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Week of 5 February 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 11 February 2007 4:00 p.m.

Monday, 5 February 2007

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I almost forgot to update my page. I went to the gym after work. Just as we sat down for dinner Stephanie called to see if I wanted to walk. As soon as we ate and I fed the dogs we took off on our walk. When I got back Bob and I continued watching the Poirot we started with dinner. While we were sitting there watching I remembered I had not had time to check my mail and do my post. I asked Bob if he would take the dogs for last time while I updated my page.

 A very cold blast of arctic air has descended upon us. This morning was a low in the 20's with a fairly brisk wind with temperatures barely making it into the low 30's for a high.  It was just as well I did not get to walk at lunch. I worked straight through to make up time for going in late tomorrow  Dad is having another cornea transplant in the morning. It has been  about a year since his first one. Afterward the doctors discovered the lens was too thick but had hoped it might work. Dad never gain much if any good vision in the eye from the beginning and has been getting steadily worse. The doctors decided the best solution was to try a new lens.

 Last night I finished reading the Carola Dunn. Now I'll  start reading from the pile of reserves we had come in from the library. Maybe something light like a Hamish Macbeth for reading in the waiting room at the hospital tomorrow.


Tuesday, 6 February 2007

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Greetings. I left the house this morning at 6 am to pick up mom and dad. It was supposed to report at 7 with his surgery scheduled for 8:15. As usual they were running about half an hour behind schedule. Once dad was back in the prep area we went down to the cafeteria for a breakfast. He came out of surgery a little after 10 but had to lay flat in the recovery area for an hour. By the time he was unhooked from the machines and cleared by the doctor to go home it was noon.

Once he was sitting up and ready to get dressed Frances went on to work. I took mom and dad back home making it work at exactly 12:30. I called around 1:30 to make sure he was doing okay. He had to lay back with his head up all day except to eat lunch and dinner. He goes back to doctor in the morning but Al or Frances one are going to take him.

It was pretty cold this morning but had warmed up some by the time we left the hospital at noon. Late this afternoon I checked the radar. There was a decent snow shower just west of us but it never did get down this far. There is a slight chance of rain/snow over night but not very much of one.

I started reading Death of a Poison Pen. Hamish finds himself investigating the source of poison pen letters being to sent to persons in his village and nearby Braikie. When the mistress of the post office Braikie is discovered hanging from her ceiling the police first believe she committed suicide over the contents of her poison pen letter. Instead it turns out she was murdered. Soon after a local retired head mistress is discovered to be the author of the letters. She too turns up dead. In the meantime a friend of Hamish's ex-girlfriend who lives and works in London with Priscilla decides to make Priscilla jealous by coming to Scotland and chasing after Hamish. Instead of making Priscilla jealous she makes the local reporter, who likes Hamish, mad instead. Beaton's usual group of eccentric characters make continue to make Hamish's life miserable as he tries to unravel the case.


Wednesday, 7 February 2007

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Dad had his follow up appointment this morning. The doctor seems pleased with how the eye is looking. He cannot do anything until he goes back to the doctor next Monday.

I spent all day working on my destruction spreadsheet. I was trying to wrap things up on the boxes we reviewed the three days we were off site in preparation for going off site tomorrow to finish up. With other things popping up I was unable to get all the boxes on the destroy pallets reviewed. But, we are still going off site to finish reviewing the remaining boxes. Once we finish reviewing boxes at the warehouse I still have months of clean up work from things that pop up during the review process. Never a dull moment. 

Still making up my time from yesterday which meant no lunch break. I didn't even take time to poke my head out the back door but did go to the gym after work.

I have Friends of the Library meeting tomorrow which means no lunch break while working off site. This is turning out to be a very grinding week. Can't wait until Friday.


Thursday, 8 February 2007

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Drew and I busted our butts today to get the final 200 or boxes reviewed. I worked through lunch with the intentions of leaving at 4 for my Friends meeting. Drew went out to get food and brought me back a sandwich. At 4 pm we still have about half an hour of boxes to finish up. I called Bob to ask him to call the library and give a message to our Friends president I would be late. We finished up around 4:40. I made to the library a little after 5. From there it was on to the grocery store. Man, I am beat. We really hustled to get those boxes finished.

Bob has a radio interview in a few minutes. He is using my office since the downstairs is still a mess from the painting project.


Friday, 9 February 2007

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No update.


Saturday, 10 February 2007

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The Thompson guest quarters are starting to look very nice, indeed.  We arranged the furniture differently making the room look larger and more open.  Once we get the new light/fan and floor in the bathroom it will really look good. It has taken most of the day to move furniture, dust, vacuum, and scrub down the shower. Bob helped with the furniture, hung the blind, and did some of the dusting.

We took a break around midday to watch the three episodes of Studio 60 Bob downloaded for me. We thought we were discing them but the player was not working. I could have taped them on the VCR/TV unit in Bob's work room had I known. Other than the fact we had to sit in Bob's office to watch them on his computer screen it was not too bad of an alternate way to watch TV.

Last night I went to the gym then picked up take out for dinner. Stephanie called just as we came back in from walking the dogs for first time to walk. We started watching our last Poirot with dinner and finished up when I got back from walking.

I am reading the newest Gideon Oliver by Aaron Elkins, Unnatural Selection. Oliver, an anthropology professor in Washington State is married to National Park Ranger. Gideon has accompanied his wife to an environmental conference on th Isle of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall. He is asked by the head of a local museum to look at some bones found at the bottom of a well known be a soldier from the days of the Roundheads. Also, the locals and tourists tend to find bones buried in the sand or on the beach which usually belong to animals. Sometimes they are human. Not having a forensic person on the island they put them in a box in the storage room of the museum. While look at the bones of the soldier Gideon also examines the other bones and discovers one of them is human and has been sawed in two pieces. He has difficulty in persuading the local police it could be murder.

Next up, I need to trim out and paint the stairwell and wall at the bottom. We are invited to dinner this evening with a couple whom I have met via the Friends of the Library. She has recently joined the board after her and her husband moved here from Cape Cod. Among her past jobs she worked as a PR person for several airlines and sold antiques. She and her husband now sell used books over the Internet.


Sunday, 11 February 2007

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Having spent all last weekend working on the downstairs I skipped the weekly house cleaning. Needless to say it looked like it. I spent a couple of hours this morning vacuuming, mopping floors, dusting, etc. before heading over to my folks. I picked them up to go out to lunch and take them to the grocery store.

Other than cleaning up the painting area in the basement and do a couple of last minute things in the guest area, I had not planned to do anything this afternoon. I was 3:30 by the time I got back home. I still have e-mail and web sites to check plus some other things here at my desk. I may save that for after dinner.

While the day started out cold it has now warmed up to a balmy 45 degrees with clear blue skies.

We had a very nice time last night enjoying a fine home cooked meal and good conversation.


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