last night then started the newest Melanie Travis mystery by Laurien Berenson. She is the poodle owner, breeder, and handler in Connecticut. I love her books, her characters, and her dogs. Now married to her long time boy friend Sam, she and her 8 year old son have the summer off from school. Unknown to Melanie, her son entered their retired champion poodle Faith in a dog food contest to see who would represent a new dog food called Chow Down. This is also the title of the book. Faith of course becomes one of five finalist along with a boxer, a Scottie, a Yorkie, and a one other breed my tired mind cannot remember.

As usual the competition will turn fierce for fame and the $100,000 prize which will result in one of the five contestants dog owner being murdered and Melanie having to solve the crime.

I mowed the lawn when I got home from work this evening. Tomorrow is to be great weather for painting. I want to finished up that project tomorrow and not have to worry about getting the lawn mowed.

Saturday, 30 September 2006

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We did not get finished but we made a good dent in the painting project. I started about 9:30 this morning on the lower basement window by the driveway. I was almost finished when Bob came out to paint the first of the three windows he did the shutters on last weekend. After he finished the first window I did the same for mine.

It was noon or after by the time he had the other two windows painted. After lunch I started on the finished basement side window. That window was in horrible condition even with the crappy storm window which is the original one from when we bought the house. The top half of the storm window came out fine but the bottom half would not. We tried moving the top window itself but between the humidity and paint it would not budge. Finally I managed to use a screw driver to remove the lower storm which now gave me full access to the outside of the windows. Boy, they were a mess of dirt, rot, and hardly any paint. I ended up painting the window as well as the metal frame holding the storm. It looks much better. Bob came out to paint around the kitchen window.

He also finished painting around the storms on the three back windows. In the meantime I painted the trim around the front door and the stoop. At some point, we will need to replace all the windows in the house but by painting around the storms we have at least made the house look better until we get to that project.

I did not get the front columns or the frame around the back deck window done. It was going on 4pm by the time Bob got the of back windows painted.

And, it was perfect weather. It was about 56 when I started this morning. T-shirt weather for me but I did have on long pants. Right now, at 4:40 it is a pleasant 70 degrees. The sun has been in and out from a few clouds along with a fairly decent breeze blowing off and on all day.


Sunday, 1 October 2006

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As promised by the weather folks we did get a fairly decent thunderstorm this morning around 4am.  The bright lightening flash woke me followed by a couple of pretty good thunder boomers.

Also, as promised it has passed on through by the time I was up at 6:30. I came in my office to check the radar since it was still too dark to see outside. By the time dad and I teed off at 7:30 the sun was trying to come out from behind the clouds. It quickly warmed up from about 56 to the mid 60's. We have had clear blue skies with a slight breeze since about 9am. We finished up 18 holes by 11.

Of course this afternoon I had to perform the weekly house cleaning chores for the week since yesterday was spent painting. I've read the paper, had the dogs outside to play and cleared my desk of the weekly pile of papers. Next, I need to browse some web sites, catch up on mail and pay some bills. Perhaps I will even tackle the large pile of ironing residing in my basket. Who knows?


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