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Week of 29 January 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 4 February 2007 2:30 p.m.

Monday, 29 January 2007

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It turned really cold last night going down into the low 20's. With the wind chill it was well down into the teens and single digits when we walked the dogs for last time. I am reading the most recent Jeffrey Cohen, As Dog is My Witness, although it is a 2005. This is the third book in his Aaron Tucker series. Aaron aspires to be a screen writer but still works as a free lances as an investigative reporter. His son in the book, like his real soon, suffers from Asperger syndrome. Arron finds himself investigating the murder of a man who is shot while walking his dog. A young man who suffers from Asperger has been accused of the crime. Aaron has been asked by the head of the Aspen, Inc. (which is a real support group for parents of children with Asperger) to investigate the crime. The series is light and funny. According to his web site, this is the last Aaron Tucker for awhile He has published a new book in a new series that I was not aware of until I read about it on his web site.

We were slammed at work again today. I have the destruction project keeping me covered up plus helping Drew with boxes. We did three runs across the street today to bring boxes back to the Record Center. 


Tuesday, 30 January 2007

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Drew and I are off site at the warehouse again today and tomorrow. The destruction review is going really well. With us each working on part of the list we are getting through the boxes pretty quickly. We went to my favorite diner for lunch today, The Olde Orchard. They make the best chicken on sour dough bread sandwich. By the way, Frances, our favorite waitress said to tell you and Al hello and mom and dad. As you can tell, our whole family enjoys eating there. I took Marcia there for lunch on one of their previous visits.

We had planned to go Thursday but the weather forecast is calling for bad weather, if we get it. Several days before we are to get bad weather the city starts putting down a water/brine solution on the major roads in the city. It helps to keep the stuff from freezing and sticking to the roads when they have to scrape. I noticed on the way home tonight they had started doing the roads I travel.

It actually  warmed up fairly nicely this afternoon back into the high 40's. Tonight it is to turn cold again and remain so tomorrow.

I've paid the bills and checked my mail. Bob and I are watching the last disc of Veronica Mars of the third season out on DVD.


Wednesday, 31 January 2007

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I made a mistake in my post last night. We were finishing up the 2nd season of Veronica Mars, not the 3rd. The current season now airing on TV is the third. I highly recommend the series. Apparently the 4th season has been up in the air as to whether or not it will be produced.

Drew and I cleared about 5 pallets of boxes each today. There are roughly 40 boxes per pallet. Each box has to be checked on the spreadsheet, contents looked at to see if all or part of the box can be destroyed, then moved to either the destroy pallet or the keep pallet.

We have one day of work left at the warehouse. With bad weather forecast for tomorrow we will go to the office instead. I will be updating the various data bases from the spreadsheets. The boxes cannot actually be destroyed until I send them the okay. It will take several weeks for me to work through the spreadsheet making sure all the boxes on those pallets can be destroyed.

With Veronica finished we are back to watching Jeeves and Wooster episodes.


Thursday, 1 February 2007

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Well, the weather gods missed it big this time. The forecast last night went from 1 - 2 inches of snow followed by anything from a coating up to 1/2 of ice by this evening. It had snowed a little when I left for work but the roads were mostly clear. At lunch, it was a cold rain with temperatures hovering just above freezing. At 2:30 or so this afternoon they canceled the winter storm warning. Right now it is cold with a light mist. I called Stephanie to see if she wanted to brave the elements and walk. If Gerald gets home early enough we will.

We are slammed at work with secretaries closing files by the box loads. I am tied up with destruction which leaves Drew and Steve to try to keep up with the closing. I may have to go back off site by myself next week to finish up if things stay like they are now.

I finished up the Jeffrey Cohen last night. Today at lunch I started Carola Dunn's Fall of a Philander of her Daisy Dalrymple series. I need to get her most recent title for our TBR shelf. Daisy has taken her stepdaughter and her friend to Westcombe for a seaside holiday. In the last book Daisy married her long time friend, Inspector Alec Fletcher and is now three month pregnant. Alec will be joining the family on the upcoming weekend. On the outside, Westcombe appears to be a quaint and innocent seaside village. She soon learns to be on the lookout for suave and debonair George Enderby. Although married himself, he considers himself something of a ladies man with the local women. Things turn ugly when Alec discovers George's body in a shallow cove.

