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Week of 19 February 2007

Latest Update: Sunday, 25 February 2007 2:00 p.m.

Monday, 19 February 2007

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Wonder where I've been? Marcia and Brian decided to drive down on Friday for a weekend visit. They had today off for Presidents Day giving them a three day weekend. Last week I worked through lunch Wednesday - Friday to leave at 2. They arrived sometime before 4. We ordered take out delivered and spent Friday evening relaxing.

Saturday Marcia and I took off to do some shopping. While were out running around Marcia decided she wanted to eat at the diner on my folks side of town. We were on that side of town anyway so I gave them a call to see if they wanted to go to lunch with us. We stopped by to pick them up enjoying a nice visit/lunch. We came back home to pick up Bob and Brian for a trip to the used book store and Costco. They wanted to see our Costco and I had my usual three month shopping to do anyway. 

Brian bought this massive 7 pound chocolate cake that later that night proved to be the best chocolate cake I have every eaten. Saturday morning while Marcia and I were out running around Bob and Brian were fooling around with Skype and two way video sitting two feet apart from each other in Bob's office. Hey Brian, no fair eating the rest of that cake you took home today in front of the video camera either. Brian or Bob has a picture of a piece of that cake. Hopefully they will post it sometime so you can see how big the piece is Brian cut for Bob.

Anyway, just as we got home from Costco Paul and Mary called to say they would like to meet us for dinner at the Chinese place. 

Sunday morning Bob, Marcia, and Brian watched the first episode of Firefly. I had much to do in my office including cleaning up several boxes of mail order stuff I dumped on the floor and a mountain of papers on my desk. Other than taking a break to wash/dry a load of towels and take the dogs outside to play, I worked until almost 2 o'clock in my office.

We had all planned to go to the indoor shooting range Sunday afternoon but Marcia decided she preferred to stay home and relax. I can shoot anytime so I stayed home with her to watch the Daytona 500, the first NASCAR race of the year. As usual I watched and read at the same time. Frances and Al were at the race. Al drove one of the several buses Holiday Tours had going to the race. Their trip left Saturday morning and came home today. Frances called me from the track to tell me where their seats were. I missed the end of the race when the two big wrecks happened. They really do need to get rid of those restrictor plates and just let 'em race.

Paul and Mary decided Saturday evening at dinner they would like to go shoot. They picked up Bob and Brian to go out to the range. When they finished Bob gave us a call to let us know to meet them at a nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner. So, in addition to having a great weekend visiting Brian and Marcia we also saw Paul and Mary two evenings in a row. And, of course it's always fun to see their dogs Lucy and Molly.

I finished reading the J. A. Jance last night. Today at lunch I started a new Dana Stabenow, Kate Shugak mystery.

While it was really cold and windy Saturday and Sunday it warmed up nicely today. I spent the last half hour of my lunch enjoying a short walk. Tonight it was back to the gym. It was very busy at work as usual. We are still buried under boxes of files needing closed. I have several other projects on hold while I help to close files.


Tuesday, 20 February 2007

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No update


Wednesday, 21 February 2007

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Greetings. After a very cold and windy weekend and first part of the week it has now turned spring again. Temperatures today made it well into the mid 60's. Tomorrow is to be warm but windy. I just spoke with my dad on the phone. His eye continues to get better each day.

We are still snowed under at work with no sign of things letting up. I read at lunch today but did not walk. With a busy morning and more of the same in line for the afternoon I decided to save my energy for the gym this evening.

 I am still reading the new Kate Shugak and enjoying it very much. Kate and Park Ranger Jim Chopin are working hard to nail a repeated murderer. Louis Deem has a known track record of "marry and murder" having killed two young women. But, the State of Alaska never has the proof necessary to convict and put him in jail. When a smash, grab, and go break-in results in the murder of a wife and mother the entire Park is convinced Deem was the man responsible. Kate's adopted son, Johnny was at the house when the murder took place and saw a man who fit Deem's description do the deed. Needing solid evidence to convict, Johnny's life will be in danger if he gets out of jail. I enjoy the Kate books for many reasons. Her characters both human and animal. You have to love Mutt if you love dogs. But, she also sneaks in funny, off the cuff remarks by her characters that help to lighten things up with a good chuckle once in awhile.

Tonight we are watching the final two episodes on Ballykissangle currently available on DVD. Another good show wrapped up until the new episodes come out on DVD.


Thursday, 22 February 2007

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No update.


Friday, 23 February 2007

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Today being Friday I usually write Yippee, Skippee. But, I am working tomorrow! The Firm has decided to have a clean up day. Secretaries, attorneys, and paralegals have been authorized overtime to come in and clean up file rooms and offices. Rather than having to use billable hours they are being granted extra time for this work. In talking to Steve, we decided there should be a person from the Record Center available to answer questions about closing files, fetch and put together our off site storage boxes, and haul stuff down to the record center. My position is not normally authorized for overtime so what the heck, make some extra money and help out the Firm.

This file cleaning is one of the reason we are so slammed with work in the department. Several of the paralegals started the first of the year sending old stuff off site. Being so far behind and knowing this weekend would add more work for Drew, who does all our file closing now, he pulled me off destruction to help with closing. As of 5pm this afternoon we were still 20 boxes short of getting things completely cleared for tomorrow. And, with me helping close I have six projects in various stages of progress including needing to finish up paperwork/computer cleanup of the destruction. Steve was in our Research Triangle Park office yesterday and today which did not help the home front fires much. Drew and I have been working like beavers all week to keep our heads above water. As a matter of fact, Stephanie called to walk last night but I was just too tired. 

I did finish reading the Kate Shugak. As usual, Stebenow left things hanging at the end until the next book. I started another Anne Perry, Thomas and Charlotte Pitt last night. Well, all of the first 15 pages I manged to read before I fell asleep.

After we finished up watching the Ballykissangels we have now started To the Manor Born. Made in 1979, Bob and I  watched it at least once many years ago and maybe twice when it ran as a rerun. It is hilariously funny and well written. 

It has turned cold and windy again.


Saturday, 24 February 2007

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No update, again!


Sunday, 25 February 2007

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Well I missed another Saturday post. I was too tired when I came home yesterday to bother doing more than a quick five minute check of my mail. Poor Stephanie called me again last night to walk but I was too tired after spending most of 7 1/2 hours on my feet hauling boxes down to the record center and walking the floors. The only time I sat down was to quickly check the record center e-mails and eat a quick lunch provided by the Firm.

And, on the same note, my house cleaning  continues to be on an every other weekend schedule. It will most likely continue for awhile when I start back to my painting project next weekend. Every two weeks is not too bad except for the large amounts of dog hair which collects in corners when not vacuumed up once a week. With Stephanie being too busy to give Bob a haircut I took care of that first thing this morning. With the electric trimmers out I also shaved the matted fur from the back of Duncan's rear end.

I took off around 11 for my folks house for a lunch and a visit. Frances also came for lunch and bearing gifts in the form of a casserole for us to heat up for dinner. I wanted to give mom' her birthday present a few days early.

Bob is doing laundry. I have some paper work to do plus the bills to pay. Otherwise, I shall relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. The NASCAR race comes from Sonoma, CA today which gives it a late start here on the east coast.

The day started off with a light, cold drizzle but turned into a pretty hard down pour while I was on the way over to my parents. It is just warm enough for it be rain instead of snow/ice.


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