Daisy tries hard, as usual, not to be involved, but always ends up in the thick of the investigation. Dunn is one of the best in the cozy genre. I love her characters, plots, and settings.


Friday, 2 February 2007

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Damned if you, damed if you don't. The storm went bust, the kids missed a day of school for nothing, and Wake Forest canceled classes. The last one I find hard to believe since the majority of the students live on campus. I went to college in the mountains of North Carolina. I trudged through many a deep snow to get to class. Those that missed class were out sledding on cafeteria trays on President's hill loaded up with "antifreeze".

The problem with the school system is, as I mentioned, above. Week before last we had a day where it started out as rain but turned icy later that morning. The elementary kids were already on the way to school. The school system canceled high school classes to keep young, unexperienced drivers off the road. They let the elementary kids out early. The schools system was flooded with calls about starting the school with the bad weather. With a major storm in the forecast they canceled school Wednesday afternoon rather than wait until the usual late the night before or even early morning. Had they gone ahead with school and had the weather turn bad as predicted screams would be heard from here to the central office of the schools.

Several years ago a young teen was killed on her way to school with snow falling. Since then, I have seen them cancel school at the drop of a hat. School bus drivers down here at not used to driving in this stuff like they are in the snowy climates. I am not saying they made the right decision but I understand why they did it.  We live in an area that gets major snow storms every five years with little or no snow in between. Since kids no longer go to school in their neighborhoods, walking is out of the question.

Otherwise, it was the day from hell at work this morning. One thing after another with a couple of major problems to work out. Steve had gone down to our Greenville office for the day. Fortunately by early afternoon things calmed down.

On the way home I made the usual library (13 books on reserve to pick up, yahoo), the pet and grocery stores. Now us and the dogs are stocked up again on the basic necessities, milk, coke, and treats.

We finished up the Jeeves and Wooster series last night. Tonight we are watching a special Christmas Hercule Periot.


Saturday, 3 February 2007

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I spent the entire morning running errands. After a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few things I made my major stop at Home Depot. I picked up the wall and trim paint plus another gallon for the ceiling. I also needed a roller, pan, and pan liners having ditched all my old stuff several years ago. One item on the list was a new blind for the small downstairs window. As usual, it turned out to be a pain in the butt. After calling Bob we decided on what we thought was the correct width. This window is an odd size. It was a small window at the end of the playroom before we remodeled. When we paneled the downstairs we had them box in the widow which they did making it an almost perfect 36 x 36 window. I should of thought to go to a blind store but instead thought I could pick up one at Home Depot.

When I got home Bob fiddled with the blind but determined it would not fit. I jumped back in the car to return the blind to Home Depot then drove the half mile over to Lowe's thinking they would have a better selection. Not. Back to Home Depot for the next size down in width which they also had in beige. The first one I bought was only in white. Nothing comes shorter than 48". Yea, I could had a custom blind ordered but really did not want to go to all that bother for that window. The second trip was successful. Bob checked to make sure it would work and said he will hang it this afternoon.

I will get started on painting the downstairs bathroom ceiling and the one in the stairway this afternoon. At least these can be rolled as they are smooth texture. The little hallway ceiling I had painted last weekend needs another coat as well.

It is cold with highs today only in the 30's and 10 to 20 mph winds. The long range forecast, if you can believe them, says cold weather for the next five days or so.


Sunday, 4 February 2007

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It has taken much longer to paint the walls downstairs than I thought it would. I have finished the bathroom and most of the little hallway as well as the trim and bathroom door well as the little window. That will be it for today. I will not get to the stairwell until next weekend. I did forget to buy a small roller to do the doors which made brush painting the bathroom door take twice as long. The big sliding closet doors I painted the same color as the walls and I rolled those.

Yesterday when I started working on the bathroom I realize how bad the walls and doors had started to look down there. Since we do not use that area all that much I did the bare minimum to keep it cleaned. We started the build out for that area in 1991 and moved Lenore in May of 1992. Ten years of cigarette smoke and gas heating made things pretty dingy down there. With the amount of energy I would have to spend scrubbing down the walls I find painting to be the lesser of two evils. Once Gerald gets the floor in I will post a couple of pictures on my page.

I forgot to mention Scott's Lawn came by Friday and spread the pellet early weed and crab grass treatment. With my inside projects I am glad I do not have to worry about the lawn.

It is very windy today though the temperatures have risen to the low 40's. Cold air is to move in tonight and tomorrow.


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